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SCP-3390 within containment garage 28th March 20██

Item #: SCP-3390

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3390 must be kept within a locked garage at Site-76.
This garage must be on the north eastern edge of the facility, with no obstructions or major structures directly to the North East outside of solid rock.
This garage must be at least 100 meters underground.
The Site-76 zone D car-park has been utilised for this purpose.

Weight sensitive anti-tank mines are placed below the surface of the tarmac in the immediate surrounding area.
Inspection of these mines must be carried out by qualified security personnel every six months.

Unless under strict testing conditions SCP-3390 is not to be given fuel, no organic matter may be allowed in or near SCP-3390 and spark plugs must be removed during containment.
Additionally SCP-3390 must be monitored by radio 24/7 with any transmissions made to be recorded and documented.

In case of containment breach Security personnel at Site-76 have been issued Anti-Tank weaponry and one light tank1 is available if pursuit is required.

Updated Containment Procedures
Due to a series of incidents involving SCP-3390 the following additional measure must be implemented.

No personnel entering the Zone D carpark or within a 100 meter range of SCP-3390 are to make disparaging remarks about the performance of the French Army. Where possible signposts must be placed to warn those entering this radius.
Under no circumstances are any personnel to enter SCP-3390 unsupervised. Anyone caught attempting to enter SCP-3390 will be terminated with immediate effect.
Use of D-class personnel when testing SCP-3390's anomalous effects is restricted at the discretion of the Site-76 director.

SCP-3390 is the designation given to the large mechanical construct that, exterior wise, appears to match the exact design and appearance of the First World War French armoured fighting landship, known in more modern terms as a Tank, model CHAR FCM 2C, serial number 97 50097-CM designation: Normandie.
SCP-3390 is 70 tonnes in weight, 4.09 meters in height, 10.27 meters in length and exactly 3 meters in width. It is composed of high grade steel with several organic components consistent to that of carbon-based flesh.
SCP-3390 is painted in a dark green colour typical of French Army Forest Camouflage schemes of the early 20th century. It has the number 97 written along the left front wheel axial and name Normandie in large red letters along the turret ring on the same side.

SCP-3390 contains nothing usual in its external design nor appearance that would indicate foreign contaminant nor additional construction outside of the design of the original intended vehicle.
Inspection of the interior by Site-76's in-house Armoured Vehicle expert Dr ████ as well as blueprints provided by the Château de Vincennes have shown that the interior has been radically altered.
The nature of SCP-3390's construction, the complexity and knowledge required are inconsistent with the design and construction of French Armoured vehicles during the early twentieth century and beyond the capabilities of any known military during this time.
As such the Foundation is operating under the assumption that SCP-3390 is not the French tank Normandie actual.

A full list of variances present within SCP-3390 can be obtained from Dr Amos, Site-77 Section Q. For the sake of readability only major differences have been noted here. These are as follows.

Object Discrepancy Description
Engine 1/3rd Size SCP-3390's engine appears more consistent with modern high-performance automobile designs and is capable of producing around 1,000 b.h.p and has been converted to accept bio-fuel. A converted unit is also included alongside the connected fuel-tank. This unit appears to convert organic matter into usable fuel. It is currently unknown what the exact nature of this organic matter is nor where it was intended to be stored within SCP-3390
Power Plant Not typical of design SCP-3390's primary power planet is a small, primitive ,yet functional, Nuclear Reactor. Upon retrieval the fuel rod was missing and reactor was emitting small amounts of alpha band radiation.
Main Cannon Modified SCP-3390 maintains the 75 mm "Canon de 75 modèle 1897" as is typical with the design of French tanks of the period however it also holds numerous unidentified modifications including a highly advanced telescopic sight with an infrared and night vision capability.
Biological Components Not typical of design A human heart, brain and a currently un-measurable amount of biological tissue that span SPC-3390's interior. The tissue is hidden from view of the interior through use of heavy metal panels and wires and would appear to operate as SCP-3390's intended electronics system. The Function of the heart and brain, located in a cold storage locker in the floor of SCP-3390 are unknown. The heart is beating at around 60 bpm and EEG scans show brain activity. DNA testing has shown both these components to be from the same individual, an unidentified human female approximately 7 years of age. Both these components are encased in a liquid that is dirt greenish in colour with the consistency of jelly. This liquid has been examined with inconclusive results as to it's genetic make-up.
Ammunition Not typical of design x32 Armour-piercing discarding sabot (APDS) rounds, held in four separate storage bins within SCP-3390's interior. Two on the cabin floor and two in the turret. The ammunition casings are made from Tungsten and the serial numbers collaborate to the Edgar Brandt company. This company produces such shells en mass but, when investigated, the serial numbers were unused. This Ammunition has been removed from SCP-3390 and is being stored off-site.

With exception to the bio-fuel conversion of the engine and the Fuel converter unit all noted discrepancies appear as if intended as part of the original design and not later additions as seen through typical modernisation programs or field modifications.

Anomalous effects
In spite of the inclusion of crew positions, including that of a drivers seat, within the build of SCP-3390. SCP-3390 is completely autonomous and appears to posses a low level of intelligence.

SCP-3390 has been recorded making occasional radio broadcasts on frequency ███.█MHz, broadcasting the song 'Clair de Lune' on nights with a new moon, a 'whimpering' like noise during thunderstorms and the French National Anthem at 4pm every year on the 14th of July.
In all cases the voice broadcast is that of a young female, presumed a child, with a french Parisian accent.
In spite of numerous attempts by researchers SCP-3390 has yet to verbally respond to questions nor statements.

If left alone SCP-3390 will move towards a set direction in a straight line, often without regard for obstacles in the way, at a speed of 24kph.

SCP-3390 has demonstrated the capability to drive through solid objects beyond the expected capability for a machine of it's design and period, including concrete buildings and barricades, blocks of iron and solid steel.
SCP-3390 is not capable of burrowing through solid rock but has demonstrated an ability to tunnel through loose or compact earth.

Calculating its trajectory and taking history into account, speculation is that its destination is Berlin, Germany.
Testing to ascertain the accuracy of this speculation has been postponed. It is currently unknown why it does this or what it would do when it gets there.

While moving SCP-3390 will ignore any commands given to it by it's crew however control of SCP-3390's functions and movements can be obtained by shouting aggressively in French and attacking several of the interior components with a blunt metal instrument.
SCP-3390 will then enter a submissive state and can be operated as a regular vehicle or by issuing it commands via any radio on frequency ███.█ MHz though it should be noted SCP-3390 will only take commands from whoever was sitting in the Commanders position.
As of Incident 3390-B no D-class subject is to be allowed to assume the commanders position.

SCP-3390 will resume autonomous control after two-three hours of inactivity.

SCP-3390 has been observed simulating human respiration with two large panels on opposing sides of SCP-3390 expanding outwards by at least 32mm before contracting. Each 'breath' lasting around six minutes with an intermediate 11 minute pause between 'breaths'.
In addition when D-class personnel were requested to enter SCP-3390 as part of an experiment they reported the interior filled with outside air every 11 minutes and it having a distinct smell reminiscent of expired dog food.

SCP-3390 cannot move if it has no fuel. SCP-3390 is able to convert live organic matter into fuel so long as it is within SCP-3390's interior at the time. Since this has never been observed the exact nature of how SCP-3390 achieves this is unknown. See Incident log 3390-C

SCP-3390 was acquired by The Foundation after it was contacted directly by ██████ Minister for ███████ ██████ ███████ using standard network channels. SCP-3390 had previously be stored at a secure ██████ research facility in ██████. It escaped containment on the ██th of ████ 19██. SCP-3390 was recovered from the bottom of the ███████ river having stopped after the engine flooded due to submersion in water.

  • Incident Reports
    • Incident 3390-A 18th September 19██
      • Prior to incident SCP-3390 had been kept in disused section of the Staff underground carpark at Site 19. Security footage showed Two Guards patrolling the area stopped to observe SCP-3390 and began discussing Second World War History.
      • As the Guards move away to return their their patrol route one of the guards identified as ████ ████████ utters the words "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkies" , a common insult directed at the performance of the French forces during World War Two, at which point SCP-3390 charges at the two guards.
      • Cause of death was crushing injury to skeletal muscle.
      • Prior to this incident it was not believed SCP-3390 was autonomous
      • SCP-3390 was re-classed as Euclid.
    • Incident 3390-B 1st February 19██
      • During a proposed test to observe █████████████ behaviour and █████████████ in order to ██████████████████████████████ SCP-3390 was crewed with D-class personal with D-911783 taking the command position.
      • ████████████████████████████████████████
      • D-911783 attempted to escape Site-76 by ordering SCP-3390 to drive through the Site's outer wall on conclusion of the test.
      • Elements of Task Force Nu-7 were deployed and the nearby town of ██████ was evacuated under the cover of a tornado warning.
      • SCP-3390 was recovered after D-911783 stopped for beer at ████████████. ████████████ SCP-3390 was then re-contained at Site-76 without further incident.
    • Incident 3390-C 30th February 19██
      • SCP-3390 was given a small amount of bio-diesel during a navigation experiment and a crew of five D-class personnel and one researcher took up position within SCP-3390.
      • Researchers noted that SCP-3390 was still moving after a full hour despite only being given enough fuel to last 20 minutes.
      • Test was halted when researcher █████, sitting in the command chair, noticed one of the D-class crew was missing.
      • A week long man hunt ensued but camera footage never showed missing D-class leaving SCP-3390 nor the test chamber it was contained within.
      • The remains of missing D-class were found one week later in a partially digested state within SCP-3390's fuel tank.
      • All testing on SCP-3390 was postponed until a greater understanding of this phenomenon can be achieved.
      • Containment procedures updated.

This is now the third autonomous Tank we have in containment and the second World War French Tank that sings. Though since we cannot approach and safely examine SCP-802 no direct link can established.
-Dr Amos.