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SCP-3390 within containment garage 28th March 20██

Item #: SCP-3390

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3390 is temporary contained on basement floor 19 of site-21. Until SCP-3390 can be removed from floor 19 and secured within a more permanent containment unit the following procedures must be upheld at all times by staff either visiting or working at site-21.
Floor 19 is to remain within lock-down and off-limits to all personnel with the blast shield separating the stairwell between floor 18 and floor 19 to remain closed and the systems controlling it isolated from the rest of the facility. Any persons attempting to enter floor 19 are to be detained and questioned.
Power to this floor is to remain disconnected.
Under no circumstances is power to be returned to the service elevator which connects floor 19 with the rest of the facility.

If future containment of SCP-3390 is deemed impossible, all entrances to floor -19 are to be demolished and sealed behind re-enforced concrete.

In the event that the service elevator on floor -19 becomes active site-21 is to be evacuated in it's entirety.
The three designated members of foundation personnel assigned to the monitoring of SCP-3390 are to remain behind until the containment status of SCP-3390 can be confirmed, if SCP-3390 can be returned to floor -19 or contained on a different floor these procedures are to be updated and site-01 to be informed.
In the event that SCP-3390 breaches the ground floor and appears to be attempting to leave site-21. Site-21's on site nuclear warhead is to be detonated immediately.

SCP-3390 has evaded all attempts at a full examination. As a result all information pertaining to the description of SCP-3390, both physically and in reference to it's anomalous effects are entirely through physical observation via eyewitness reports and security camera footage.

SCP-3390 is a large mechanical construct that is superficially identical to a 1941 Pere Marquette 1225 locomotive.
SCP-3390 is suspected to be at least 400 tonnes in weight and observed to be 3.4 meters in width, 31 meters in length and exactly 5 meters in height. It is showing signs of wear and tear consistent of an advanced age.
SCP-3390 contains nothing usual in its design nor appearance that would indicate foreign containment nor additional construction outside of the design of the original intended vehicle.

SCP-3390 was contained by the Foundation during an attack on Site-21 by the ████ ██████████ known as Incident-90-01. Full details of this attack are contained within Document 90-01/A.
During the incident SCP-3390, then referred to as Object of Interest 7701-A,

SCP-3390 is presumed autonomous as no crew have ever been observed and has been theorised to posses a low level of intelligence as it has been witnessed acting on orders issued via use of a walkie-talkie though all attempts to replicate this and ascertain the frequency of SCP-3390 have meet with failure.

Remaining close to SCP-3390 at distances ranging from 4-100 meters. It will reactivity move to keep SCP-3390 within sight at all times becoming 'agitated' if SCP-3390 is removed from view.
In this situation SCP-3390-1 will move rapidly towards SCP-3390's last seen position, often with complete disregard for any objects or persons in its way.
Additionally SCP-3390-1 has demonstrated the capability to drive through solid objects beyond the expected capability for a machine of it's design and period, including concrete buildings and barricades, blocks of iron and solid steel.
SCP-3390 is not capable of burrowing through solid rock but has demonstrated an ability to tunnel through loose or compact earth. Observers have noted that the ground appears to 'move out of the way' as opposed to SCP-3390-1 pushing it aside.

SCP-3390-1 has been shown to become extremely hostile if it perceives SCP-3390 as 'in danger' in many cases attacking said threats with the weapons mounted on it's hull or simply running them over.
Becuase all threats in this nature are caculated entirly on the whim of SCP-3390-1 these actions can cause considerable distress to SCp-3390 who often flees the scene forcing SCP-3390-1 to disengade targets and follow.

Partial testing on the threat recognition parimeters of SCP-3390-1 had been underway prior to incident

SCP-3390 is completely autonomous and appears to posses a low level of intelligence.

SCP-3390 was acquired by The Foundation after it was contacted directly by ██████ Minister for ███████ ██████ ███████ using standard network channels. SCP-3390 had previously be stored at a secure ██████ research facility in ██████. It escaped containment on the ██th of ████ 19██. SCP-3390 was recovered from the bottom of the ███████ river having stopped after the engine flooded due to submersion in water.

  • Incident Reports
    • Incident 3390-A 18th September 19██
      • Prior to incident SCP-3390 had been kept in disused section of the Staff underground carpark at Site 19. Security footage showed Two Guards patrolling the area stopped to observe SCP-3390 and began discussing Second World War History.
      • As the Guards move away to return their their patrol route one of the guards identified as ████ ████████ utters the words "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies" , a common insult directed at the performance of the French forces during World War Two, at which point SCP-3390 charges at the two guards.
      • Cause of death was crushing injury to skeletal muscle.
      • Prior to this incident it was not believed SCP-3390 was autonomous
      • SCP-3390 was re-classed as Euclid.