Mercury Draft

Item #: 3149

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3147 is to be contained in a 10x10 bullet-proof glass casing with a laser detection system installed around the glass. Only level 4+ personnel are allowed to interact with SCP-3147 at any given time. During the event of a facility-wide power outage, backup generators are to be booted up inside SCP-3147's containment room. SCP-3147 is currently contained at Site-███.

Description: SCP-3147 is an IBM personal typewriter. SCP-3147 can grant any wish, however, all wishes must be typed in, "I wish" statements. Due to this anomalous effect SCP-3147 is to be under surveillance at all times. Any non-authorized attempts at making wishes with SCP-3147 are to result in quick termination. It is currently unknown where the typewriter gets its ink from, and why it does not show up in pictures.


SCP Recovery: SCP-3147 was found by the foundation in the small town of [REDACTED], [REDACTED]. The presence of SCP-3147 was discovered when Agent ███ reported a local man winning the lottery 3 times in a row. It was not a case of extreme luck. A recovery team was sent in, and the typewriter apprehended. The money the man won was taken, and he was then given amnestics to forget he even won the money or had the typewriter. Papers found at the man's house near the typewriter had sentences on them stating, "I wish I will win the lottery." SCP-3147 was then taken to Site-███ where it remains for further testing.