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Item #: SCP-X

Special Containment Procedures: Emergency Services are to be monitored for potential manifestations of SCP-X via keyword tracking (Foundation LAI1 program PEREGRINE CALL has been inserted into Emergency Services software and set to flag and cross-reference terms relating to SCP-X (including references to very loud school buses, and child abductions). Upon identification, Foundation disinformation assets are to respond and suppress the details of the incident, and are authorized to utilize Class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-X is a recurring phenomena in the United States of America or Canada, in which an anomalous vehicle, a school bus, will manifest and collect children at a bus stop, whereupon it will de-manifest. The vehicle possesses a number of anomalous features, including an extremely noisy engine, comparable to a small jet aircraft (hearing damage and broken windows have been noted); headlights and a radiator grill that possess partial mobility; the headlights are noted to possess pupils, and the radiator grill is noted to often 'smile;' and finally, on the side of the vehicle, in lieu of the name of a school or bus service, the words, 'Dr. Wondertainment's Magickal Skool Bus' (sic) are written in slightly glowing, cursive text which changes colors in a slow, tidal pattern. None of these traits seem to phase the targeted children at the bus stop, who will board the vehicle as per usual.

Upon de-manifestation, SCP-X will travel to another location, occasionally extradimensional, trans-temporal, pataphysical or extraterrestrial, on the grounds of a 'field trip,' and will be exposed to anomalous phenomena. A young woman, designated SCP-X-A2, will 'educate' the abducted children regarding these phenomena, in a generally nonsensical matter, even considering the subject matter.

The time spent subjectively in this anomalous location varies from two to twenty-eight hours, but the children in question will always be returned to the bus stop they were collected from at the typical time they would have been, had they been collected by a non-anomalous bus and spent the day at school. No injuries have yet occurred, though psychological trauma has been noted.

It is believed from intercepted logs from the anomalous entertainment corporation 'Doctor Wondertainment' that SCP-X was a failed project, shut down partially because of systemic issues and partially because of potential copyright issues with the American educational/entertainment franchise 'The Magic School Bus,' which is owned by the Scholastic Corporation. It is believed that SCP-X was released in its present form by a rogue employee.

On a number of occasions, children have recorded elements of their abduction using cell phone cameras, or were cogent enough to thoroughly recount their experiences. Those sufficiently reconstructed have been recorded below.

Log of Recorded Manifestations

Manifestation #: SCP-X-113
Date: 12/03/2002
Effected Individuals: Sarah Minkowski (age 11); Devin Rubin (age 9); Asa Sachs (Age 7)
Details of SCP-X Travel: Instance was recorded via cellphone camera by the effected individual Sarah Minkowski. Upon boarding, SCP-X-A introduces herself

Cleon: A Subcommittee of Project Argus

The Foundation threat-assessment and classification initiative, code-named Project Argus, was founded after the first Foundation contact with the Serpent's Hand, in 1964. In the subsequent years, Argus went on to identify and classify dozens of Groups of Interest and Persons of Interest, working with dedicated Mobile Task Forces and Intelligence agents to compile information on each anomalous entity or organization.

By the 1980s, however, it had become obvious that the number of anomalies, and therefor groups and persons associated with the anomalous, was far greater than previously estimated. Whole subcultures, hidden communities, industries and international movements were discovered to have links to some form of reality deviation.

Argus, a think-tank composed of less than a hundred members, was grossly inadequate to deal with such a proliferation. Project Argus was subsequently spun into five well-funded subcommittees, each dealing with a particular type of organization.

The Cleon subcommittee, formed in 1989, is a Foundation threat-assessment think-tank that deals with minor political, espionage, paragovernmental and paramilitary GOIs. It has been headed by Director Selena Eddings since 2014, who took over for previous director Derrick Paulson upon his retirement.

The central Cleon committee, which is tasked with not only identifying, assessing and classifying Groups of Interest, but also with coordination with various departments in gathering and analyzing information regarding those groups, and subsequently generating long- and short-term plans of action. It is supported by a large body of specialist personnel, including interdepartmental liaisons, agents assigned to particular groups, psychological profilers, and forensic accountants.

Cleon works closely with the Foundation Intelligence Department (SCP-ID) and Counter-Intelligence Department (SCP-CID), and Diplomatic Department (SCP-DD) as well as Mobile Task Forces Delta-5 (The Front-Runners), Iota-10 (Damn Feds) and XI-3 (Body Snatchers). It typically recruits individuals with experience as political or legal analysts.

Since its conception, Subcommittee Cleon has identified, assessed and classified over 150 anomalous groups.

Cleon Committee
Director Selena Eddings, PhD, LL.M, KF-4: Chairwoman
Assistant Director Li Wei, M.P.S, KF-3
Doctor Martin Burroughs, J.D., KC-3
Researcher Suzanne Albrecht, BPAPM, KC-3
Researcher Bartholomew Pazzi, M.A., KC-3

Specialist Personnel
Special Agent Hunter Flannigan, OI-3, Head of Security
Jane Cervid, OF-3, Liaison to the Overseer's Council
Special Agent Heinrich Schulz, OC-2, Liaison to Intelligence Department
Special Agent Rachel Weiss, OC-2, Liaison to Counter-Intelligence Department
Special Agent Donald Deaucheval, OC-2, Liaison to MTF Command
Special Agent Ronald Koontz, KC-2, Liaison to Diplomacy Department
Doctor Mohammed Ahmad, MD, PsyD, OF-2, Forensic Psychologist
Henry Wolfe, M.Acct., M.S.C.J., IF-2, Forensic Accountant
Researcher Kyle Nelson, M.L.I.S, KC-2, Head Clerk

Personnel Name: Martin Alexander Inselmann
Employee Number: 12632
Personnel Clearance: SC-2/Euclid, Sapient
Born: Kingston, Ontario; 08/06/1990

Personnel Partial Biography: Researcher Inselmann was recruited in June of 2015, at the age of 24, shortly after graduating with his ME in Pharmacological Chemistry from the University of [REDACTED]. Eight months after his hiring, he was accidentally exposed to an aerosolized Class-D amnestic due to equipment failure. This exposure was sufficient to cause an overdose, resulting in permanent, complete retrograde amnesia. Due to the circumstances of his injury, it was decided that he would be treated in-house, and cover story C-12 ("Death by Industrial Accident") was disseminated to his family. Inselmann has adapted well to life on-site, and has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Xenolinguistics and re-certified as a Foundation researcher, attaining a promotion to Level Two in mid-2016.