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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid , Keter see Test █ and Test 1█


SCP-XXXX before its containment.[This is a image from]

Special Containment Procedures:

To fully contain SCP-XXXX, it is to be kept in a cell that is atleast 3m high(see behaviourial study █2) at all times which is to be fitted with a faraday cage, walls fitted with lead and no lightsource in the cell and around it in an area of 500m.
There have to be four level 3 Security staff with stun batons and H-20GHz helmets and one D-Class who has to be viewing the camera feed from SCP-XXXX´s cell at all time, the video feed must not be viewed by anyone else.
New security protocol(see Report from Site 1██) Every guard is to undergo a security check for all of their equipment, if any guard forgot any equipment he is to be terminated and replaced immediately.
SCP-XXXX is currently beeing held at Site 1██ with supervision of [DATA REDACTED]Incidents
If there are signs of the D-Class subject harming itself, the D-Class has to be terminated and replaced immediately, and one of the security staff is to inform an level 5 Officer of this.
In rare occasions depending on SCP-XXXX´s mood it can convince D-Class that it is either the thing they crave the most (thereupon the D-Class will try to break SCP-XXXX free) or the thing the D-Class Subject fears the most(thereupon the D-Class will try to destroy SCP-XXXX), in both cases the D-Class subject is to be terminated(and incinerated) and a level 5 Officer is to be informed.

  • Moving
    • If SCP-XXXX has to be moved it is to be transported in a 2m*1m*1m Faraday Cage with four Guards of atleast level 3 clearence each atleast equipped with shock batons, H-20GHz helmets and one level 4 Officer.


  • Appearance
    • SCP-XXXX is a blurred Humanoid Shadow, we are still researching what material it is made out of, if it is made of a material.
  • Containment
    • It was found in [DATA REDACTED] after the police investigated a suicide, the person who called the police told them that ███████ was screaming "COME AND HELP ME" before jumping off the 7th story. Once the SCP-Staff arrived they saw SPC-XXXX standing next to "Take me with you" written on a wall with blood.
  • Anomalies
    • It can vanish when hit with light and reappear anywhere in a distance of 500 metres that has a lightsource(see Test █).
    • It can control living organisms through radio waves and through cameras(See Test 1█)
    • It, depending on its mood, can convince other beeings(that aren´t protected from its Radio-Waves or are watching it on video) to be their deepest fear or what they are currently craving(see Test █2).