The Shadowless Wolf (By Mc dog flavour)
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Item #: SCP-██████

Object Class: Euclid Keter / Thaumial

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-██████ is held in a 20 metre by 20 metre by 10 metre Reinforced titanium walls 2 metres thick and is located 25 metres under ground in site ██, SCP-██████'s claws are to be collected on a weekly basis and used for bullets. If SCP-██████ is to escape containment any on-site MTF or NTF units are to mainly prioritise the re-containment of SCP-██████ than any other SCPs1. Due to the nature of SCP-██████, no MTF guards are to survey the chamber with in 20 metres at all times.
30 Kilograms of meat2 are to be given to SCP-██████ every 4 hours3. if SCP-██████ refuses to eat4, it will be heavily sedated and force fed all 30 kilograms of meat.


SCP-██████ is a quadruped black wolf, 2 metres (6.5 feet) long and weighs 75 Kilograms (165.3 pounds). SCP-██████ is capable of speaking all 6,500 human languages5 but prefers not speak. SCP-██████'s bite force is 4060 pounds per square inch. SCP-██████ does not defecate nor urinate. Upon anything living enters a 15 metre radius of SCP-████ it will show maniacal desire to kill the object. A noticeable detail of SCP-██████ is it's lack of a shadow. SCP-██████ claws detach 6 times a day from the paws, the claws are naturally hollow and look like a bullet, the claws become extremely malleable in heat.
See Addendum File 3986 Bullets for how to manufacture 3986 Combustion Bullets

If SCP-██████ does not consume a sufficient enough amount of meat6 within the next 6 hours it will enter a 'Demi God' State7

SCP-██████ is now referred to as SCP-Demi-██████.8. SCP-Demi-██████ is a Black Wolf 5 times its regular size (25 metres long). If SCP-██████ is put in a life threatening situation, it will become SCP-Demi-██████ . Pieces of armour are on each shoulder9, a red arrow goes down the end of the tail to the back of the nose. SCP-Demi-██████'s bite force is estimated to be over 406,000,000,00010 PSI. The speed of SCP-Demi-██████ is unknown but is hypothesised to be faster than light. The claws of SCP-Demi-██████ show more similarity to regular black wolf claws than bullets.

The fur of SCP-Demi-SCP-██████ is extremely strong and tough, one example of it's fur is when it 1st escaped:

Dr. ██████:we were hitting it with everything: bullets, grenades and what not-lying around us, it wasn't even showing a scuff nor a bruise, it flinches but that's the only thing that makes [[Swear Word]] sense!
Interviewer: Lower your voice.
Dr. ██████: It then sliced a support beam with its claws on accident and half the tunnel collapsed in on it, and right before SCP-██████ I clearly saw a massive tile of the roof smack corner first into it. We thought it subdued it but we were wrong and it just rose from the rubble and SCP-██████ tore apart a group of Class-D. Well that's all I have to say.
[End Log]

In the third escape of SCP-Demi-██████ a gas pipe explodes on SCP-Demi-██████ it then began to burn away its fur and incapacitated SCP-Demi-██████.
No severe causalities were caused on the breach.

Upon the third escape of SCP-Demi-██████ we discovered a weakness of fire but SCP-██████ shows no weakness against fire.

In the third escape of SCP-Demi-██████ a gas pipe explodes on SCP-Demi-██████ it then began to burn away its fur and incapacitated SCP-Demi-██████.
No severe causalities were caused on the breach.

Upon the third escape of SCP-Demi-██████ we discovered a weakness of fire but SCP-██████ shows no weakness against fire.

Initiating Audio File
Dr ██████: [On Microphone] Hello ██████, we have some questions we need you to ask.
[Dr. ██████ is not with in the 15 metre radius]
SCP-██████ [In Latin] what questions…?
Dr ██████ English please.
SCP-██████: Fine, [Mutters something else in Russian]
Dr ██████: Right where have you originated from?
SCP-██████: I have come from a Universal class event, that is all I will tell you.
Dr ██████: The Big Bang?
SCP-██████: Yes….
Dr ██████: so your Billions of years old?
SCP-██████: Yes…. I'm a Shackled god, I can be killed, but it takes time.
Dr ██████: Fire can kill you, we discovered it when you escaped the 3rd time.
SCP-██████: Fire is the light of the universe, the bane of darkness, I am darkness, that is why. Fire doesn't hurt me in this form because it isn't as volatile and flammable in fact it boosts me, so really there's no point in putting flamethrowers in my containment chamber.
Dr ██████: [Writes down on notes] Is there any other like you?
SCP-██████: Yes, they look different but we are the same.
Dr ██████: What would happen if you would all be together?
SCP-██████: It would create an explosion, incomprehensible to man and the God of Malice will be whole again.
Dr ██████:God of Malice? what is the name of this "God of Malice"
SCP-██████:[Speaks name of the God in unknown language]
[SCP-██████ moves towards Dr ██████ and enters the 15 metre zone]
Dr ██████: Could you use Engli-
[SCP-██████ Roars and breaks the audio scanner]
Dr ██████: You there SCP-██████?
[No answer]
Dr ██████: We got less information than I thought we would get, but its better than nothing. End file please.
[End Audio File]
Audio File Date ██/█/████

With the events of the interview of ██/█/████, further interviewers with SCP-██████ are to be located 20 metres away from the containment cell and all interviews in general are to only be carried out if 7 or more of 05 council vote on it.

Addendum File: 3986 Bullets

  1. Sedate SCP-██████
  2. Collect claws
  3. Bring claws to smelter
  4. Pound claws to form any type bullets11
  5. Fill with gun powder
  6. Leave to harden
  7. Send to ware house
  8. Put in boxes12 of 500 each
  9. 12 shots from a .50 Caliber sniper using 3986 Combustion Bullets can shatter 2 feat of Aggregated diamond Nano rod.

Termination Record

Addendum Log: A-26

Experiment: 50 Saw Blades are put into SCP-Demi-██████'s cell

  • Several saw blades are launch against containment chamber
  • After gas was thrown into SCP-Demi-██████'s cell, close analysis shows that SCP-Demi-██████'s fur shows no damage at all.


  • Experiment chamber received massive damage
  • Several pieces of equipment were heavily damaged
  • Gas wasted

Evaluation: After the experiment, I have hypothesised that 50 saw blades are not enough, maybe 51 saw blades? -Director of experiment Dr. ██████

Addendum Log: B-24-1/B-24-2/B-24-3

Experiment: 3, 1G rounds, 1 made out of uranium, 1 made out of plutonium and 1 made out of neptunium are to be shot at SCP-Demi-██████.

Result 1: Uranium round crumpled on contact with fur, immediately experiment chamber flipped on its side for 1 second before going back to normal.
Result 2: Plutonium round crumpled on contact with fur, immediately experiment chamber atmosphere dissipated for 1 second before going back to normal.
Result 3: Neptunium round crumpled on contact with fur, immediately experiment chamber filled with water similar to Neptune's water for 1 second13 .
Consequences: $4000.15 wasted
Evaluation: No uranium, plutonium or neptunium is to be within 500 metres off SCP-██████ as when in contact, the round does something that has properties to its corresponding planet.
Addendum Log: C-26/C-27

Experiment: SCP-██████ is put in a 2 metre2 by 10 metre chamber, chamber does not have a roof.
2 5 meter titanium rods14 dropped at 2000 KM above sea level

Result 1: Regular rod reaches 1 KM above sea level, SCP-██████ senses rod and becomes SCP-Demi-██████, rod is crushed against fur.
Result 2: Thermite rod reaches 1 KM above sea level, SCP-██████ senses thermite rod and becomes SCP-Demi-██████, except it has only grown to the size of SCP-Demi-██████. Thermite rod is crushed against fur, thermite explosion follows after, SCP-Demi-██████ receives severe damage but is immune to fire.

Consequences: Titanium wasted + Thermite is destroyed
Evaluation: A new 'Form' is discovered, so far it can only access it when fire and a life threatening situation preccense.

Addendum: D-12

Experiment: SCP-██████ is put 50 KM away from site-██, 1 megaton bomb is dropped on SCP-██████.
Result: SCP-██████ senses bomb, does nothing for 4 seconds15 , SCP-██████ becomes SCP-Demi-██████.
Bomb explodes: after smoke disappears. cameras show that SCP-Demi-██████ is incapacitated by fire but other than that, shows no damage.
Consequences: 1 Megaton bomb is wasted + Help cause global warming
Evaluation: Bombs should not be used on SCP-Demi-██████ as not even all the bombs in the world could kill it and all that smoke will result in global warming.

Addendum: E-11

Experiment: 100 terawatt laser is fired at SCP-Demi-██████.
Results: SCp-Demi-██████'s fur absorbed the laser for approximately 57 seconds before igniting and incapacitating SCP-DEmi-██████.
Consequences: Money wasted on powering laser
Evaluation: Lasers should not be used SCP-Demi-██████ as it will waste all of site-██'s funds.

Addendum: F-6

Experiment: 100 ton iron cube are to be dropped on SCP-Demi-██████
Results: SCP-Demi-██████ shows no movement for approximately 76 hours, then
begins to move entire 100 ton iron cube on their back. After 84 hours, SCP-Demi-██████ manages to escape.
Consequences: $9,261 or £6,718.60 used on iron
Evaluation: To put it straight, why did we even put 100 tonnes off iron on it, it can survive a 1 megaton explosion

Added notes - 05 council Dr. ██████]]
I've heard some researchers talk about why SCP-██████ is a Keter and to those researchers if SCP-██████ is to escape and find the other parts of this "God Of Malice" is the reason why its a Keter, we can't underestimate even the most adorable things in the foundations custody, if the public is exposed to a SCP, who knows what the carnage and corruption would be, so to those researchers don't think about this SCP currently and think about its possibility, simply this SCP is a Demigod so its already at Keter class and then its apart of a 'God' which puts it well up at the top of the most dangerous SCPs. I don't want to here about this any more.

Currently SCP-██████ has escaped and is heading to Europe.