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Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: All attempts to contain any instances of SCP-THETIS or SCP-THETIS-2 have been unsuccessful. We will not look at the moon whenever it is visible in the sky. All commercial, private, and government-owned optical and radio telescopes will be utilized to monitor the movements of SCP-THETIS-2 instances. Government funding of non-essential fields, such as marine biology, will be transferred over to Project Summer's End. All weapons of mass destruction will be made available for the execution of Project Summer's End. Preparations will be made for mass migration in the event that Project Summer's End fails. Our primary focus as a species will be the success of Project Summer's End.

Description: SCP-THETIS consists of numerous artificial structures on the surface of our moon. We do not know the exact shape or size of any SCP-THETIS instances, nor do we know what materials they are made out of or why they are being constructed. This is because visual information of SCP-THETIS possesses a potent cognitohazard that induces seizures. Victims who survive the initial seizures cease to express sapience. They become unable to comprehend language and only move to obtain sustenance or enable smooth bowel movements. Otherwise, victims are sedentary, quiet, and mostly unresponsive. Roughly four million of us have fallen victim to this anomaly.

This cognitohazard is also present recorded images of SCP-THETIS, but does not extend to observation of our moon itself or any other celestial bodies. However, SCP-THETIS instances currently cover at least 10% of the moon's surface that is visible from our Earth, which means that any of us who look at our moon with our naked eyes risk exposure to SCP-THETIS's anomalous properties.

SCP-THETIS-2 refers to unidentifiable humanoid entities on the lunar surface. They are always clad in full-body suits covered in a reflective black material, which is distinctly different from modern space equipment. SCP-THETIS-2 instances are indistinguishable from one another and have been observed traveling in numbers as high as 2013 at any given time. They are not affected by SCP-THETIS's anomalous properties and become unobservable upon entering SCP-THETIS instances. SCP-THETIS-2 instances have been observed via telescope transporting the following items between instances of SCP-THETIS:

- A Craftsman 40 oz. Blacksmith Hammer
- A plethora of calcium carbonate PVC pipes
- Three Chocolate Chip Clif Bars
- An instance of [[SCP-2348|SCP-2348]]
- Eleven instances of [[SCP-1167|SCP-1167]]
- [[SCP-1995|SCP-1995]]

We discovered these anomalies at 10:34:56 AM EST on April 10th, 2033. We have lost 47 reconnaissance spacecraft, 12 war machines, and 84,000+ probes during attempts to capture instances of SCP-THETIS and SCP-THETIS-2. All of our attempts to destroy instances of SCP-THETIS and SCP-THETIS-2 have failed. Tentative experimentation with all relevant catalogued SCPs for the sake of discovering more about SCP-THETIS has been authorized.

Dear O5-3,
I'm sure that you are aware that I have exposed hundreds of H-Class entities to [[SCP-023|SCP-023]] and do not have much to show for it, since the ones that actually cooperated now all suffer from the symptoms of exposure to SCP-THETIS. I understand that this is why there is a consensus among our people that using up any more of our limited supply of pigs. However, the very last pig choked out a few words before he became unable to talk:
"Our savior is coming"
I know that it is a stretch to believe that there are any H-Class entities hiding from us outside of the bounds of our Earth, especially after your campaign through North America that decimated their chances of launching any spacecraft. However, due to the presence of missing skips on the moon and timing of SCP-THETIS's appearance, I think that both you and I know what they are.
It's them.
I request to be put in charge of the execution of the final stage of Project Summer's End.
Dr. Raze

At 05:16:36 PM EST on May 23rd, 2033, a text-based transmission was received by Dr. Raze from an unknown source: