Matthias Theran

Introductionem Machaera Magna

"He was not a sadistic man. His methods were unconventional at best, and his smirk could be a bit unnerving. I guess you could say he was just quirky, but watching him stand there, still smirking, while D-class were torn apart by the SCP's was not a comfortable endeavor. I think Dr. Theran was gone before I even met him."
- Dr. Angela Lane

Dr. Theran strode down the hall of Site-19 with his morning coffee in hand. He had only been at the Site a month and he already wished to leave. Too many people. It was not that he did not enjoy people, he just preferred a place of less noise and distractions.

He was a rather tall man, not unusually so, but tall enough to see over most of the other researchers. He was in his early thirties and was strong but lean. He had bright blue eyes and wore a constant smirk. The most unusual thing about Dr. Theran was the large sword strapped to his back.

His smile widened as he saw his new research partner coming down the hall to join him, her arms full of paperwork. He liked Angela, she was friendly, intelligent, and professional.

"Morning Dr. Theran"

"Hello Doctor"

"Are you on your way to breakfast?"

"No, back to my office, I already ate."

"Mind if I join you? I was wondering if I could have you take a look at this report."

"Sure thing."

They proceeded down the hall in the direction of his office. They had only been working together a couple days, but overall their research was not fairing well. They had lost a good number of D-class to SCP-058 while conducting research into its intelligence and awareness. Despite their hard work they have found no correlation between SCP-058's speech patterns and its surroundings or the induced conversation. The last test had left Angela a little shaken. Dr. Theran turned to Angela.

"So, what is this report?"

"Oh, just a compilation of conversation records and my inferences of 58's sentience."

"Okay, well here we are."

Dr. Theran opened the door to his office letting Angela enter first. The interior was decorated sparsely. On the wall hung two PhD's, a few pictures of a dig-site, and an "I Want to Believe" poster. On his desk was a European dagger on a display stand. Angela walked over to the dig-site pictures.

"I see you dabbled in some archeology."

"Yeah, it was more of a hobby really but in the end it's why I ended up here."

"If you don't mind me asking is it because of the sword?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Well I've seen a lot of weird things here, even among the other researchers, but I can't think of a reason why a doctor would carry such an archaic weapon everywhere."

"Well you're correct to assume so. I found it on a dig in an ancient German catacomb and it imprinted itself onto me. I can't move more than two meters away from it without vivid visions of my own death. The sword doesn't make me stronger or increase my fighting prowess, all it does is give me nightmares."


"It is damn near indestructible though."

Dr. Theran unstrapped the sword, leaning it against the wall. He took a seat at his desk and offered a chair to Dr. Lane who sat down and handed him the report.

Dr. Theran stood over the rent corpse of the former D-class subject. His sword blade spattered with blood with the tip resting on the ground. His face covered in red specks and his smirk down to a faint twitch in the corner of his mouth. He stood there letting out a long breath.

Angela followed Dr. Theran to their next research project. Their research on SCP-058 had been ended due to the lack of conclusive evidence. Their new assignment was to study the effects and appearance of SCP-287 in regards to the pending object classification change.

They arrived at the testing chamber, on the outskirts of Site-19, after a long walk. They gave their verification to the guard and entered the observation booth. Angela took a seat and started preparing her paperwork while Dr. Theran adjusted the observation equipment. Dr. Theran had begun laying out the necessary special containment equipment when the guard arrived with the test subject.

D-287/12 was a large, muscular man. He was covered in crude tattoos and had intelligence of a rodent. The guard pushed him into the booth. The Guard addressed Dr. Theran.

"Want me to stay in here and watch him? He's a bit of a handful."

"That's okay, as long as he can follow simple instructions, we won't have a problem."

"Alright Sir, I'll be outside the door if you need me."

The Guard excited the booth. Dr. Theran picked up a pair of insulated gloves and a camera attached to a shoulder harness mount. As he talked he opened the door to the testing chamber and D-287/12 followed him in.

"Alright, you will need to wear these gloves at all times and we will attach this camera to monitor the ite-"

"How bout I shove that camera up yo' ass?"

"Item. You should not touch the item at any time this is just a prelim-"

"This is fuckin' stupid."

"Interrupt me one more time and I will have you termi-"

"Fuck you pi-"

D-287/12 did not have time to finish his insult as Dr. Theran had drawn his Greatsword in one swift moment. As quick as he had drawn the sword, he chopped D-287/12 from shoulder to waist. The two halves of his body falling to the ground in a sickening thump. Angela looked up at the sound and stared at the scene in horror. Only after Dr. Theran turned to face her did she scream. The same smirk that she found friendly and ironic before was now twisted and unnerving. As quickly as it was drawn his sword was sheathed. The Guards rushed in at the scream to see the body on the floor. Upon seeing the corpse the Guards drew their sidearms. Dr. Theran addressed them.

"Holster your weapons everything is under control. There was a minor event when we opened the door, one of the specters manifested for some reason. I think the air might have had a faint charge. Get someone to clean this up and check the climate control!"

"Yes sir…"

Angela looked at the Dr. Theran. There was no trace of the wrath in his facade that she had witnessed moments before. He smiled at her and knelt by the body as if to examine the scene.