Void of Space
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Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is to be contained in a electromagnetic metal cube housing lead lined glass. The container is roughly 7x7x7 meters which must be increased by another 7x7x7 meters every 50 years. Due to the Electromagnetic properties of the anomaly Electronic equipment must be kept at least 5 meters away from SCP-####, camera's taken into the anomaly must be outfitted with electromagnetic resistors in order to be used without problems. If a subject is to enter the anomaly make sure all electronic equipment used to monitor SCP-#### is either put in standby mode or switched off entirely.

Containment room must be lined with at least 2 to 3 inches of thick lead sheet shielding to reduce chance of Radiation affecting personnel outside containment room. Personnel inside the containment room must be provided with radiation resistant clothing. D-Class personnel will not require radiation resistant clothing as they will not encounter enough radiation to impede tests.

Description: SCP-#### is located in the ███ █████ mountains. It is not noticeable to the naked eye and can only be seen through an Infrared sensor. The anomaly looks to be a pure white cube-shaped object letting off short waves of energy every 2 seconds, presumably the electromagnetic radiation the anomaly gives off. The anomaly is 1 meter in length, width and depth increasing in size by 0.5 meters every five years. As SCP-#### increases in size it only does so above ground, excavation underneath the anomaly shows no signs of it going under ground. Tests have shown that objects which have their own electromagnetic properties repel SCP-#### but cannot restrict its growth.

The inside of SCP-#### seems to show the area that it covers, however repeated testing found the area to be stretched much farther than its actual size. It also has some form of time dilation effect on people inside., but since it was first entered the time dilation has increased exponentially. The first recorded entrance was 1/32 faster than earth time, with the subject not noticing that they had entered the anomaly. However tests done since then have shown the time dilation to begin slowing down with each excursion into it. It has been shown that the Time Dilation inside SCP-#### is different for each Entree. When an Entree comes into contact with the anomaly they will experience time differently than someone else, so one may experience 1 second while someone else will experience 3 hours on their first contact, or it will not increase at all. Time outside the anomaly will "reset" back to the 2 day limit before quickening and will decrease after each incursion by the same Entree.

Because SCP-#### emits electromagnetic radiation that interferes with electronic equipment, such as cameras and sensors, all equipment must be kept at least 5 meters from the object to function at Minimum efficiency. However if a subject enters the anomaly the radiation will enter into ranges that can temporarily disable, or even permanently damage, electronic equipment. As the radiation hits the high ranges personnel report they can hear a low rumbling sound, almost like the sound of power generator being turned on. However when a subject leaves the anomaly no discernable change in the electromagnetic radiation occurs.

Discovery: SCP-#### was first discovered by tourists that were hiking through the mountains of ███ █████ on 4/5/200█. When one passed through the anomaly they disappeared from view, causing the other hiker to panic and call for help. The SCP foundation intercepted the call and a team was quickly dispatched to the location of the anomaly. After the first hiker was interrogated and given class-B amnesiacs a research station was set up to investigate and contain SCP-####. After two days of investigation the second hiker emerged from the anomaly, and was quickly detained by SCP personnel. Personnel noted that the hiker had no discernable differences, injuries or even knowledge that he had been inside SCP-####. During interrogation the hiker said he was walking with the other hiker and then was assaulted by SCP personnel. Examination of the hikers belongings showed that while outside the anomaly 2 days had passed, his watch and phone showed it had only been exactly 1.5 seconds since the hiker first entered the anomaly. After a thorough examination the Hiker was given class-B amnesiacs and released.

After SCP-#### was classed and identified a containment procedure and facility was built around it, due to the inability to move the anomaly at the time.

Addendum 1: After Experiment 3 it has come to light some sort of Entity is housed within SCP-####. However it has not been discovered what it is or its purpose. This entity shall be henceforth be known as SCP-####-1.

Addendum 2: All test subject are required to have a thorough medical checkup before entering SCP-####. Any subject with medical implants that give off any kind of Electromagnetic radiation must not be allowed into SCP-####. Anyone that enters with said implants will cause an extremely violent reaction from SCP-####. Radiation levels can reach ranges equivalent to Nuclear bombs and cause serious damage to personnel and equipment.

Addendum 3: Subjects that enter the anomaly together will always enter into their own separate version of the anomaly, even if they are physically attached in anyway.

Addendum 4: The anomaly has been confirmed to be sentient. It seems to have in-depth knowledge about humans communication, physiology and Psychology. However due to its alien-like thought process it cannot fully comprehend humans. The rumblings sounds heard by many personnel and D-class subjects had been discovered to be attempts at communication from SCP-####. An algorithm has been designed by Dr.███ to decipher and interpret any forms of communication by SCP-####. Although sentient the anomaly does not require any known forms of nourishment and appears to only want to provide aid for humanity. SCP-#### also has the ability to scan a persons mind and body for, what it considers, damage and attempts to repair them through therapy. This can occur in many ways from comforting the individual or through forcing subjects through extreme duress. Please refer to Interview Log 1 for full details.

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