Firstborn (multiple drafts) - Ancient Permian Era civilization, glimpsed in dreams and visions by a small percentage of humans. A reference to the obsession with lost lands (Atlantis, Shangri-la, Mu, Lemuria) that were popular in occult circles in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Foundation uses the knowledge of these dreamers to locate ruins of this forgotten and seemingly alien civilization. Human visions are found to be tied to a frequency being perpetuated by ancient machines, an "over mind" linking the Firstborn but distorted and corrupted when received by the few humans able to react to it. Foundation finds a means to commune with the ancients, which act as though they have woken from a deep sleep. Hints to their destruction are giving, a "curse" of sorts - their people became small and weak, lost their intelligence, and lived short lives, becoming unrecognizable from their former selves. During this communication, Foundation discovers reports of aquariums noticing "odd behavior" among their octopuses - the Firstborn still live, a shadow of their former selves. Part of them remembers. It makes them hate themselves, each other, forces them to live solitary lives, knowing only fragments of a once vast genetic memory.

Choice and Consequence - The O5 have the final say in many matters. Victims of their choices have returned to haunt them, the truth unraveling with each level clearance collapsible. Will the Foundation sacrifice their own for the good of the world? Or have the O5 become too protected and corrupt in their place of power, never having to face an actual consequence for their actions?

Boogeymen - there are some things the Foundation fears more than others. Entities that have a similar interest in anomalies, treating the Foundation the way the Foundation treats civilians. Their methods are beyond shadowy and the ambiguity of their goals plays on a fear of the unknown. What is known is their capabilities and that is enough to prevent any further action against them, the Foundation learning the hard way what one Boogeyman is worth compared to humans. It makes more sense in my head…

Not even wrong - Infectious postmodernism.

An Extinction Long Overdue - Neanderthal remains what make you want to seek forgiveness via bringing about the end of humanity.

The Anticipation - What has old Nadox been up to all this time?

The Ebony Galleon - Poe's MS Found in a Bottle, skipified.