Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be monitored at all times by a squad of no less than 10 guards armed with conventional weaponry. Lethal force is deemed necessary when dealing with any trespassers into SCP-XXXX. Should a containment breach occur, MTF Omicron-13 "Cerberus" are to scramble with the primary objective of assessment of severity of breach, and secondary objective of investigation/termination of perpetrators. Action plan after initial assessment is to be drawn up by Site-63 Director.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small cave in ██████, Morocco which contains a central cavern the size of a small house, the walls of which are carved with 5 6 (See Document "Protocol Exeter") inscriptions of species and dates. SCP-XXXX was discovered by a civilian archaeological dig on 01/10/192█. Foundation assets embedded in local government were alerted when reports of "scientific language scratched on walls" reached the local township. Upon investigation, the entrance to SCP-XXXX was discovered, leading approximately 100m down into the main cavern.

When the name of a species and a date is carved into the walls of SCP-XXXX, once the date is reached the named species will undergo a extreme increase in sapience over the next few weeks, ending in an intelligence level roughly similar to humans. The change is worldwide and a drastic change in brain structure is seen, where the corpus collosum grows and brain imaging reveals a complete lack of hemispheric specialisation, instead far larger portions of the brain are utilised for almost all processing. In addition to this the affected species will experience mutated vocal cords over the period, resulting in the ability to produce speech at a level of complexity equivalent to humans, along with a strong propensity to learning it.

Upon discovery, SCP-XXXX had only one future date carved into its walls, which read:

Thylacine1 — 01/10/193█

This gave the Foundation roughly █ years until SCP-XXXX triggered an event, and as there was no information on the event or SCP-XXXX's effect, Operation "Devil Dog" was launched in order to capture and research thylacines as much as possible (See Addendum XXXX-A).