"The Angel of Darkness"

item #: SCP-####

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-#### is currently uncontained and whereabouts are currently unknown. Should containment be reestablished, the following actions should be taken.

When not being tested on or in its allotted "social time," SCP-#### is to be locked in a 3m x 3m x 3m containment chamber guarded by no less than four (4) heavily armed guards. Within the containment chamber, SCP-#### is to be shackled at both ankles, both wrists, the neck, and the torso with shackles made of dense steel. No contact is to be made with SCP-####, physically or verbally, without the approval of at least three (3) separate level four (4) personnel.

If in a calm state, procedures should be able to be carried out with little to no incident. Subject should be in a relatively cooperative state and agree to go along with whatever it is told to do within its own reason. When in this state, personnel are not to provoke, aggravate, or otherwise anger the subject, to prevent any triggering of a hostile state.

When in a hostile state, immediate action is to be taken to subdue or possible terminate the subject. Deployment of MTF-sigma-theta-6 ("Heavens Demons") should be carried out within five (5) minutes of the triggering of a hostile state. If the proper actions are not taken as soon as possible, the results can and will be catastrophic.

Description: SCP-#### is a male humanoid creature with some avian characteristics, such as large, black feathered wings (5 meter wingspan), talon-like claws (in hostile state), and avian-like pupils. Subjects' wings are covered with black feathers which, when removed, have the potential to cut through almost any substance. Subject is 2.032 meters (80 inches) in height and weighs roughly 162 kilograms (357 pounds) but can vary between this and 3-4 meters in height and 200 to 600 kilograms in weight during a hostile state. Subject has a very competitive nature, and if challenged to any game or competition, will, "play to win," as the subject puts it.

SCP-####, when in a calm state and able to be questioned, has stated that its name is (DATA REDACTED) and that it is about two hundred (200) years old. While neither of these can be proved or disproved, all personnel are to refer to SCP-#### as subject or SCP-####. When tested on, subject has proven to be of above-average intelligence with IQ tests showing scores of above 130 points and all logic tests show extreme excellence in problem solving skills.

Testing has not provided many answers as to the questions that have been raised since containment, and the questions that have been answered are insignificant to the big picture. Testing has been authorized to find the subjects resistance to damage from (but not limited to) puncture, burning, bullets, acid, and various metals and alloys, to which the most effective being large caliber bullets made of steel or dense iron, with minimal results including mild headaches and minor reduction of physical strength, which quickly becomes insignificant when a hostile state is triggered

A hostile state can be triggered by many things, including inflicting intense pain on the subject, aggravating it, and beating it in certain competitions. When the subject enters a hostile state, it is nearly impossible to communicate, let alone reason with it. When it enters this state, the subject quickly increases in mass and height, its skin is rapidly covered in feathers similar to the ones on its wings, and it becomes extremely hostile to any and all forms of life within the vicinity of the subject and will attempt to kill them with a large, serrated sword which manifests only when the subject is in this state.

Addendum: On 8/19/14, a Dr. Jenkins attempted an unauthorized termination of either SCP-#### or SCP-682 by putting them both in the same chamber and challenged the subject to kill SCP-682, and due to the events caused by his actions, we are not sure as to which one he was trying to terminate. Had Dr. Jenkins survived the ordeal, he would have been demoted to D-class and taken off the monthly termination cycle, as standard of unauthorized cross-testing of two Keter-class SCPs. When the subject accepted the challenge (reluctantly), the sword, which only manifests during a hostile state, manifested in its hands. The subject and SCP-682 engaged in combat for approximately 2 hours, until the subject realized that this challenge was meant to kill it.

When the subject realized this, it shouted at a volume of 107 db. at Dr. Jenkins, "YOU [EXPLICITLY REDACTED] PIECE OF [EXPLICITLY REDACTED]! WHEN I'M DONE WITH THIS LIZARD, YOU'RE NEXT! YOU AND EVERYONE IN THIS [EXPLICITLY REDACTED] FOUNDATION!" Subject then entered a hostile state, at which point, SCP-682 appeared to "flinch" and seemed to be what can only be described as "worried." SCP-682 was seen avoiding all attacks from the subject and focusing on its own survival rather than killing SCP-####.

7 minutes later, MTF-sigma-theta-6 arrived and proceeded to fire upon SCP-#### with specially made .50 caliber assault rifles. SCP-682 then started attacking SCP-#### alongside of MTF-sigma-theta-6, this being the only recorded instance of SCP-682 being cooperative in any way whatsoever.

After 15 minutes of attempting to subdue SCP-####, with the loss of 70% of MTF-sigma-theta-6, 48% of SCP-682s mass, and 18 other personnel, subject froze in place, standing straight up. Subject then turned its head to the observation window, which Dr. Jenkins was behind. It then broke through the plexiglass window and proceeded to literally rip Dr. Jenkins apart. Post-incident inspection found no parts of Dr. Jenkins larger than 8 cubic centimeters in volume that wasn't liquified in the process.

Subject then went back to kill all but one member of MTF-sigma-theta-6, who survived by, as he described it, "sheer luck of not being followed while running from the fight." Post-incident interview of the survivor, Cameron Mitchel, can be found in document SCP-####-475 for review.

The last sign of SCP-#### was from SCP-682, who was found with only 32% of its mass remaining, but regenerating slightly faster than usual. SCP-682 was then submerged in hydrochloric acid.

SCP-#### has not been seen, nor have any traces of it, have been found since this incident. Investigation into its whereabouts is to be considered a high-priority action.