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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:If events occur that call into question whether SCP-XXXX has manifested, personnel must do as follows:

  • Confirm or deny the event with any detection methods necessary. As of this report, satellite imaging has proven to be most useful.
  • If it appears that an event has not actually occurred, a small team consisting of no more than three non-essential on-site personnel are to enter the area that is in question.
  • If an event is confirmed1 that SCP-XXXX has manifested, the area is to be quarantined until SCP-XXXX subsides.

Should an instance of SCP-XXXX be proven to have manifested within the Foundation, all foundation personnel are to disable all personal communication and sensory devices. If there are any devices being used to contain or observe SCP objects, they are to be turned off for as long as possible without endangering Foundation personnel. If a Containment Site breach has occurred due to SCP-XXXX, site personnel must preform standard procedures for said breach after the event has subsided.

Should an instance of SCP-XXXX manifests elsewhere, a Task Force is to suppress general panic and violent activities, civilian or military, caused as a result.
In the case of a short-term event (under two hours), surviving civilians and military should be given Class-A Amnestics. In case of an extensive long-term event, Class-E Amnestics are authorized to be used at the Task Force's discretion.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an event of as-of-yet unexplained origin that can manifest at any point and location on Earth. When SCP-XXXX manifests, reality shifts in such a way as to cause unexpected reactions in typically mundane kinetic events2, the effects of which escalate in severity the longer SCP-XXXX is active.

It also appears that SCP-XXXX is affected by subjective observation, wherein any event that a sentient being perceives as a negative outcome will occur, however in varying degrees of severity.Therefore, the more sentient beings that are within SCP-XXXX's range, the more intense it's effects become, due to multiple viewpoints of what constitutes a negative outcome. It is possible that the area SCP-XXXX inhabits adopts a quantum state, allowing for conflicting negative outcomes to be true at the same time.

To observers outside the area of effect, nothing out of the ordinary will happen from their point of view, however cameras and other image-processing devices will record events as they actually occur, provided that they are not within SCP-XXXX's area of effect. Should an outside observer enter into the area of effect, they will become subject to the same effects as anyone who originated within SCP-XXXX's range.
Similarly, if someone from within the area affected by SCP-XXXX is able to exit the range of its effect, they will cease to experience the aforementioned events. Despite Class-D subject's remarks that transitions out of the effective area are "seamless," they express great discomfort when exiting.
Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, very few individuals are actually able to exit.

Non-biological, stationary entities, such as buildings, sustain little natural damage from events taking place within SCP-XXXX area of effect, but moving systems, such as plumbing, motorized vehicles, and electrical equipment will work poorly or not function at all, but will resume normal function after the event has subsided.

The area affected by SCP-XXXX is dome-shaped3, and on average has not exceeded 9.02 kilometers in radius, though larger instances have been recorded. It is unknown if the area SCP-XXXX effects can be less than 10 meters in diameter, as anything smaller would be difficult to detect for certain as an instance.
SCP-XXXX can be in effect at a minimum of about two hours to a maximum of no more than three months. There is no apparent correlation between the area of effect's diameter and the time span for which it is active.