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Item #: SCP-XXXX



Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX should be kept in a small pedestal inside a small room only accessible to staff with Level 2 Clearance. SCP-XXXX should at all times be kept inside SCP-XXXX-B during containment with its safety on. SCP-XXXX-B must also be locked with the appropriate given lock, and the key for it to be stored outside the containment room for security reasons.


SCP-XXXX has the appearance of a customized M9 pistol, given personally to the Organization by Lt. █████ along with SCP-XXXX-B.1
The weapon weighs 1 kg and has the same shape as a regular pistol of the same type, however the magazine can't be removed, even after the disassemblent of the weapon the personnel haven't found any way to take off the magazine, and it is possible that it does not exist at all.

SCP-XXXX-B is a small, box-shaped gun case, with gold-like decorations on the sides of it, which Lt.█████ admitted to "Have personally made for the gun.", however he didn't explain the reason of such an action.

The bullets of the weapon itself has shown, after the [DATA EXPUNGED] to have the ability to make objects dissolve completely. After the bullet comes into contact with the target, the target will quickly start to dissolve, possibly destroying the matter itself without leaving traces. After some tests, however, it became apperent that the bullet does not work on organic beings, be they animal or plants, as the bullet will bounce off it without causing it harm.

The bullets, who don't leave shells behind after being shot, quickly lose this 'ability' about seven seconds after being fired, and the bullet will turn gum-like in composition, becoming completely weightless, making it impossible to hit targets at a long distance.

The bullets have, so far, been able to dissolve wool, wood, rubber, iron, steel and concrete, however, the bullets do not dissolve SCP-XXXX-B, the reason for this is still unkown.

Addendum: Tests And Test Security Measures

Personnel is heavily prohibited the use of SCP-XXXX without authorization from the head staff, and the usage of SCP-XXXX for personal gain unrelated to the Organization even more so, this is punishable with termination.

The usage of safety vests and other protection from kinetic damage would not be normally necesary when testing with SCP-XXXX, however it's usage is enforced nevertheless. Researchers who are tasked with disassembly and reassembly of the weapon must also wear radioctive-proof suits, as some scanners found traces of radiaction from inside the weapon that are not revealed when it's assembled

The following is a copy of the reasearch logs made by Dr.█████ during ████

02/06/████: After several tests on various inanimate artefacts, it has been established that the bullets of SCP-XXXX does not affect anomalous objects. However, the items dispensed out of SCP-261 were properly dissolved, excluding those with 'alive' organical properties, so the 'products' of certain anomalies can still be dissolved.

By this, it should be assumed that SCP-XXXX-B is an anomaly in itself, though various experiments found nothing out of the ordinary.

05/12/████: During the disassemblement of SCP-XXXX, it was noted that while the interior is the same of that of a normal M9 gun, there were unusual green, glowing markings on the inside of the weapon, similiar to hieroglyphics in nature. the Research branch has stated that they will do an in-dept analysis of the markings before reassembling the gun back together.

14/12/████: As partially expected, the symbols resembled no language known, and the material it was marked in didn't belong in our periodic table, implying it to be supernatural or alien in origin.

During the 18th of December, Dr.█████ has stated that he found a 'strange letter' on his desk in the morning, for security reasons a copy of the letter will be placed here.

Dearest Dr.█████
It's impolite to tamper with the objects of others, is it not?
We thought the Organization was meant to Secure, Contain and Protect, not disassemble and analyze.
We don't ask for much, we just ask for you to put our gift back together, you can keep playing with it, of course, but don't break it, or else we'll have to personally take our gift back.
Cheers, Lt.█████

After the assumed information breach, multiple task forces were mobilized to find Lt.█████, however after months of searching, there were no results, and the Organization had to momentarily halt the search.

The handwriting of the letter also resembled the one that came with SCP-XXXX's delivery, which asked the Organization to "take the 'Gift'" and "to not panic, as 'we' don't mean harm."

It is still unkown with what method the artefact was sent to the Organization, or why there wasn't panic right away, suggesting the Lieutenant to be [DATA EXPUNGED]
End Of Addendum

Edited in order to delete Dr.█████ unprofessional personal opinions and theories from the article.