Mathor Sionur
6Hello and welcome on my sandbox

Containment procedures:
scp-XXXX is to be kept in a 10×5×3 room at -20C° and given a fresh dead monkey when the current vessel starts active decay. Scp-XXXX may have a typing machine in order to communicate and two books every week. The books must always be different (see incident XXXX-a).
All personel in the containment zone must keep a hermetic suit on at all times.Corridors outside the containment chamber are made out of polished glass in order to impair the worm's mobility.

Description:SCP-XXXXX is a worm, in the shape of a needle, measuring two(2) centimeters, but is able to stretch up to six(6) centimeters.

SCP-XXXXX is sentient and able to understand multiple languages such as : inuktitut, french, english, spanish and japanese.

While the worm is not of a violent nature, it will enter a killing rage when feeling threatened.
SCP-XXXXX is able to easily burry inside the flesh, and is able to permanently stitch bodyparts together, thus making a temporary vessel

While SCP-XXXXX prefers dead flesh, it has shown the ability to bury in living flesh, but it has to bury slower to keep the victim from noticing (it has also been shown to produce an anasthesic of some sort),once the worm reaches the brain of the living organism, it will be able to control the body, though the vessel will still start to rot.

The worm will, if given the opportunity "upgrade" his vessel by stitching other limbs or apendages on said vessel, any bodypart stitched this way will be connected seamlessly to the current body, as if it was a natural apendage