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Proposition for Battle Plan: Join or Die

Addressed: 05 Council

Author: Naval Officer Adrian K███


Possibly two billion people reside near the Bay of Bengal. Any threat to this number of people should be of the foundation's utmost priority. Such a threat does exist, Anantashesha, SCP 3000.

This creature is capable of massive propulsion and force, according to my contracted biologist1.
We will never know when this eel will take off and ravage the villages, tenements and ships that lay before it. Our window of time is unknown; we must act rapidly.

I was stationed in the Bay five years into my national service and was promoted to Chief Admiral of the ██████ fleet for which I bled. When I was recruited to the foundation a decade ago, my purpose was to monitor the area for anomalies. The Foundation censored the book I wrote at sea long ago2. Go and see in the files for yourself. It is hundreds of pages on the coasts East of India. Nobody in the Foundation is better set to handle this situation.

With the resources provided, I have completed my project and now present my battle plan to neutralize SCP 3000 using minimal resources and with minimal risk.


Three teams will need to be designated.

  • Pall Bearer- Local forces assigned to distract
  • En Garde- SCPF forces assigned to contain
  • Misericorde- My flagship assigned to destroy

The Foundation has gathered much intelligence on piracy in the area. These documents will be declassified and distributed to the governments comprising Pall Bearer. Pall Bearer will attack the pirate dens in shock and awe. From my experience with these "sea people", Pall Bearer will undoubtedly succeed.

As Pall Bearer distracts the civilians and provides cover noise, En Garde will give SCP 3000's last location and patrol the outer boundary of the Ganges Fan to intercept the eel should it try to flee.

Misericorde3 can then head towards the target and initiate a barrage of NNEMP(Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) armaments. These armaments send an induction pulse which alters brain activity. Such a pulse is commonly used in Trans-cranial Magnetic Therapy. The target metabolizes electrons in the neural tissue of its victims. Such arms are predicted to interfere both with the serpent's cognitohazardous ability and its natural mental processes.

Misericorde can then send barrages of mixed NNEMP and conventional fire. This yield should heavily damage, if not sever the target.

Current Status: Rejected