Merglyn Sandbox

SCP-???- The onion WIP
Item #: SCP-???
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??? is to be contained inside an exclusively steel room measuring exactly 4m by 4m by 4m. The room is to be heated to at least 30C at all times. Should a power outage occur and temperature drop, SCP-??? shall not be accessed whatsoever.
Description: SCP-??? was discovered in the evidence room of the police station in [REDACTED] after multiple officers were reported missing after looking for evidence. The object is a metallic sphere, approximately 20cm in diameter.

SCP-??? is active when within 20m of any human being. Upon a human coming within 2m of the object, they begin to tear up uncontrollably, similar to exposure to propanethion s-oxide. Within two minutes of activation, the area in which SCP-??? will become noticely colder, until it is below 0C. At that point, the human’s tears will begin to freeze, and eventually will form a barrier of ice around the subject. Within two hours the subject will be completely frozen.

After various tests it was discovered that subjects could be thawed from their frozen state, but would be dehydrated upon awakening. This lead to rapid deaths of multiple subjects.