Don't just immanentize the eschaton, maximize it!


Choice and Consequence - The O5 have the final say in many matters. Victims of their choices have returned to haunt them, the truth unraveling with each level clearance collapsible. Will the Foundation sacrifice their own for the good of the world? Or have the O5 become too protected and corrupt in their place of power, never having to face an actual consequence for their actions?

Boogeymen - there are some things the Foundation fears more than others. Entities that have a similar interest in anomalies, treating the Foundation the way the Foundation treats civilians. Their methods are beyond shadowy and the ambiguity of their goals plays on a fear of the unknown. What is known is their capabilities and that is enough to prevent any further action against them, the Foundation learning the hard way what one Boogeyman is worth compared to humans. It makes more sense in my head…

An Extinction Long Overdue - Neanderthal remains what make you want to seek forgiveness via bringing about the end of humanity.

The Anticipation - What has old Nadox been up to all this time?

The Ebony Galleon - Poe's MS Found in a Bottle, skipified.

Writer's block still keeping me from what I wanted to work on. In the meantime, trying to finish SCP stuff and feeling torn about it. There are readers who want to see conclusions, but there is also my fear that I am killing the mystery…

Once again I've been finding myself drawn to anomalous religion. I've always loved the concept of a false prophet - imagine something like Nyarlathotep wearing the skin suit of a southern preacher. The theme of Sarkicism involved Nietzschean abyss gazing…

But I want to focus on fanaticism, how average, sometimes good people, can be turned into a rabid mob - the sacrifice of free will to a leader and how morality becomes meaningless when people think they have a divine right - that "God" is on their side.

A bit of the Eldritch but where the real horror is in humanity and our virulent capacities. ;) The preacher is just there to stir them up and guide them to our rapturous doom ;p

"The cardinal doctrine of a fanatic's creed is that his enemies are the enemies of God."
Andrew Dickson White, in The History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (1898), Vol. II, Ch. xvi, p. 149

These are the "Godly", the "Good". In the modern world I frequently encounter people who I easily recognize as the witch burners of old, that a slight change in environment is all it takes for them to be once again tearing apart heretics and heathens with tools of torture. The Preacher has come and has shown them such miracles that his divine nature goes without question. Disobedience will result in hellfire.

His designs are meant to be murky - to his followers it is about the glory of God, of the righteous triumphing over evil, but it is difficult for the Foundation to see the logic of zealots slaughtering their first born, of the mobs burning "sinners"…

But the scale of his influence keeps growing; each is an experiment in devotion and mob control. The faith is spreading fast. The true believers are on the march. And one day he might make a proclamation that will drown our world in blood…

But it isn't mind control. They are won over with miracles but their willingness to kill for him and their "God" is completely natural. History has shown that no anomaly is necessary to bring people to this point. They've always been among us - he merely needs to give them knives and point them in the right direction.

I still want there to be anomalies but I want there to be something disturbingly familiar about the reasons behind them, about the intent of the preacher's followers. Present the readers with the same mindsets that drove the Holocaust, ISIS, the Inquisitions, Witch Hunts… the process of dehumanization that causes regular people, people with friends and family that they love, to become convinced of the righteousness of the horrors they wish to unleash.

The preacher taps into hatred that is real, that is alive and well; a gospel of rage to stoke the bigots - the ruthless righteousness of fundamentalist and the seething hatred of the alt-right all rolled into one.

The blood of his frenzied followers and their countless victims paints an occult pattern.

I want to do some truly cosmic horror but not sure how I can bring something before the Foundation that cannot be questioned. That all evidence says yes, this is the truth - not just a bunch of unscientific religious claims. But the more extreme something is, the harder it is to scientifically validate…

I'm thinking of a scenario where the Foundation makes a discovery that is the cosmic equivalent of a pig learning they were born and raised just to be slaughtered. But it only truly works if it is indisputable.