Item #: SCP-2946

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-2946 is contained inside of an evenly-measured titanium chamber suspended about 5 feet in the air inside of a concrete room. The chamber is locked by a titanium airlock door, the door being about 6 - 7 centimeters in diameter. SCP-2946 is only to be released with the discretion of a Level-5+, and must be accompanied by at least four (4) security personnel at all times while outside of it's chamber. While being escorted, SCP-2946 is to only be touched using thick leather gloves. Direct contact with SCP-2946 will result in instant disintegration into a black, oily substance
unknown to Foundation scientists. In the case of a breach, all non-combat units are to immediately evacuate to the nearest breach shelter. Any combat units are to be sent in to either terminate or recontain at all costs.

SCP-2946 is a metallic-like humanoid figure measuring about 2.0 meters and weighting around 100 kilograms. It is held at Armed Containment Area-██, located in the ████ █████████, ██████. It has completely black skin, and, despite it's lack of eyes, a mouth, a nose or ears, it expresses astounding sense, being able to hear or smell the presence of someone up to 0.3 kilometers away while inside of it's chamber. SCP-2946 also exhibits incredible strength and speed. As of June ██, 20██, SCP-2946 has alone caused the deaths of over 150 personnel during 19 breaches.