Mysterious Missile Silo
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained by a standard 15 foot high chain link fence topped with razor wire to prevent intrusion. It is guarded by no less than five US Air Force Security Forces airmen with orders to apprehend any potential intruders.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a, LGM-30 Minuteman II ballistic missile silo formerly operated by the 351st Missile Wing out of Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. The site is riddled with strange reports of paranormal activity, initially most of which described as a sound of a tapping hammer, whilst others have noted sounds of drowning and the gasping of breath. More allegedly benevolent ansuch as poltergeist activity have been described (See Addendum-1).

This could possibly be linked to an incident regarding the facility's construction in late 196█. During the pouring of the silo's cement, it was noted that a civilian contractor by the name of ███████ █████, had disappeared whilst on his break. A county-wide manhunt developed, turning up no trace of the missing individual. Many theories developed as to what had happened; whether he had been kidnapped by Soviet spies, intent on interrogating him to find weak points in the structure, or that he had been taken by the US government itself. However, the most popular theory is that he either fell or was pushed into the silo and was left to drown in the wet cement. No official investigation into this event was pursued because it was deemed too costly to remove the Minuteman missile and it's several ton blast door that had been put into place.

Throughout the silo's lifespan, maintenance workers maintaining the missile reported dozens of horrifying sounds, including hammers banging against not only the concrete, but the missile itself. One worker even came across a dent in the metal casing of the LGM-30's main booster. Multiple occurrences of paranormal activity persisted until 1994, when the silo was ordered destroyed to comply with the U.S.-Russian START II treaty signed in 1991.

Before the missile silo could be destroyed, the LGM-30 was removed and dismantled, it's three warheads having been acquired by the SCP Foundation to be used as on-site containment weapons. The warheads were transported to an underground containment facility in ███████, Alaska. There, for no explainable reason, the warheads detonated 100 meters below the surface, erasing the newly built containment center and killing an approximated two dozen personnel and contractors.

The Foundation, having learned of the missile's checkered past, ran a test upon the missile silo before it was destroyed. Ground penetrating radar detected the outline of a corpse buried 1.2 meters under concrete. This isn't the most disturbing part of the expedition to the base of the silo, for when proper lighting had been set up in the shaft, the burned outlines of two dozen bodies lined the walls; the same number of personnel killed during the underground detonation. Agent ████'s Geiger Counter also spiked, showing an explainable but nonlethal amount of radiation. The tests ceased three days later when the silo was ordered destroyed by dynamite, imploding the entire site. After the detonation, much of the anomalies ceased, though USAF security police would hear sounds of "rustling" beneath the ground in which the silo was imploded.

Addendum-1: 02/14/1999
A B-2 Spirit (Air Vehicle No. 22) nicknamed "The Spirit of Pennsylvania" was forced down due to a violent blizzard. Both crew members successfully ejected and landed near the site of SCP-XXXX, the collapsed silo now covered by snow. The Bombardier/Navigator, Major. Charles McClellan was interviewed by Foundation personnel after reporting strange events regarding his pilot who was confined to a military hospital at the time.

NOTE: This incident occurred before USAF SP's began regular deployment to SCP-XXXX's location in late 1999.

Interviewed: Major Charles McClellan

Interviewer: Dr. █████]

Foreword: Interview conducted in Security Police office at Whiteman AFB.

<Begin Log, 03:50:22>

Dr. █████: Thank you for coming in at such an early hour Major. Please have a seat.

Major McClellan: (subject appears extremely stressed and anxious, but sits down, looking over his shoulder at the door) Thank you. You don't seem to be military. Are you CIA or…Some kind of crash investigator?
Dr. █████: You could say something like that. If you wouldn't mind filling me in on the events after the crash, that would be appreciated.
Major McClellan: (subject pauses, looking about the room) I figured this would be about that…Look, I'm not crazy okay? My medical file checks out, I'm not…
Dr. █████: No one is implying anything of the like. Nothing that you say will leave this room, I assure you.
Major McClellan: Alright. This really isn't easy to talk about. Anyway, we both punched out at 25 to 50 feet? Really fucking low. The bomber slammed into a snowbank about two hundred yards away and cartwheeled into a fireball. I saw Jack go down in front of me. When I finally got to him, he was behind a chain-link fence, screaming his head off. I figured he was hurt, but he was standing, yanking on his shroud lines. They were taught, as though the chute was snagged on something. At first I thought it was some wild animal that had made a home out of one of the collapsed silos and I even got a good chuckle out of it as I tried opening the gate. (subject shakes his head and sighs, biting back tears)
Dr. █████: It's okay Major, you can continue.
Major McClellan: When I finally got into the fenced area, I could hear moans and screams coming from where the parachute was being pulled into the snow. There had to be at least a dozen of 'em, screaming and crying. It was loud enough to drown out Jack's yells at that point. He was off his feet by then, being pulled toward the yells. I ran over to him and helped undo his harness. That chute disappeared into the snow mere seconds…FUCKING SECONDS later. He and I bolted like scared little kids running out of a spooky house…Jack keeled over after that; just passed the fuck out. I dragged him as far away as I could till rescue came. He's being looked after right now…They say he should make it.
Dr. █████: Do you have any idea what could've been lying under the snow in the collapsed silo? The report written up by the base staff says it was a coyote or the like.
Major McClellan: It sure as shit was no wild dog. Those screams were human. Look, Jack and I both flew combat missions in the Bosnia war. All the tracer fire in the world didn't phase that man, but this did; it nearly scared him to death.
Dr. █████: Is there anything else to note?
Major McClellan: Not really. Rescue came an hour later and now guards are trotting around that closed silo. Not sure what they'll find.
Dr. █████: Alright, thank you Major. You've been a great help.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: Major McClellan is ordered to be placed on temporary leave before resuming flight. LtCol. Jack Wanamaker remained in a coma for twenty four hours and woke up with no recollection of the events after the crash. He is ordered to undergo a psych evaluation on the third of █████.