MaliceAforethought's Tale Sandbox

Because the old one was full.


  • LLOYD 2: 914 gets the clockwork virus put in it, begins churning out more. Lloyd flashes back and forwards as he becomes mechanical, clinging to the airlock of the chamber as the air is drained. End with the apocalypse.
  • LLOYD 3: Montage of deaths. "The first time I died, the world became a ball of fire and the stars went out. The second time, reality tore itself apart at the seams and we didn't even have time to scream. As the third came around, flesh became metal and metal flesh, an endless churning vortex that spewed across the galaxy like molten wax — the fourth is forgotten even to me, as humanity lost itself in the empty mind of a long-dead god. Hello, by the way. I'm Lloyd."