SCP-3351 “Cyan-Red Arena”
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06/29/2012 SCP-3351 area of effect during the biggest uncontained event.

Item #: SCP-3351

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there are no known ways to successfully contain SCP-3351. Areas affected with SCP-3351 are to be immediately evacuated. Two class-D personnel are to be dispatched to the affected area in order to neutralize SCP-3351 growth.

Description: SCP-3351 is a linear demarcation made of an unknown cyan colored substance. SCP-3351 seems to occur at random areas, although there have been theories to suggest that areas suffering from the most strife between humans have a higher chance of being affected with SCP-3351.

SCP-3351 grows at a steady pace of one meter per minute until two human beings enter SCP-3351 (Which will be referred to as SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2). At this stage, SCP-3351 growth comes to a halt and it modifies it’s coloration to dark-red. Any attempts to enter SCP-3351 will result in mutilation of legs and severe head trauma. Attempts to erase SCP-3351 are futile, even after the growth comes to a halt.

SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 suffer from visible mutations inside SCP-3351. Medical analysis shows growth of muscular mass and hardening of bones and nails. Hearth muscles are also strengthened, resulting in high blood pressure and hyper oxygenation. Chemical analysis also shows increased adrenaline and blood production. SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 begin to experience hallucinations and extreme paranoia, leading to unstoppable aggressive actions. Although suffering from severe mental illness, both SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 are completely conscious of their actions and often shout at each other to stop fighting or apologize for any aggressive behavior.

At this stage, SCP-3351 shifts to a blood red color and starts to shrink in size until both SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 are on a distance of 50 meters from each other. While shrinking, if either SCP-3351-1 or SCP-3351-2 attempts to escape, both are violently pushed further inside SCP-3351.

Once SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 are on a 50 meters distance from each other, they will start violently attacking each other. SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 both ignore weapons of any kind and will attack each other using nails and bites. A fight lasts around 3-20 minutes and both SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 deal severe injuries that result into death by either blood loss or wound infection. Once one of them die, the remaining will be dubbed the winner and will stop experiencing hallucinations and paranoia.

Retrieval of the winner is not possible, as SCP-3351 will not leave the area until both SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2 are dead. If by any chance, the winner does not take high amounts of damage and survives inside SCP-3351, the winner will remain inside SCP-3351 until eventually dying from starvation or dehydration. Due to increased blood pressure and production, dehydration and starvation will occur at an incredibly fast rate, ranging from 1-2 days after the battle. Attempts to feed the winner are futile, as the winner's metabolism is way too fast for his own digestion system.

After the death of both SCP-3351-1 and SCP-3351-2, SCP-3351 will disappear for an unknown amount of time until reappearing elsewhere.

Known SCP-3351 appearances:

06/03/1998 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Uncontained).

12/06/2001 – Texas, United Estates (Uncontained).

06/29/2012 – [REDACTED] (Biggest uncontained appearance).

12/12/2013 – Pyongyang, North Korea (Special containment procedures enforced).

01/01/2016 – Tokyo, Japan (Special containment procedures enforced).

[REDACTED] – [REDACTED] (Uncontained).

Interviewed: D-7715-K.

Interviewer: Dr. Razeroth.

Foreword: Dr. Razeroth interviews a D-Class personnel winner inside SCP-3351 during the 01/01/2016 appearance.

<Begin Log, 10:59>

Dr. Razeroth: D-7715?

D-7715-K: Huh, please doctor, call me Frank.

Dr. Razeroth: Frank it is then… You seem to be able to speak just fine.

D-7715-K: It seems so…

Dr. Razeroth: Were you conscious during your fight?

D-7715-K: Couldn't you hear me screaming at Billy to not attack me? Yes, I was conscious, I saw what I did, it reminded me of old times when I-

Dr. Razeroth: Let's stay on topic, Frank. Why did you attack D-8900-O so viciously?

D-7715-K: Because he attacked me… It was on self defense, but who is going to believe that? Just like old times…

<End Log, 11:01>

Closing Statement: Subject was uncooperative during the rest of the interview and would not answer any more questions. D-7715-K died of dehydration 10 minutes after the interview.