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Object Class: Euclid


Entrance To SCP-XXXX

Special Containment Procedures: The area of SCP-XXXX is to be surrounded on each side by electrified fence for 2 kilometers under the guise of a wildlife preserve. Armed guards will protect the gates and monitoring equipment is kept in 3 trucks and 4 vans painted to resemble U.S National Park Service vehicles. During Goghmann-Alpha events, construction vehicles under the front corporation "Seymours Construction Products" will move to all roads, blocking the entrance and viewing of said events. Personnel entering the cave must wear ballistic armor and hazmat suits, along with a secure backpack containing: Jeans and a t-shirt, water, camcorder, and about 10 days worth of food rations. If any personnel are within the cave during Goghmann-Alpha events, suits will inject [REDACTED] directly into the bloodstream.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a cave located in the eastern Great Plains of the United States that emits a unique form of radiation, named after Dr. Goghmann. The radiation emitted seems to be similar to gamma radiation, and its source cannot be found. Goghmann radiation emits from SCP-XXXX during 12:00-21:00 Mountain Time Zone, and creates a spatial anomaly 10 meters into the cave system. The anomaly is relatively unnoticeable in most cases. When subjects pass through this anomaly, all forms of contact are lost. After the anomaly dematerializes subjects appear spontaneously, submerged slightly in SCP-XXXX's shallow pond. Currently it is believed that the anomaly in SCP-XXXX leads to an alternate reality, varying on how much radiation is emitted. Dr. Goghmann developed an equation regarding this, measuring how far from baseline reality this anomaly leads at any given time.



DATE: 04/07/2007
SUBJECT CONDITION: D-9293 was found sleeping in SCP-XXXX's pond. Subject awoken And Interviewed
REALITY DESCRIPTION: D-9293 Materialized in a small run down shed near a highway. Subject walked for 30 minutes before reaching a small town identified to be ██████, Ohio. Subject proceeded to the local library and observed a globe in the main hall. In this timeline the Russian Federation is known as the "Russian Empire", and another independent country is to the east called "Independent Siberia." D-9293 re-materialized in baseline reality after shortly after this, so no further research could be conducted.
DATE: 05/16/2009
SUBJECT CONDITION: D-1098 appeared in SCP-XXXX's pond sleeping. Subject awoken and interviewed.
REALITY DESCRIPTION: D-1098 appeared in the bathroom of an office building. After changing they left the building, walking down the street. After walking for aprox. 15 minutes D-1098 asked a civilian for directions to a library. Individual replied in what was described as French, waving his hands in-front of him. Subject continued until they found what resembled a city hall. A french tricolor flag with a coat of arms flew above the building. A statue of an unknown individual stood on top of a marble slab inscribed with a plaque reading "Colombie-Française1" No further research conducted as subject shorty re-materialized in baseline reality after observing the statue.

DATE: 09/11/2011
SUBJECT CONDITION: D-6643 materialized in SCP-XXXX's pond with severe lacerations on legs and a branding mark on the face. Subject crawled out of SCP-XXXX into custody of foundation agents and started weeping. Subject interviewed.
REALITY DESCRIPTION: D-6643 appeared in a grassy field and walked for about 15 minutes before finding two bipedal humanoids with cybernetic enhancements. After approaching the beings, D-6643 was subdued and thrown into a cage containing other naked humans. Subject had its legs broken and branded shortly afterwards. D-6643 noted they could see strangely shaped dark towers in the distance, going far above the clouds. Later into the night D-6643 was picked up by the neck and thrown face down onto a metal table. Subject re-materialized in baseline reality immediately after this.

Request to give loaded handgun to entering D-Class granted by 05 council.

DATE: 01/07/2013
SUBJECT CONDITION: D-1967 was found with a gunshot wound in the head, along with one missing bullet from the pistol magazine. Presumed suicide.
REALITY DESCRIPTION: No description possible.

Revoked using loaded handgun in experiments involving D-Class by 05 council

DATE: 02/18/2014
SUBJECT CONDITION: No agents recovered, a small recording device was found floating in SCP-XXX's pond. Device repaired and reviewed