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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, the Foundation has no means to completely contain SCP-XXXX. Artificial intelligences programed to detect and erase online content that match the visuals of SCP-XXXX have been able to delete approximately 97% of all uploads of SCP-XXXX within one minute of being uploaded. The remaining 3% of SCP-XXXX uploads have been deleted within an hour of being uploaded or following an SCP-XXXX exposure event. A single file containing SCP-XXXX has been housed in a secure storage container in Site-19 for research purposes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a video originally posted on the website on ██/██/199█. After the first SCP-XXXX exposure event, shut down on orders of the Foundation. SCP-XXXX is approximately 88 seconds long featuring various images from an unknown place and time.

SCP-XXXX has appeared on numerous websites since its initial upload. SCP-XXXX has been primarily uploaded on large social media and video sharing websites, but it has also been uploaded onto comment sections and online forums. For the majority of SCP-XXXX occurrences, the accounts that post SCP-XXXX are anonymous, with no date given for their creation or any other information that might lead to the individual responsible for the creation of the account. In some cases, SCP-XXXX has been posted by popular media personalities. Investigations into these incidents have shown that these individuals had no memory of uploading SCP-XXXX or were able to upload SCP-XXXX at the time when SCP-XXXX was posted.

Individuals who watch the entirety of SCP-XXXX become instances of SCP-XXXX-01. Instances of SCP-XXXX-01 appear physically the same as before they watched SCP-XXXX. However, SCP-XXXX-01 will behave abnormally, engaging in self-destructive or violent behaviors. In some instances, SCP-XXXX-01 will appear confused, acting as if they do not recognize themselves. This apparent identity confusion has led to some instances of SCP-XXXX-01 to attack civilians or force them to view SCP-XXXX, creating more instances of SCP-XXXX-01.

Regardless of the initial actions of SCP-XXXX-01, if not contained, they will inevitably attempt an action that will result in their death, whether that be through suicide or homicide. Of the total number of recorded instances of SCP-XXXX-01, more than 90% of SCP-XXXX-01 instances will die within 24 hours of viewing SCP-XXXX.

Experiment XXXX-G1 - 05/23/20██

Subject: D-9358
Procedure: D-9358 was given access to SCP-XXXX and was told to view the entire video, pausing at ten second intervals to describe the images on the screen.
Results: D-9358 was able to describe the entire video. As the video ended, D-9358 proceeded to break the glass of the computer screen and slit his own throat.

Ten-Second Intervals Description
00-10 seconds The screen remains black for 8 seconds, the sounds of metal on metal scraping against each other can be heard in the background. At 9-10 seconds, what appears to a large metal door bursts off of its hinges and the screen turns completely white.
11-20 seconds From 11-15 seconds, the sounds of trumpets can be heard. From 16-20 seconds, the white screen parts away to reveal a blue sky. D-9358 noted that the image quality was surprisingly high for a video even of the time of his viewing.
21-30 seconds For the full ten-second interval, clouds move quickly across the screen. Starting at 23 seconds, children can be heard laughing.
31-40 seconds Same as the 21-30 seconds interval, except at 34 seconds, a gong is heard, followed by voices speaking in latin. Transcription of the voices reveals that they were chanting the phrase: "Blessed be the unity between heaven and earth".
41-50 seconds At 41 seconds, a blast of lightening appears on the screen and the voices speaking in latin become immediately silent. At 42 seconds, the sky darkens. From 43-46 seconds, thunder is heard. At 47 seconds, the metal door from the first interval falls from the sky, turning the screen black at 49 seconds. At 50 seconds, a sound of a lock clicking shut is heard.
51-60 seconds Starting at 51 seconds, screams of distress are heard. Starting at 55 seconds, explosions and sounds of crackling fire are heard. Starting at 57 seconds, children are heard crying and screaming.
61-70 seconds The sounds of the previous interval continue, along with the sounds of painful moaning which begin at 63 seconds.
71-80 seconds At 76 seconds, a small blue light emerges at the center of the screen. All sounds start to fade out at the same seconds mark.
81-88 seconds Starting at 81 seconds, the small blue light grows to cover the screen. All previous sounds have ceased At 82 seconds a soft chant in latin is heard. Translation of the latin reveals that the chant is: "Pay for your crimes". At 87 seconds, D-9358 reports seeing an image that looks like [REDACTED ON ORDERS OF O5 COMMAND]. At 88 seconds, the screen turns black, with a replay button posted on the screen.

Interview XXXX-G2
On 03/27/20██, Foundation researchers attempted to communicate with an instance of SCP-XXXX-01. D-4072 viewed SCP-XXXX while being restrained to prevent self-harm. After D-4072 finished viewing SCP-XXXX, an interview was set up between D-4072 and Dr. Michaels.

Interviewed: [D-4072]

Interviewer: [Dr. Michaels]

<Begin Log>

Dr. Michaels: [D-4072, can you hear me?]

D-4072: [Who are you talking about?]

Dr. Michaels: [D-4072, that is your designation.]

D-4072: [That is not my name. I am Markus Julian.]

Dr. Michaels: [We have no record of you ever using that name, D-4072.]

D-4072: [That is because you are not talking to this D-4072. You are talking to the last descendant of the noble Julian interstellar merchant clan. And as you bask at such prestige, I request that you kill me. Quickly.]

Dr. Michaels: [What?]

D-4072: [Kill me. Do it, please! I've been stuck in a rotting carcass for centuries! Grant an old man his fucking request and kill me!]

<End Log>

Closing Statements: D-4072 was sent to a standard humanoid containment cell following the interview. D-4072 self-termianted on 03/28/20██, choking to death on its breakfast.

On 10/15/20██, an instance of SCP-XXXX-01 was discovered in the town of ████, ██, USA after being brought to a hospital following a failed suicide attempt. Reports of SCP-XXXX-01's "strange rantings" caused the Foundation to interview SCP-XXXX-01.

Interviewed: [SCP-XXXX-01]

Interviewer: [Dr. Michaels]

<Begin Log>

SCP-XXXX-01: [Well, it is good to see an old face.]

Dr. Michaels: [What are you talking about?]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Not in the familial sense, but as an old icon.]

Dr. Michaels: [Icon? I've never met you before.]


SCP-XXXX-01: [Let me be clear, in the future, we worked together, sharing our technology for the benefit of humanity.]

Dr. Michaels: [We?]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Your organization and mine. Instead of locking away our gifts, we gave them to the world. Humanity grew to new heights and they thanked us. Praised us, worshipped us!]

Dr. Michaels: [Please elaborate, I don't understand. What do you think we did?]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Yes. Of course you don't understand. Even if humanity devoted themselves to us, none of you truly believed in our cause. Perhaps that is why you cursed us. You lacked faith in your evolution.]

Dr. Michaels: [A curse?! Explain yourself or this interview is over!]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Don't worry, you'll learn everything soon enough. After all, it's only fitting that you understand your punishment.]

SCP-XXXX-01 begins to vomit bright red blood.

Dr. Michaels: [Guards, get him to med bay!]

<End Log>

**Concluding Statements: SCP-XXXX-01 died in route to Site-19 medical bay. Autopsy of SCP-XXXX-01 confirmed that its death was due to internal bleeding in the stomach.

Audio recording of Incident 0514XXXX
On 12/14/20██, Security Personnel Sergeant James Cordon requested to meet with Dr. Michaels in his office. Dr. Michaels recorded their conversation on his phone, which was recovered and transcribed following his hospitalization

<Begin Log>

Sgt Cordon: [Hello, Dr. Michaels. Thank you for coming in.]

Dr. Michaels: [Oh, Cordon, how have you been?]

Sgt Cordon: [Fine, fine. Do you have a few minutes to talk?]

Dr. Michaels: [Sure, what is it that you want to talk about? You said that there may be a potential breach with XXXX?]

Sgt Cordon: [The breach is you, Dr. Michaels.]

Dr. Michaels: [Me? What did I do?]

Sgt Cordon: [I've read your file. You switched to work on SCP-XXXX right after the first incident. In fact, you requested it a day after the first incident, even before there was any preliminary investigation.]

Pause for 7 seconds

Dr. Michaels: [If this is so unusual, why not report it to a higher authority? What's the point of questioning me?]

Sgt Cordon: [Because you are digging too close. You aren't trying to learn how to contain it, you're trying to learn how we think.]

Several gun shots are heard. Dr. Michaels grunts as an object is heard clanging off of Sgt Cordon's head

Dr. Michaels: [Help, someone help me!]

A single gun shot is heard.

<End Log>

Concluding Statement: Sgt. Cordon was found dead in his office. Cause of death was self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Dr. Michaels was taken to Site-19 medical bay. Examination of Dr. Michael's belongings at the time of Incident 0514XXXX prompted further questioning.

Interview with Dr. Michaels:

Interviewed: [Dr. Michaels]

Interviewer: [█████]

<Begin Log>

█████: [You are going to tell us who you are, or we will shoot you for masquerading as Foundation personnel. Understand?]

Dr. Michaels: [I know, I didn't mean to take this man's body, but we needed to get someone in the Foundation.]

█████: [We?]

Dr. Michaels: [We are what you would call the Foundation. We've changed, we've renamed, but we've always been for the protection of humanity.]

█████: [Then what is your connection with SCP-XXXX?]

Dr. Michaels: [We helped create it. After an NK-class scenario1 wiped out most of humanity, the Foundation and the Saviors came together to rebuild civilization. They had such intellect, they were able to use our SCPs to rebuild.]

█████: [They used SCPs?]

Dr. Michaels: [It was incredible. They rebuilt our doomed world, advanced our technology to unseen levels. They were like gods. But that was what they wanted to be. We couldn't allow that.]

█████: [So you cursed them?]

Dr. Michaels: [After that long war, we sent them back to the hole they crawled out of. And we made sure they never came back. That they would be weakened to the point where they could do nothing more than crawl in agony. We cursed them with immortality, but they would also keep aging.]

█████: [So how did the Saviors get here?]

Dr. Michaels: [We monitored them for centuries. For the first two we watched their civilization decay. It was in the fifth century of observation when we detected a signal coming from their cities. Only one of us saw what the signal was. After watching it, the man reached for a firearm and shot himself. He died with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.]

█████: [Was this signal SCP-XXXX?]

Dr. Michaels:[Yes it was. We tried tracking its destination, but it dissappeared as soon as it left orbit. We didn't want to go into the Saviors' cities and risk infection. i decided to do the only thing that was possible; hijack the signal and follow it to its destination. That's how I got here.]

█████: [What did you plan to do here? Were you trying to stop SCP-XXXX?]

Dr. Michaels: [What did I plan? I'm still … Dr. Michaels pauses for 5 seconds I didn't exactly know what to look for at first, but over the years I started to see a pattern. There is a increase in the amount of successful SCP-XXXX exposure events and the events are creating more instances of SCP-XXXX-01. I told you about that NK-class scenario. It's a mass suicide of the human population that leaves less than 10% of the population alive. Based on my estimates, the increase in SCP-XXXX exposure events will grow to reach the level to trigger the NK-class scenario right when it happened.]

█████: [Why would these Saviors want to instigate this NK-class scenario? You said that they wanted to be treated as gods amongst men. What good would killing their fellow humans do?]

Dr. Michaels: [In my opinion, revenge. They want to us to know we caused our own destruction by not lifting them up as the gods they believe they are. Also, what makes you think that they are human?]

<End Log>

Concluding statements: Following this interview, the entity that refers to itself as Dr. Michaels was placed inside of a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-19. It is currently waiting classification as SCP-XXXX-02. In light of O5-██ review of this interview, Dr. Michaels's comments on the nature of SCP-XXXX are to be taken as fiction, due to the lack of corroborating evidence to back up Dr. Michaels's claims as well as inconsistencies, such as the impossibility of an NK-class scenario occurring if the rate of SCP-XXXX exposure events continually increases. Furthermore, anyone attempting to use Dr. Michaels's comments in their study of SCP-XXXX will be forced to meet with O5-██ about their research in order to confirm its useful to the Foundation.

1. Before this interview, the Foundation had no documents mentioning an NK-class scenario