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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a standard containment locker on-site. Due to the incident detailed in Addendum XXXX-B, testing on SCP-XXXX is prohibited until further notice. Any incidents involving SCP-XXXX being switched on or off without immediately noticeable effects are to be immediately reported to the site director.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard single-pole light switch and plate with dimensions of 11.5 cm x 7 cm installed on a broken piece of drywall board from the location of discovery. The light switch is not connected to any sort of electrical circuit or source of power. Disassembling the light switch or removing it from the drywall is impossible.

When SCP-XXXX is switched on, a single random unpowered device that uses electronic circuitry is powered on. When SCP-XXXX is switched off, a different random electronic device is turned off. There does not seem to be a maximum limit on the distance or voltage of the electrical devices that SCP-XXXX can affect; however, distance does affect the probability of an electrical device being affected, as testing has indicated that a device closer to SCP-XXXX is far more likely to be affected by SCP-XXXX’s effects than a device several hundred miles away. Electrical devices do not need a source of power to be affected by SCP-XXXX.

Devices or circuitry affected by SCP-XXXX exhibit no anomalous properties and can be reset without incident.

Addendum XXXX-A: Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was secured on ██/██/2009 in a small suburban house in the town of ████████████, Wisconsin, after a minor incident in which a couple that had just recently purchased the house turned the light switch on and off. This was shortly followed by the deactivation of an important computer network at [DATA REDACTED]. When questioned, the owners of the house claimed that they were testing the nature of the previously unnoticed light switch, having believed it to be a breaker switch prior to attempting to use it. Once SCP-XXXX proved impossible to remove from the wall, the recovery team removed and replaced part of the wall itself. The inhabitants of the area in which the incident occurred and the owners of the house were then both administered a Class-A amnestic.

Any attempts to locate the previous owners of the house or the electrical company responsible for wiring the house have so far been unsuccessful.

Addendum XXXX-B: Incident Report: On ██/██/2011, SCP-XXXX was scheduled to undergo basic testing administered by Dr. M███████ Kirby and Researcher A██████ Xu. Testing began at 1600 and proceeded without incident for the next half hour.

Audio logs immediately prior to Incident-XXXX
Date: ██/██/2011
Time: 1630

<Begin Log>

Dr. Kirby: —Unconnected Light Bulb B has turned on. There is no obvious source of power or change in the electrical circuit. <muffled> Xu, can you check…?

Researcher Xu: <muffled> I'm not going to stick my fingers in a live circuit.

Kirby: <muffled> We don't know if it's live, that's why you need to check!

Xu: <muffled> All right, but you're checking the next one.

A few seconds pass as Researcher Xu checks the circuit. Unconnected Light Bulb B is a basic board circuit without any sort of battery power.

Xu: <muffled> Nothing's changed. There's no power running through it, the circuit hasn't been closed or anything, it's just on.

Kirby: <muffled> Okay, that's progress. <clearer> Upon closer examination Unconnected Light Bulb B has been confirmed to show no change to circuitry or obvious power source. Consider research into whether SCP-XXXX is capable of generating its own power and, if so, how. <muffled> All right, flip it off again.

Researcher Xu switches SCP-XXXX off. It is at this time that all power at Site-██ immediately shuts off.

The resulting power failure caused by SCP-XXXX's effect resulted in a full-site containment breach, resulting in █ casualties and ██ injuries. Once power was restored and the breach contained, SCP-XXXX was immediately returned to containment, while Dr. Kirby and Researcher Xu were both questioned.

Post-Incident Interview Log
Date: ██/██/2011

Interviewed: Dr. M███████ Kirby
Interviewer: Dr. E███ Vollan

Foreword: Excerpt from an interview with Dr. Kirby after the events of Incident-XXXX.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Vollan: And what happened after the containment breach, Dr. Kirby?

Dr. Kirby: Happened? Nothing happened. I didn't touch it again. Xu certainly didn't touch the damn thing again. Containment put it back in its locker and took it away, hopefully to throw it into three more lockers and then a fourth one for good measure.

Vollan: So there were no apparent anomalous effects following the power failure?

Kirby: That's not anomalous enough?

Vollan: Please answer the question, Dr. Kirby.

Kirby: <sighs> No, there were no anomalous effects that I could see. There's never any additional anomalous effects with XXXX. It just turns things on and off again. <pause> It does make you wonder, though, doesn't it?

Vollan: Wonder about what?

Kirby: Where it came from, of course. These sorts of things don't just magically appear out of know what. Okay, I mean, I know some scips do, but a light switch? No, this had intent. Someone made this, and they had to have had a reason for it. This sort of thing… it could be disastrous in the wrong hands. Weaponizable, even.

Dr. Vollan leans forward.

Vollan: What are you trying to say, Kirby?

Kirby: Dr. Vollan, if you were making a device that could shut down any electrical system you could imagine, wouldn't you want a way of making sure you could direct its effect?

<long pause>

Vollan: …Yes. I suppose I would.

<End Log>

SCP-XXXX has since been transferred to Site-██, and further testing has been prohibited until a way to limit SCP-XXXX's range of effect can be determined. Further investigation into SCP-XXXX's origins has been approved by Dr. Vollan.