Item #: SCP-????


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??? is to be kept in its research cell B-11 in Site ████ and secured by at least two (2) Level 2 security guards outside the research cell. Research cell B-11 consists of metal framing with radiation-shielded fabric. SCP-???? is under camera surveillance at all times. Research cell B-11 can only be entered by valid researchers and security guards of Level 2 or higher. Before and after entering or exiting the research cell, radiation tests need to be made on involved persons. Entry into SCP-????'s research cell is forbidden without a radiation-shielded hazmat suit.

Description: SCP-???? is an abandoned mobile fries shop, measuring 4,2 m in length, 2 m in width and 3,26 m in height. It consists of four (4) steel walls, a steel roof, a steel floor, four (4) 10” wheels with steel rims and a steel towbar. The shop had a light gray paint job with blue and black letters, but lost around 10% of it due to prior vandalism and age.

SCP-???? appears to be filled with around 5 m³ of an unknown, brownish oily liquid. Tests of the liquid resulted that it consists mostly of outdated frying oil, radioactive particles from uranium and neptunium and spores of cantharellus mushrooms, agaricus mushrooms and thirteen (13) kinds of spices. The liquid has a constant and fixed temperature of 150°C, even when heated or cooled by an external source.

SCP-???? was first noticed on a small square in the middle of the abandoned village of ███████, Belgium by an SCP-member on March 20th, 19██. The SCP-member, named ███ Van Steen, made an audiolog after warning local SCP-authorities. According to the audiolog, he felt nauseous, tired and tended to come closer to SCP-????. ███ Van Steen died four (4) hours later. SCP-coroner █████ ██████ found out that ███ Van Steen passed away due to radiation poisoning.

SCP-???? has a tendency to 'spit' out various objects at random times in an irregular pattern. These objects vary in size, form and composition. Upon appearance, these objects 'fly' out of the liquid and mostly land approximately 1 m in front of SCP-????. Every object that appears to be 'spit' out by SCP-???? must be reported to a Level 2 security guard on duty for further containment. In various tests, these objects did not show any form of strange behavior, except for the fact that most forms of biological matter were not alive and were covered in 3rd degree burning marks. See addenda B-11.1, B-11.2 and B-11.3 for further information.

Addendum B-11.1: Appeared objects
- A blue bicycle for children (wheel size: 12")
- Three (3) albino rats (dead, covered in 3rd degree burning marks)
- A chunck of an unknown metal (referred to as SCP-????-1)
- Two (2) severed human heads (covered in 3rd degree burning marks)
- One (1) severed human leg (right leg, covered in 3rd degree burning marks)
- Four (4) copper pipes
- One (1) chimp (dead, covered in 3rd degree burning marks)
- Three (3) lead pipes with valves
- One (1) white cat (alive, covered in 3rd degree burning marks)
- One (1) VHS tape (referred to as SCP-????-2)

Addendum B-11.2: [ACCESS DENIED]

Addendum B-11.3: VHS tape
SCP-????-2, found near SCP-???? on May 22th, 20██, appears to be an old VHS tape. When played, there is no image available. Instead, a high pitched scream can be heard lasting several minutes, that ultimately turns into two (2) hours of sobbing. It appears to be [DATA EXPUNGED].