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SCP-XXXX, The Acid Wasp
Object Class-Euclid

The Acid Wasp is a corruption of the common wasp(Vespula Vulgaris) and is thought to have originated from the [CLASSIFIED] chemical site. Visually this SCP is extremely similar to a normal wasp, albeit the yellow stripes are green. The only other visual difference is that this wasp is larger than the average, about 10cm in length(although this is an approximation as no personnel are allowed within 10 meters of the SCP except in a safe testing environment, the wasps size has been deemed 'unimportant'). It also seems to be 'brighter' than normal wasps.
Nothing is known of it's actual biological and genetical structure.

SCP-XXXX is usually safe, but if any organism is to come within a 5 meter radius the SCP will become agitated and start following the organism which has come near it, whether it be alive or not (This organism will be referred to as SCP-XXXX-1 for the remainder of this documentation). SCP-XXXX acts now rather like SCP-372, it cannot be seen by SCP-XXXX-1, however anything else can see it. Over a time period between 5 and 10 minutes the wasp will come closer to SCP-XXXX-1 and sting it. The wasp's sting contains an unknown acid-like substance containing a virus. This is usually fatal and kills the victim in between 1 and 4 hours time, depending on how much 'acid' was administered to SCP-XXXX-1 by SCP-XXXX during the sting.
Some flesh corrosion is visible too, but doesn't cause damage of an area more than 3mm x 3mm on human flesh. Other life forms are to be tested. Various tests have revealed that the acid seems to corrode more on inanimate objects, although this would not normally happen as the wasp does not generally go for inanimate objects. The sting shows no other visible signs of it being there, and subjects of the sting do not seem to feel any pain. Other symptoms of a sting include coughing and decreased stamina, nothing else seems apparent.
After stinging SCP-XXXX-1 the wasp will usually leave it alone and fly around unagitated. If it stings another organism and the first is still alive, the second stung organism is called SCP-XXXX-2
Subjects wearing SCP-714 still show symptoms of the sting, however do not die from it, if SCP-714 is removed, however, the organism dies within the 4 hour period.
Tests with SCP-500 pills are awaiting approval.

SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 3 meter(width) by 4 meter(depth) by 3 meter(height) reinforced glass room with plenty of light. This room must only have one door locked at all times and is to be situated in the centre of a 10 meter x 10 meter x 10 meter reinforced steel room. Inside this room there should be cameras to study SCP-XXXX's behaviour. On the outside of this room there should be rooms with screens displaying the camera feed. This room may not be accessed by personnel of less than a level 2 status.
In the result of a containment breach specialised personnel in groups of no less than 3 wearing iron-laced protective clothing must hunt out the wasp by following small acid trails it occasionally leaves behind it. The group who find it must spray it with a dose of stun gas so the wasp can be put into a container and returned to containment.