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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a security locker at site-50. Access to SCP-XXXX requires written permission from Site command.

As a result of Incident XXXX-12, all testing has been suspended.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a gold ring with an engraved cat on the outside of the ring, the ring lacks any form of identification.

When worn on a someone's left hand, SCP-XXXX becomes stuck onto the subjects finger and can't be removed by any means other that removal of the finger that ring is currently on, other than that, SCP-XXXX doesn't affect the wearer until they go to sleep, once the wearer has gone to sleep, by either normal or artificial means, SCP-XXXX begins to transform the wearers body into that of an anthropomorphic cat, the process starts ten (10) minuets after wearer has gone to sleep, in which the wearers body is slowly covered in cat fur, the process takes fifteen (15) minuets, after which there is a five (5) minuet pause before the second stage of the transformation starts. The second stage of the transformation changes the wearers fingers and toes, whilst they don't change size or shape, the fingernails and toenails are removed and replaced with retractable cat claws, whilst this is happening the wearer will also grow a cat tail out of their Coccyx or Tailbone, both process' take around twenty-five (25) minuets after which there is another five (5) minuet pause before the third and final stage of the transformation takes place. Stage three of the transformation is when the wearers skull is changed to resemble that of a cat, and all of the wearers facial features are changed to resemble the facial features of a cat, eye's included, this process takes one (1) hour to complete. During the transformation process the wearer can't be woken up by any means, nor can the wearer be woken up for one (1) hour after the transformation is complete, after the one (1) hour is up, the wearer can be woken up as normal and SCP-XXXX can be removed safely.

People who have undergone the transformation start to exhibit some cat like traits, they are known to meow from time to time, and purr like a cat when being stroked on the head or back, they are also distracted by balls of string, cat toys, laser pointers and catnip. Those affected are also know to hunt mice, rats, and other types of rodents, as well as some species of bird, and have been know to 'show off their kill' to their superior/'s. No other cat-like traits have been noticed in those affected, but very little information about those that have been transformed by SCP-XXXX has been gathered, and after incident [DATA EXPUNGED], all testing of SCP-XXXX has been suspended indefinitely.

SCP-XXXX was first brought to the foundations attention after Dr. Zuri brought it off of ████, at the time the property's of SCP-XXXX was not known to the foundation and it was presumed to be a normal ring, it's ability was only noticed the next morning when Dr. Zuri sounded a level 4 containment breach at her personal quarters, when security teams arrived and breached into her quarters they where surprised to find that Dr. Zuri had been transformed into a anthropomorphic cat with ginger fur, termination order for Dr. Zuri has been denied by Dr. Brakstan, attempts where made to contact the previous owner of SCP-XXXX, but no information on who sold SCP-XXXX have been found.

Dr. Zuri was successfully turned back into a human after the process was reversed by placing SCP-XXXX on her left hand and giving her a strong sleeping pill, the process reversed itself whilst she was asleep and took approximately the same amount of time as the original transformation, but Dr. Zuri is still showing some cat like traits, possibly a residual effect of being transformed by SCP-XXXX.