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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

All anomalies entering intake are to be evaluated on the Duke-Dyne scale. Those receiving a score of -10 or less are to be placed in protective custody. If long-term containment is not possible, or if containment breach occurs, GOC Strikeforce 076 "Mod Squad" are to be contacted and a transfer of custody effected.



Articles about superhero-humanoids with weird eyes and 'rage states' that get downvoted to oblivion and deleted from SCiPnet are actually part of a conspiracy.

There is a MTF that hates humanoid SCPs that mouth-off or have lip. They claim there is a 'rage state' to give an excuse to assassinate them. The superpowers are just obnoxious to deal with.

The eyes are either a common feature of reality benders or a side-effect of a chemical that induces an actual rage state.

Duke-Dyne scale:

Score Trait
-2 Constantly glowing eyes
-1 Occasionally glowing eyes
-2 Enters a rage state when provoked
-2 Possesses a signature weapon
-2 Age:20-29 or over 100
-1 Age:13-19 or 30-39
-2 Body contains inorganic elements (such as robotics or stone)
-1 Race: Caucasian
-1 IQ over 140
-1 Self-proclaimed defender of the weak
-2 Defies physical laws such as gravity or energy conservation (-2 per law)
-3 Unusually attractive or seductive
-1 Male