Designation :SCP-xxxx (ManBaby)

Class :Safe

Containment Procedures :SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a tank about 3x3 meters. The tank should have wire on the outside, to stun and/or slow the manbaby down so it can be put back into containment. The tank should have holes on the top to give the manbaby ventilation.

Description :SCP-xxxx is a humanoid baby covered in fur, seemingly of [DATA EXPUNGED] race, but monstrously sized, about the size of a male adult. The manbaby eats nutrients from a tube, which is plugged in the manbaby's belly during feeding. The manbaby displays behavior of a normal human baby at 7-12 months of age.


  • The baby wakes in the morning.
  • The baby receives a feeding from the aforementioned tube.
  • Waste is sucked from the anal cavity for testing (DNA inconclusive)
  • Baby is taught how to function as a human.
  • Testing of mental stability(stable)
  • Baby goes to sleep at 4 o'clock.