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Item#: SCP-1111

Object Class: Safe

Special Contaminant Procedures:
Due to SCP-1111s isolate location a no fly zone of 24 kilometers (15 miles) has been established, as well as a black zone on any satellite images of the area SCP-1111 is located. A research team lead by Dr. Matthew, is to be station here on a bi-weekly bases, a security team is to be stationed here permanently.

SCP-1111 is a subterranean bunker-like facility located in Antarctica, with the name "Eden" printed on a 10 foot thick steel blast door that leads to a elevator. the facility extends 88 kilometers (55 miles) below the ice and is comprised of 5 chambers.

A main hallway leads to five total chambers; the first is a water purification room; the second is a massive dome shaped greenery 40 kilometers (24 miles) high and 32 kilometers (20 miles) long, with artificial lighting, all plants in this room as well as the vegetables and fruits are not currently known and have not been found anywhere else in the world save for several apple trees.

the third room consists of a library filled with a total of 1,245 books, one book in particular is filled with SCP like creatures and a short description, the book appears to have been made in the 16th century, the book is still being study on site however multiple creatures have been identified as contained SCPs most commonly keter class enities however most enities in the book remain unidentified, the fourth is a crew quarters of sorts it has two compartments a mess hall the food for which is gathered from Room 2, and a sleeping quarters with bunk beds for up to 15 people.

The fifth and final room appears to be the main power source. however the power seems to come from two cryogenically frozen humanoids (now referred to as SCP-1111-1 and SCP-1111-2) SCP-1111-1 is a human male while SCP-1111-2 is a human female, how the power comes from these two is unknown. A count down timer is also in the room the numbers "██ Years █ Months ███ Days ██ Hours ██ Minutes ██ Till Eden Is Active" as of this writing, there is a door in the back of the room as well that has the words "FORBIDDEN" on it, all attempts to open this door have failed do to a vine like wiring that all attempts to destroy or remove the vines have failed, any attempts to drill or blast the door has been denied by Dr. Matthew, any X-Rays taking on the room have also failed due to unknown circumstance.

Addendum: 1111-1
Research into the origin of SCP-1111 has not found anything how ever upon further inspection a corpse was found in chamber two with a gun and recording device that was in bad condition however a small fragment of audio was pulled from it.

<Begin Audio Play Back>

Man: they… <static> out… <static> doesn't matter anymore I suppose the worlds gone I think I'm the only one left the timer is still going down so I guess its not over ye… <static> I should start from the beginning we found this book had all these monsters in it and then… <static> build this p… <static> didn't matter… <static> door closed on me… <static> we couldn't stop it (crying is then heard and a single gun shot)

<End Audio Play Back>

Addendum: 1111-2

Memo From Dr. Matthew

After studying SCP-1111 I can conclude that its is nothing more then a fallout shelter for SCPs, and if I'm right the count down clock is counted the years and days until… well the end of the world.- Dr. Matthew