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Item #: SCP-3XXX "The Observers"

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-3XXX subjects are to be contained, separately, in five (5) Type-4 Electronic Emissions Containment (EMCON) Cells at Site-06-03. Each cell to be 7.62 x 7.62 meters in length and width and made of 0.15-meter thick steel walls that are to be insulated to block electric currents. The floor is to be made of solid concrete. Each cell is too be monitored with closed-circuit audio and video recording devices. The cell of SCP-3XXX-A in particular is also to contain one (1) table and one (1) chair for interview purposes as SCP-3XXX-A is the only SCP-3XXX subject capable of human speech. No power outlets or electronic devices are to be located anywhere in the room. Personnel entering any SCP-3XXX spaces are to observe Class-3 Electric Hazards Safety Precautions as detailed in Document 3XXX-S-1. Only personnel with Level-3 Clearance or higher are allowed access to SCP-3XXX. Interviews that are conducted with SCP-3XXX-A are to not to be recorded with non-closed circuit electronic devices as a measure to prevent a containment breach.

In the case that any SCP-3XXX subject(s) breach containment, MTF Kappa-10 (Designation:"Skynet") and MTF Lamba-10 (Designation: "Bad Robots") will work jointly and has been given full authorization to respond and use lethal force using high-caliber weaponry to contain or terminate any SCP-3XXX subject(s) breaking containment. Should any SCP-3XXX subject be terminated, the remains are to be taken to Dr.█████ for further study. It is imperative that any containment breach by SCP-3XXX subject(s) be given high-level priority as an escape could lead to a potential CK-Class end-of-the-world scenario.

Note: One subject, SCP-3XXX-F, as already been terminated by MTF Kappa-10 following a failed containment breach made by subject. See Incident Report 3XXX-1-F for details and causality reports.

Description: As of the time of this report, SCP-3XXX is a collection of five (5) subjects that are humanoid in structure; ranging from SCP-3XXX-A to SCP-3XXX-E following the standard english alphabet. Each subject possess two (2) arms, two (2) legs, and a head that are in anatomical locations mirroring human anatomy. However, each subject is constructed out of an a dark-colored metal exoskeleton. The arms are thin, with the "hands" resembling a human's but only have four (4) fingers. The head can best be described as a giant cylinder with The center body of each subject has been identified as a singular power source; examination of terminated subject SCP-3XXX-F by Dr. █████ has led to this finding. Dr.█████ has also noted that the metal used to create SCP-3XXX subjects has been identified as an alloy containing element [REDACTED] and element [REDACTED] on the Foundation's expanded Periodic Table. Dr.█████ has determined that the power source works in the following way [DATA EXPUNGED]. Also discovered were certain [REDACTED] devices.

Further analysis is still ongoing. Observations on the current surviving subjects have shown that subjects can communicate with one another over long distances. An interview with SCP-3XXX-A has further proven this hypothesis, though the exact method is currently unknown. Refer to Interview Log 3XXX-1-A for a full transcript of the interview.

SCP-3XXX was discovered on ██/██/20██ by the civilian space agency [REDACTED]. Luckily, Foundation personnel embedded in the agency were able to wipe record logs of the incident and instead started a disinformation campaign to make SCP-3XXX seem like a comet. SCP-3XXX was observed by a satellite entering Earth's atmosphere in some sort of vessel. Foundation Station [REDACTED] tracked the falling object and, upon landfall, alerted Containment Teams to it's location. Upon arrival