MelonGod - SCP-2032 (Infinite Fuel Brick)
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Item #: SCP-2032

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2032 is to be stored in standard fireproof storage locker. Requests for testing should be filled out for Dr. Stills. In the case of the death or absence of Dr. Stills, all testing will be handed off to the first unassigned Level 2 researcher.

Description: SCP-2032 is a heavy, creme colored brick measuring 0.8m by 0.4m by 0.2m. SCP-2032 is flat on all sides, save for small marks indicating where it has been lit.

SCP-2032 is unremarkable until ignited, in which case it then burns, but only on the spot where the flame began. The flames will not engulf the entire brick unless an outside force is used to ignite it. The flames generated by SCP-2031 do not burn very intensely, however, only around 255 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature appears to increase infinitely, with the highest recorded temperature at 5824.89 degrees Celsius after being left alight for 27 days, 3 hours and 14 minutes.

The flames produced are a deep purple at the base, becoming a bright green near the tip and finally blue at the very top. Any attempts to put out the flames fail, outside of smothering. Although the brick was manufactured by Dr. Stills, all notes regarding it's chemical composition were lost during his escape from Germany.

The flames can be transferred to other flammable materials, so long as they come in direct, prolonged contact with the flame. Oddly, the fire will not actually burn the entire object, but only the spot where the flames touched, wherein the flame will extinguish itself shortly. This does not, however, apply to flammable liquids such as gasoline or kerosene,
both of which burn normally.

Any chunks broken off off the block burn indefinitely as well, but do not raise in temperature after breaking off. Chunks broken off can be extinguished and used separately from the main brick.Any piece broken off of the main block is then seemingly regrown by the block. Measurements of the block show a steady rate of growth during this process, and always regrow to a weight of 6.71 kg. Growth rate varies on how much is regrown, consistently forming at 0.4 kg/h.

The Foundation is currently looking into practical uses of SCP-2032 in and around various Foundation facilities. Planned uses are as follows: Substitute for natural gases in mess halls and hot water heaters and as a replacement for matches and lighters in field kits. Any practical idea for the use of SCP-2032 is welcome to be submitted to Dr. Stills and Level 2 research personnel.

SCP-2032 was obtained by foundation personnel when field agent K█████ was approached by an elderly man while walking through the streets of New York City on a day off work on 10/18/2011. The man claimed that "the government was after him" and that "he knew about (REDACTED)". While K█████ denied everything he was saying, the man insisted that he knew about The Foundation and it's purpose. He then handed agent K█████ a briefcase, telling him to "make sure not to shake it" as his "life's work" was inside. While agent K█████ insisted he not take the case, the man pleaded that he take him and the case to a safe house.

Agent K█████ proceeded to bring him to Safe House-267, so long as he agreed to confinement and possible administration of anesthetics. After reaching the safe house, the man revealed himself to be German engineer Hanz Stills, born 08/02/48. Agent proceeded with standard questioning procedure without incident. Full interrogation log can be found
at end of article.

Agent opened the briefcase with assistance from Dr. Stills upon returning to Foundation headquarters. The case contained SCP-2032 itself, as well as a written set of precautions.

Document-2032-1: The following was written on a paper slip contained within the briefcase.

Dieser Block PRODUZIERT eine Flamme, die NICHT AUS DIE MACHT
NICHT VORSTELLEN BLOCK, um eine Umgebung mit brennbaren Gas oder Flüssigkeit
Üben Sie keinen keine Kraft auf den Block, kann dies zu SELBSTENTZÜNDLICHE

This block PRODUCES a flame which does NOT BURN OUT
DO NOT INTRODUCE BLOCK to an environment where flammable gas or liquid is present
Do not exert any force on the block, this can lead to SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION

Document-2032-2: The following was written on a separate sheet of paper contained in the case.

1. Einführung eine Flamme an dem Angebot von Block, die Schaffung größerer Flammen durch Bewegen der Wärmequelle um den Block BEDARF
2. Verwenden Flamme auf Block, um Wasser oder Nahrung zu erhitzen
3. ERSTICKEN flammfeste Materialien MIT FEUER ZU LÖSCHEN



Agent K: Dr. Stills, can you please tell me why so many people are after you?
Dr. S: I told you on the way here, it's what's inside that case!
Agent K: And what's inside the case, exactly?
Dr. S: I can't say until you get me back to somewhere guarded, it's to risky, even at a safe house.
Agent K: Okay, the case can wait then. Can you think of any specific political figures or organizations that would be after you?
Dr. S: I know for sure the CIA, MI6, BND, DRM and the INIS.
Agent K: That's quite a list of powerful organizations, Doctor, is your work a tool of destruction or control?
Dr. S: No, it's a tool of hope! I way to end the energy crisis once and for all! That's why they all want it!
Agent K: I can see why these agencies would desire it then. How long have you been perused?
Dr. S: For the last 8 years now.
Agent K: And how did you find out about The Foundation, exactly?
Dr. S: When I still worked for [REDACTED] we met a few of your personnel, and I kept a few contacts in case of this very situation.
Agent K: So why are you only now coming out of hiding to us?
Dr. S: I've only now been able to get a chance to find one of you in the open without having to risk getting captured!
Agent K: Understandable. Now then, can you please provide the combinations for the case?
Dr. S: On one condition: You must take me back to your headquarters, and allow me to continue to perfect my creation!
Agent K: I'll call my superiors and see what can be done about that.