Maximus Awesome

SCP 3650 (Death Juice) is a Keter classed sentient being and must be avoided if possible. SCP 3650 looks like a normal plastic cup filled with an orange substance ( usually mistaked as orange juice) that is harmless for the first 24 hours of drinking it. After the first 24 hours the victim becomes SCP 3650-1 and falls into a coma. During the coma the subject seems to hate everything including noises, smells and tastes. Inside the coma is something much worse. Afterwards the subjects (REDACTED)

-Subject 3- It was hell man, everything was horrible. There was blood everywhere. It was like an alternate reality where everyone was dead except for one thing, it was pure evil. OH GOD… THERE HE IS! RUN AHAHA AHAHAHA. (REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED)

After test subjects wake up they explain how "he is everywhere" and they go insane. The SCP foundation has yet to find any traces of any other life form other than the doctors but there is heat coming from places around the victim. We have given it to other SCPs ( 682, 106 etc) and they seem to have the same effect. But since they are contained in cells, they cannot (REDACTED). The substance has yet to wear off. We are not even close to finishing it off.