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Main hall/storage room of SCP- before containment

Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedures: Three trained, and armed Security personnel are to be placed in the shed by the garage of SCP- that is dubbed Outpost 77. Any civilians approaching SCP- will be intercepted by on-site personnel. Civilians under no circumstances shall enter SCP- at anytime.

Description: SCP- is a Barn located ██████, Idaho. SCP- is easily contained for it is a inanimate object. SCP- was brought to the attention to the foundation when the new owners were assaulted by a dark figure with a metal bat. An undercover agent in the local police force alerted the agency when they found no evidence except for the wounds on the victim1.

The straw/hay within stall #1 in the main entrance of SCP- is found to be normal, except for the fact that removed hay will be replaced by unknown means. Upon discovery of SCP- instances of SCP-1 were found. SCP-1 are dark, and agile humanoid creatures considered to be paranormal entities. SCP-1 will assault any living being disturbing SCP-. SCP-1 will attack usually by picking up a blunt object in it's immediate surroundings and proceed to assault the victim. Object class assigned to this object will be safe due to the fact that all attacks are preventable.

Containment update 4/25/████: All instances of SCP-2 should be contained in a restricted area of Bio site ██, no personnel are allowed into the area of SCP-2 for an attack and death is inevitable when moved. SCP-1 should not be attacked or provoked in anyway when appears for it will cause further casualties.

Addendum (SCP number).1

The straw found in one of the storage stalls of SCP- is completely normal except for the anomalous property that follows. When an instance of the straw of SCP- is moved or damaged, an instance of SCP-1 will appear and will attack the organism that caused the movement/damage until it is deceased2. Any object that leaves SCP- excluding outside equipment will now be marked as SCP-2, and is to be contained at bio site ██. If any instance of SCP-1 that is seen outside of SCP-, any available MTF will arrive at the seen and administer a Class-b amnestic to any witness3.

Addendum (SCP number).2

An incident in Bio site ██ cause the deaths of Dr.██████, and 5 Security personnel. Incident records indicate that an instance of SCP-2 was not properly marked and was moved by Dr.██████ which resulted in a attack by a SCP-1. On site security arrived and opened fire at SCP-1 with no bullets damaging it. SCP-1 became enraged and attacked the 5 members who responded. SCP-1 picked up SCP-2 and vanished. Class change of SCP- to Keter is requested. request is denied for the incident was caused by a mishap that could be avoided.

Addendum (SCP number).2

When Dr.█████ went AWOL he took an instance of SCP-2 along with various substances from Bio site ██. he entered a nearby small town named ████████.4 Then proceeded to drop the all the objects that he brought from Bio site ██, and then rambled about the "Corrupt" nature of the SCP foundation. His speech was cut short when SCP-1 impaled Dr.██████ with a pole. Surrounding civilians attempted to assist Dr.██████ but failed to do so, and became a victim of SCP-1. The incident caused the deaths of ██ Civilians and 1 Foundation Personnel. The entire population was given a Class-b amnestic by a nearby MTF.