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Drone footage of SCP-3390 within freight elevator 28th March 20██

Item #: SCP-3390

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3390 is temporarily contained on basement floor 19 of Site-21. Until SCP-3390 can be removed from floor B-19 and secured within a more permanent containment unit the following procedures have been enacted for the safety and security of personnel either visiting or working at Site-21.
Floor B-19 is to remain within lock-down and off-limits to all personnel with any and all blast doors connecting floor B-19 with the rest of the facility to remain closed and the systems controlling them isolated.
Any persons attempting to enter floor 19 are to be detained and questioned.

Under no circumstances is power to be returned to the freight elevator which connects floor B-19 with the rest of the facility.
No personnel with Germanic heritage, within two generations, are to enter floor B-18 nor are any personnel to make disparaging remarks about the performance of the French Army.

If future containment of SCP-3390 is deemed impossible, all entrances to floor B-19 are to be demolished and sealed behind re-enforced concrete.

In the event that the service elevator on floor B-19 becomes active Site-21 is to be evacuated in it's entirety.
The three members of foundation personnel assigned to the monitoring of SCP-3390 are to remain behind until the containment status of SCP-3390 can be confirmed.
In the event that SCP-3390 breaches the ground floor and attempts to leave Site-21 procedure 121-Navis Terra is to be enacted immediately.

Description: Due to the nature in which it is contained SCP-3390 has been able to evade all attempts at a full examination. As a result all information pertaining to the description of SCP-3390, both physically and in reference to it's anomalous effects are entirely through physical observation via eyewitness reports and security camera footage.

SCP-3390 is a large mechanical construct that is superficially identical to a Char2C Armoured Fighting vehicle, or tank, manufactured 1919 and developed by the French Army during the First World War.

SCP-3390 is approximately 4 meters high, 10 meters in length , 3 meters in width and is expected to be at least 70 tonnes in weight. It is painted in a dark green colour typical of French Army forest camouflage schemes of the period and is showing signs of wear and tear that can be assumed to be from age and lack of maintenance.

Prior to Incident 3390-2 the anomalous effects of SCP-3390 were unrecorded. It remained in an inactive state and was contained within a standard vehicle containment garage at the Site-21 underground motor-pool pending classification.
Following incident 3390-2 SCP-3390 was observed via close circuit security cameras until power to floor B-19 was lost.

SCP Foundation Site-21
Incident Number: 3390-2
Date: 18th September 19██

Summary of Incident: Events leading to SCP-3390's current containment conditions.

Time line of events
Security Camera footage observing SCP-3390 at Section D of the underground containment motor-pool at Site-21 notes two members of security personnel, identified as ████ ████████ and ██████ ██████, patrolling the area stopping to observe SCP-3390. Remote mic picks up the two discussing Second World War history.
Guards return to their patrol route continuing to discuss history. One of the guards identified as ████ ████████ utters the words "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys" , a common insult directed at the performance of the French forces during World War Two, at which point SCP-3390 is seen becoming active and accelerates towards the two guards.
Cause of Death to both Guards was though crushing injury.

SCP-3390 continues moving on an eastern projectory. It penetrates the outer wall of the facility and enters corridor 44/B partially destroying Site-21's D-Lab block resulting in the deaths of ██ Personnel and injuring ██ others.

SCP-3390 has accelerated to a speed of 31kph and continues to move through the facility with complete disregard for any objects or persons in its way. SCP-3390 Demonstrates the capability to drive through solid objects beyond the expected capability for a machine of it's design and period including concrete barricades, thick metal walls and solid steel doors.

Containment Alarm is sounded, Site-21 begins evacuation protocol.

SCP-3390 penetrates D-Lab blast door, now entering Section F staff cafeteria.
Security Personnel are witnessed opening fire using standard weaponry, SCP-3390 appears undamaged and returns fire.
Resulting blast weakens structure around staff cafeteria causing part of section F to collapse. SCP-3390 is witnessed falling with the collapse.
SCP-3390 continues downwards through the facility, coming to a rest at Floor 19
Current containment protocols were initiated

Observation Notes


The Foundation exists. Born through necessity it is thousands of years old, having existed in various forms since the dawn of man, it spans hundreds of facilities, employs a small country worth of personnel, is backed and funded by every major world government and houses thousands of anomalous items some of which threaten the very existence of humanity or indeed, reality.

The Foundation secures, it is without approach, it can operate anywhere without jurisdiction and outwith the law. The Foundation contains, eldritch horrors, beings from other dimensions, technology from beyond the stars; nothing has proved too great a power that the Foundation has not been able to put it in a box and prevent it from doing harm. The Foundation protects.
The Foundation is perfect but for one simple flaw.
It is run by humans.

In Site-99 the Foundation is not perfect, it does not know everything, it is not without limits and it faces a constant battle against the forces of incompetence, corruption, well meaning policy explosions and human error. It is a massive, over-bureaucratic agency where personal power struggles and inter-office drama play as big a factor as the skips themselves.

On a larger level the Foundation faces threats daily from world governments, threatening to pull their funding or close facilities. Some feel SCP's could be used to benefit humanity, others to be used to enhance their nations military or to destroy other nations, cripple it's infrastructure or embarrass political rivals.
National militarises, mega corporations and eccentric billionaires all with their own versions of the Foundation, all trying to acquire SCP's to further their own goals and needs.
It is the job of the O6, the ambassador, to prevent this. To remind the nations of the world what is at stake and who is in charge, to keep the power players in line and to keep Foundation assets within foundation control and the flow of information and, more importantly, D-class flowing. And if one nation gets out of line and an SCP just 'happens' to breach containment and tear that nation in half, well maybe if they'd not skipped out on funding the Foundation would have been better prepared.

Below them sits the O5. A council of managers cloaked in mystery. The council handles the big, important decisions that are obviously too big and important to be handled by anyone less important than them. Or at least this is what they are told.
The Council sits as one would a board of directors in a building housing a thousand bureaucrats. What goes on beyond the council chambers and the plush offices they award themselves with is almost a mystery to them, only that decisions often have to be made. Proposals and issues brought up by the O4 committee which require escalation.
In truth the O5 hold all the power but very little capability to act upon it. Decisions are made without them, issues are dealt with by lower powers and anything passed to the O5 is usually carefully crafted to ensure the O5 council makes the correct decision, to generate a token response or, as is more often the case, to keep the O5 Council distracted.

Below them is the O4 committee, this is not a singular committee but rather a collective of perhaps a hundred committees all managing their own various departments and all with their own political motives, inter-office power struggles and agendas. The Chairman of each committee meets at the end of every month in a large, very fancy, hotel to go over various issues, present new ideas, formulate strategies and discuss what should be proposed to the O5.
In comparison to the O4 committee, the power-play in the O5 council is childsplay. O4's continuously fight for resources from high rated staff to better tasting coffee while at all times attempting to engineer situations to discredit rivals and get themselves nominated to more important committees who have better tasting coffee.

Below them are the researchers.
When it comes to the work the foundation does, nothing is more important than good researchers, ones who know what they are doing, can asses the situation and design containment methods for objects and creatures that sometimes defy the laws of physics.
People like this are rare. Rarer still are people like this with the nessesery qualifications, rarer still are people like this with the nessesery qualifications who get noticed by the Foundation, can pass it's rigorous recruitment methods and agree to the work once they discover what it is.
The Foundation constantly fights a loosing battle against every other major academic field that equally struggles for perfect candidates and since most intelligent people who good qualifications and a positive outlook on life would rather not work in a place with such a high mortality rate the Foundation is facing what can only be described as a Man Power shortage.
This means essential work is often carried out by people who are graciously under-qualified and many people who should be no-where near anything remotely important, let alone a foundation site, slip through the net as the Foundation desperately tries to cover gaps in it's often understaffed facilities.

Good personnel are over-worked, tired and stressed. Often having to spend large portions of their day dealing the more incompetent staff as they try endlessly to shift the blame of their own incompetence onto someone who's sheer basic common sense represents a threat to their career.

Between the researchers and the O4's sits a number of departments and sites who's existence and