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SCP-XXXX docking at █████████ on 18/03/20██


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When SCP-XXXX docks in Baltimore on the 20th of February every year, assigned Foundation personnel are to approach SCP-XXXX-01. SCP-XXXX-01 will give the assigned personnel the manifest of SCP-XXXX.

The rest of the SCP-XXXX personnel are to review the contents of the manifest and verify the identities of the persons detailed in the manifest.

Foundation personnel are not allowed to enter SCP-XXXX. Any personnel that do enter SCP-XXXX are considered lost.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a S Class Cruise Ship bearing the same name and design as the currently active MS Maasdam. It only has one route which starts in Baltimore on the 20th of February and passes through Boston, New York City, Charleston, as well as several other ports that vary every year, and finally, Miami. Following its final stop in Miami, SCP-XXXX will then turn and travel towards the Atlantic Ocean. SCP-XXXX disappears from all tracking devices when it crosses the coordinates 25°13'30.8"N 73°15'23.6"W, usually on the 20th of March. Any differences in the date of disappearance are due to the number of stops SCP-XXXX takes. SCP-XXXX reappears the following year on the 20th of February. When SCP-XXX reappears, it is devoid of all crew and passengers from the previous year except for SCP-XXXX-01.

SCP-XXXX-01 is a male of Cherokee descent in his late 20s. SCP-XXXX-01 wears a uniform of a cruise ship captain. In all interactions, SCP-XXXX-01 refers to himself as 'The Captain'. SCP-XXXX-01 prefers quick interactions with Foundation personnel.

SCP-XXXX-02 are an unknown number of additional crew for SCP-XXXX. Each passenger has a set of personal instances of SCP-XXXX-02 consisting of that passenger's favorite celebrities, personalities, and/or idols. Instances of SCP-XXXX-02 primarily take on service and entertainment roles, but some have been observed taking up maintenance and navigation roles when not involved in the caretaking of their passenger.

SCP-XXXX was first sighted on 20/02/2008 at Baltimore after several people reported seeing Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley greeting elderly women boarding SCP-XXXX. On 23/02/2008, the Foundation sent D-229043 to investigate SCP-XXXX as it was docked in New York City. D-299043 was provided with a hidden camera to document his investigation.

Log of D-229043

<Begin Log Day 1: 09:49:10>

D-229043 walks towards the boarding ramp to SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-01 is welcoming passengers onto SCP-XXXX when he spots D-229043. He starts to approach D-229043.

SCP-XXXX-01: [I should have guessed that one of you would show up.]

D-299043: [Excuse me?]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Oh, it's nothing. SCP-XXXX-01 gestures towards the boarding ramp Here, come aboard. I believe you paid in advance, Mr. [REDACTED]?]

D-299043: [Um, yes, I believe that I have my ticket in my pocket.]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Don't worry, you don't need a ticket. We have everything taken care of. Please, climb aboard. One of our staff will take you to your room.]

<Filtering out irrelevant data>

<Resume Log: Day 1 10:01:34>

D-299043 is walking down a hall aboard SCP-XXXX. He turns his head to left, revealing that there is a person walking beside him. The man appears to be John Lennon , wearing his glasses and dressed in a suit. D-299043 turns his head back to face forward before stopping and turn to face John Lennon.

D-299043: [Wait, are you John Lennon?]

John Lennon: [Well yes I am. Would you prefer someone else?]

D-299043: [How? You're dead!]

John Lennon: [Don't worry about that. Just take in the fact that I am helping you find your room. How many people could say that has happened to them?]

D-299043: [I get it. You're an actor. The accent, the face; you've got it down perfectly.]

John Lennon: [Whatever you say. I'm here to please you.]

<Filtering out irrelevant data>

<Resume Log: Day 1 12:45:17>

D-299043 walks through a lounge of SCP-XXXX. The lounge is primarily occupied by elderly individuals, some in wheelchairs, others resting on medical stretchers hooked up to machines. The rest are sitting on fine couches or furniture. They are being taken care of by a variety of SCP-XXXX-02 instances whether as medical assistants or as servers. There are multiple instances of the same individual, such as three John Waynes and five Charile Chaplins. There is also one instance of Luke Skywalker taking care of a nine year old bald child.

D-299043: [I need a drink.]

<Filtering out irrelevant data>

<Resume Log: Day 1 21:12:33>

D-299043 appears seated at and a table, eating a salad in a dining area. D-299043 then turns his head to look up at the main stage and sees Don Rickles on the stage. He is paying special attention to an elderly couple seated at the front of the stage. D-299043 turns his head to left, revealing that John Lennon is serving him a New York strip steak.

John Lennon: [Is there anything else you want?]

D-299043: [Yeah. D-299043 points to Don Rickles Is that really him?]

John Lennon: [It sure is him.]

D-299043: [Really, he looks young. Maybe it's the lighting?]

John Lennon: [It's not the lighting. He looks just like he did when he cracked a few good ones at Ronald Reagan.]

D-299043: [Wait. How would you know about that?]

John Lennon: [I saw him. You saw him too.]

D-299043: [When I was like eight. Wait, how the hell do you about that?]

John Lennon: [You're on the ship.]

D-299043: [I don't know what that means.]

John Lennon: [It means that … You know what, tomorrow morning, you'll get to talk to the captain about it. He is better at explain this stuff than I am.]

<Filtering out irrelevant data>

<Resume Log: Day 2 10:23:56>

D-299043 appears to be on the bridge of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-01 is standing in front of D-299043. Three other crew members can be seen operating SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX-01: [So how are you enjoying yourself Mr. [REDACTED]?]

D-299043: [It's been good so far. Never really been on any cruise before. You've got good drinks, at least.]

SCP-XXXX-01: [We like to make the journey comfortable. Now, what was it you came to ask me?]

D-299043: [It's about your staff. How did you get them to be so … accurate?]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Well, it's simple. They are the real thing.]

D-299043: [I'm sorry, they're real? You're telling me that the guy who has been following me around since yesterday is John Lennon?]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Yes.]

D-299043: [Ha! Come on, drop the act. Lennon's dead.]

SCP-XXXX-01: [Yes, he did die. But that is him. You're a fan of him.]

D-299043: [What do you by that? Everyone's a fan of the Beatles!]

SCP-XXXX-01: [What I mean by that is he here so you can meet him. So you can enjoy these final days in a way that you never could before.]

D-299043: [What the hell are you talking about?]

SCP-XXXX-01 places his right hand on his forehead and sighs.

SCP-XXXX-01: [I guess I'll have to tell you everything. But first, I'll have to turn that camera off.]

D-299043: [Wait, what ar-]

<End Log>

<Resume Log: Day 3 11:17:03>

Camera appears to be positioned in front of chair in a cabin of SCP-XXXX. D-299043 walks into frame and sits in the chair, looking at the camera. He twiddles his thumbs and doesn't speak for 24 seconds

D-299043: [I …um. I ….]

D-299043 begins to cry.

D-299043: [I can't. I just can't.]

<End Log>

<Resume Log: Day 5 14:37:57>

D-299043 is yelling in front of the camera with tears in his eyes. Camera has not moved since the last day it was activated

D-299043: [Fuck you all! Fuck you, your organization, and any decency you may have had in your souls! You are leaving me here to die on this ship! That's what he told me. He told me I wasn't going to live for more than a few months.]

D-299043 begins crying profusely.

D-299043: [Why the hell did you leave me here. I had a few months left, not one. Not one!]

<End Log>

<Resume Log: Day 7 09:23:09>

D-299043 sits in front of the camera, which is still in the same position as before. D-299043 appears more relaxed than before.

D-299043: [I guess I'm going to use this as a way to send you all a message and to get my thoughts out. I still hate you to my core, but I know realize why I was sent here. If I was only going to live for months, I wouldn't want to be some lab rat stuck in a dull white cell. I want to live.]

D-299043 picks up the camera, placing it in a hidden location behind his right ear.

D-299043: [So I'm going to live for the time I have left. Hopefully, I can something useful in my life.]

<Filtering out irrelevant data>

<Resume Log: Day 29 21:13:04>

D-299043 is lying on the floor of his cabin. Bottles and articles of clothing are scattered across the floor. D-299043 is smiling.

D-299043: [Well, tomorrow's going to be the day. I'm not going to lie, I am a bit nervous. But, I'm thinking back on everything I've done. I saw the Beatles live. I talked to dead presidents. I got to relive my childhood.]

D-299043: [I think everyone here knows that something's going to happen tomorrow. But they know that they have lived their lives. They got to enjoy themselves, they felt happy.]

D-299043: [I talked to the Captain this morning. I asked him to bring this camera back. He said he would. I trust his word, he'll bring this back. I hope that it'll be useful. And thanks for this opportunity. I'm ready.]

<End Log>

D-299043 and his camera were recovered on 14/06/2008 after a body matching D-299043 was found in the Boston morgue. His video was reviewed by the Foundation, which then designated the anomalous ship as SCP-XXXX, the Captain as SCP-XXXX-01, and the additional crew as instances of SCP-XXXX-02.

On 20/02/2009, Foundation personnel met with SCP-XXXX-01 and agreed to the following:

  • SCP-XXXX will be allowed to travel along its predetermined route unmolested.
  • Evert year, on the 20th of February, SCP-XXXX-01 will present a manifest detailing the passengers who were on the SCP-XXXX the previous year to Foundation personnel.

Final Note:

Loss is inevitable in our organization. Some sacrifice is necessary in order to carry out our mission. Take heed that we have done everything to keep this sacrifice to a minimum in order to prevent an even greater loss of life. We have contained SCP-XXXX.

Head Researcher Abraham Salazar