SCP-3456 "The Safe The Euclid And The Keter"

Item# SCP-3456

Object Class:Keter Euclid And Safe

Special Containment Procedures SCP-3456 Is To Be Contained In A 21x21 Standard Containment Cell Secured Level 4 Or Higher MTF Omega-5 "Safe Euclid And Keter" Will Be Deployed During A Breach

Description: SCP-3456 Instances Appear To Be 3 Humanoids Designated SCP-3456-1 SCP-3456-2 SCP-3456-3 All Instances Vary In Hostility With SCP-3456-3 The Most Dangerous SCP-3456-2 The Mid Hostilty And SCP-3456-3 Being The Least Hostility There Is 2 Male Instances And 1 Female Instance
The Male Instances Are SCP-3456-1 And SCP-3456-2 The Female Instance Is SCP-3456-3 Their Diet Varies SCP-3456-1 Eats Corroded Steel SCP-3456-2 Eats Berries And Fruit Finally SCP-3456-3 Eats Candy And Sweets Each Instance Was Found In A Forest In Montgomery Alabama In 1962 By The SCP Foundation SCP-3456-1 Appears To Be Heavily Burnt By Unknown Means While SCP-3456-2 Appears To Be Scratched By A Animal SCP-3456-3 Appears Like A Human Female Wearing A Blue Shirt And In Good Health All SCP-3456 Instances Are Sentient And Are Kept In Site-61 In The Light Containment Zone

Addendum: All SCP-3456 Instances Were Interviewing SCP-1048 When It Was Walking To SCP-1123'S chamber SCP-1123 "Atrocity Skull" SCP-1048 "Builder Bear" And SCP-3456 "The Safe The Euclid And The Keter" Were In SCP-714'S Chamber And They Took All Safe Class SCPS And Caused A Safe-Level Containment Breach Mobile Task Force Omega-5 "Safe Euclid And Keter" Were Deployed