Makta (SCP-2498)
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SCP-2498-013 recovered from residence of Albert Koslov in containment

Item #: SCP-2498

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2498 instances require minimal containment. All SCP-2498 devices are currently stored within Section-J12 of Facility 14. Unless specifically activated, SCP-2498 will display no anomalous properties. Signed permission is required from Dr Müller for the testing, reverse engineering, and research of SCP-2498 instances. Standard autonomous electronic expungement algorithm 2-EMEM is to be activated on an hourly basis to identify and remove technical schematics regarding the construction of SCP-2498 devices. Purchase records for electronic stores listed in Document DO5-IRO3 are to be scanned twice-daily for possible construction of SCP-2498 instances. Individuals who have constructed SCP-2498 instances are to be amnesticised and discredited with the discretion of Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"). All newly-recovered SCP-2498 instances are to be disassembled with permission from Dr Müller. In compliance with O5 Order 1383, SCP-2498 is not to be used for the isolation of Keter-class anomalies. In the event of a HK-class "Planetary-Cataclysm" event or a DK-class "Civilization-Ending" event, schematics for the construction of SCP-2498 are to be disseminated as widely as possible to minimise risk of extinction.

Description: SCP-2498 is an anomalous device typically housed within a 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.6m container, with two interior chambers containing a potato, and electronic components as listed in Addendum 665-J. The upper segment of SCP-2498 usually consists of a toggle switch where the words "EAST" and "WEST" appear to either side, and two (2) copper bars. SCP-2498 is fully reproducible. Eight thousand five hundred and ninety-three (8,593) SCP-2498 instances are currently in containment.


Timestamped StepperCam photographs of adjacent universes to Site-76.

Extensive testing with human subjects has indicated that following activation of SCP-2498, subjects are phase-shifted into separate, non-anomalous parallel universes, of which there appear to be an infinite number of (see Addendum OIO3-11/F08 for discussion on the necessary conditions and underlying mechanism of this process). In this document, the aforementioned anomalous effect of SCP-2498 is hereby referred to as SCP-2498-A. High-precision astronomical dating has consistently established these universes to be chronologically (± 2-3 ns) and spatially coterminous.

These universes (hereby referred to as SCP-2498-B) consistently show no indication of the independent evolution of Hominidae, and are completely uninhabited by humans. However, there are human communities, such as "Eighty-Nine Three", formed from groups of individuals capable of endogenously producing an SCP-2498-A effect. Ice core samples of adjacent universes East 1 and West 1 appear to be identical until ~700,000 BC. Personnel in Site-76 (located in ██████, Colorado) were able to place non-magnetic items in "West 1" and retrieve them using a separate SCP-2498 device, suggesting that all devices access a shared higher-dimensional space with a consistent internal geometry, as opposed to creating their own spaces.

"East" and "West" as indicated by the toggle switch of SCP-2498 are separate directions, but probability distributions on either side are roughly symmetrical. Universes from E-100 to W-100 possess identical geological features, mostly similar climatic conditions, and fauna distributions consistent with the absence of human civilization (requires revision, please update), including higher mammalian diversity and the presence of Mammuthus primigenius in the region corresponding to Site-76. Archaeological investigations of the Awash Valley within West 1 recovered fossilized remains of Australopithecus afarensis, but no hominin remains no remains of known hominids have been identified.


Visualization of hyperdimensional topology of Stepperspace

At time of writing, universes from coordinates East 5 to West 2,000,000 have been fully surveyed by manned expeditions, while West 2,000,000 to West 300,000,000 have been documented by AI-directed expeditions. Interuniversal discrepancies are consistent with a probability tree MWI model. General documentation of universes from coordinates West 1 to West 300,000,000, including coordinates of particular interest are available in Addendum WJ2-DK-7J and Addendum C1-D8D-42.

Typical subjects activating SCP-2498 experience symptoms including extreme nausea, muscle cramps, involuntary emesis, migraines, and fatigue immediately following SCP-2498-A to varying degrees. These symptoms are usually of no medical concern and typically disappear within five (5) to ten (10) minutes. Subsets of the general human population respond differently to SCP-2498, subset-A (20.31%) becoming violently ill after using SCP-2498, and subset-B (5.5%) experiencing no adverse effects whatsoever. Closely genetically-related individuals tend to appear within the same subset. Subatiafonil is a Foundation drug specifically developed to mitigate the effects of phase-sickness for ordinary subjects. Intramuscular injection in accordance with Procedure NU-141-KH has been shown 68% effective in reducing symptoms.

A third subset, C (>0.1%), has been identified as consisting of individuals who are capable of endogenously phase-shifting without the use of SCP-2498. Mobile Task Force Upsilon-4 ("Leapers"), consisting entirely of subset-C individuals has been created to respond to SCP-2498-related threats.

Personnel may also be affected psychologically. Psychological disorders pertaining to usage of SCP-2498, and their underlying causes, are currently not well understood, and may vary greatly, ranging from the minor (typically characterized by suicide ideation or substance abuse, see Log QN-DS1-038/49) to the major (including depression and schizotypal personality disorders, see Log QN-DS2-171/12). However, all personnel exhibit either markedly increased or decreased aggressive responses, complex motor and verbal tics, and either visuospatial dysgnosia or cerebral achromatopsia (but never both).

Researchers have denoted these symptoms and mental conditions as "Stepper complex". Recent studies have indicated that up to 63% of all individuals operating SCP-2498 will show traits associated with Stepper complex, a substantially higher figure than what was previously believed within the Foundation medical community. Stepper complex and its associated symptoms are less likely to appear in subjects powerfully motivated by religious and/or political beliefs, ethnographic minorities with strong connections to their respective communities, infantry soldiers with nationalistic tendencies, subjects who have successfully undergone drug rehabilitation, and convicts who have spent an extended time in solitary confinement. In the aforementioned groups, Stepper complex appears in less than 2% of all case examples.