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Choice and Consequence - The O5 have the final say in many matters. Victims of their choices have returned to haunt them, the truth unraveling with each level clearance collapsible. Will the Foundation sacrifice their own for the good of the world? Or have the O5 become too protected and corrupt in their place of power, never having to face an actual consequence for their actions?

Boogeymen - there are some things the Foundation fears more than others. Entities that have a similar interest in anomalies, treating the Foundation the way the Foundation treats civilians. Their methods are beyond shadowy and the ambiguity of their goals plays on a fear of the unknown. What is known is their capabilities and that is enough to prevent any further action against them, the Foundation learning the hard way what one Boogeyman is worth compared to humans. It makes more sense in my head…

An Extinction Long Overdue - Neanderthal remains what make you want to seek forgiveness via bringing about the end of humanity.

The Anticipation - What has old Nadox been up to all this time?

The Ebony Galleon - Poe's MS Found in a Bottle, skipified.

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Item#: xxxx
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Special Containment Procedures: The structure responsible for the spread of SCP-XXXX has been augmented to serve as Provisional Containment Site-95. Due to the relative isolation of Site-95 and the passive nature of GOI-0184/SCP-XXXX-1, minimal security is required. To avoid inadvertent exposure due to SCP-XXXX’s secondary property, prospective personnel must undergo psychological evaluations prior to their transfer to Site-95.
Description: SCP-XXXX designates an anomalous phenomena primarily harnessed as a process of physical transfiguration and psychological augmentation by members of a monastic order located in the Karakoram mountain range. Individuals infected by SCP-XXXX are classified as SCP-XXXX-1. The anomaly initially manifests as a 15mm to 25mm diameter black circular dot on the center of an affected individual’s forehead. This mark superficially resembles a decorative bindi but is irremovable unless surgically excised soon after infection.

As SCP-XXXX progresses, it will consume the face of its host, causing the front of the skull to sink and eventually collapse into an anomalously deep void before slowly spreading to the rest of the body. Flesh blackened by SCP-XXXX does not reflect light and will, over time, develop holes and fissures that further disfigure SCP-XXXX-1 and, like the aperture that consumed much of the host’s head, displays physically impossible interior dimensions, with objects introduced to these voids disappearing and ultimately unrecoverable.

SCP-XXXX created cavities produce a continuous discharge, the emanation visibly behaving like a hot gas or plasma but appearing almost completely opaque, save for its outermost zone which bears a semi-translucent quality which blurs/distorts the space around it. All efforts to extract a sample have failed, leaving its chemical composition unknown (if chemical composition is in any way applicable). Despite its resistance to analysis, it has been discovered that the area around the fissures see their temperature steadily decrease, closely approaching absolute zero as an SCP-xxxx-1 enters the final stage of infection, at which point they disintegrate before disappearing completely, leaving no trace of matter even if the subject was held in a fully sterilized vacuum sealed containment unit. It is hypothesized that SCP-xxxx breaks the law of conservation of mass, with the subatomic particles composing SCP-xxxx-1 undergoing annihilation without the apparent introduction of their respective antiparticles.

The transformation occurs over decades and inevitably results in the destruction of vital organs, including the brain and heart. By this stage, SCP-XXXX-1 are clinically deceased, requiring neither sleep nor sustenance, but remain mobile and (presumably) sentient, as infected individuals will continue to wander the monastery when not seated still in silent meditation.

The Foundation has yet to uncover the exact source of SCP-Xxxx but physical symptoms of infection follow only after the monks have immured themselves within the walls of the monastery. These interiors are just large enough to allow for meditation and functions as a form of sensory deprivation. The monks believe that, by immersing themselves in darkness, they allow their bodies to become its host.

There have been reports from personnel at Site-95 describing possible paranatural encounters but the ephemeral nature of these incidents renders them unconducive to repeat experimentation and classification. The following is a list of purported incidents:

  • Sightings of mobile humanoid shadows without apparent source
  • Higher frequency of night terrors and sleep paralysis
  • Sudden transitory cold-spots, even within the insulated and heated sections of Site-95
  • Higher than average radio interference in and around the monastery
  • The appearance (and rapid disappearance) of black stains throughout the monastery (though may be a species of slime mold)
  • Long-term personnel displaying a steady decrease in feelings of self-worth during routine psychological examinations (without symptoms typically associated with depression); possibly a mundane reaction to observing GOI-0184 and the practice of its traditions

The Foundation became aware of SCP-XXXX in 1956, following reports of unusual disfigurements occurring among members of an isolated Buddhist sect in Tibet. Due to the singular nature of their philosophy, the sect and monastery had no formal name but the residents of neighboring villages commonly referred to them as "The Empty Ones". Classified as GOI-0184, the order practices an extreme form of asceticism and forbids the use of personal names, depictions of the human form, or even the preservation of its own history. It is believed by members of GOI-0184 that enlightenment (bodhi “awakening”) can only be achieved through humility. To do this, they must be purged of vanity and pride, with the act of physically existing regarded as the “final arrogance” to be undone. Through SCP-XXXX, the monks believe they can permanently escape Samsara, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Despite their surface resemblance to other Buddhists in the region, GOI-0184 bears many important deviations. For example, the monks of GOI-0184 believe in Akriyavada1, a heretical doctrine which claims that moral acts have no consequences and therefore no influence on reincarnation.

Unlike most monastic traditions, GOI-0184 has both male and female members, with some initiated as children. All are expected to practice the same level of asceticism, regardless of age, gender, or physical health. This life of austerity includes the renunciation of material possessions, avoidance of physical pleasures, and meager diets that leave members in a state of chronic starvation, though without many of the symptoms associated with severe inanition.

Members of GOI-0184 practice ritual self-mortification, believing that pain, humiliation, self-denial, and disfigurement aid in the destruction of ego. Prior to containment, methods of humiliation often involved visiting neighboring villages where the monks would remove their clothes, smear themselves in dirt and ash, and beg or incite the locals into physically assaulting them. Despite frequent injury and infection, this behavior rarely resulted in death and the villagers saw their actions as beneficial to the monks and thus moral.

GOI-0184 does not actively recruit and appears to receive new members by anomalous means; these individuals claim that the monastery itself “called to them”, so that they might be “cleansed” of pride. This compulsion is hypothesized to be a secondary effect of SCP-XXXX and its strength appears to correlate with an individual’s level of self-worth, with arrogant or prideful personalities being the most susceptible - traits that, in the view of GOI-0184, SCP-XXXX seeks to correct. The Foundation allows these supplicants within Site-95 as they provide a steady flow of SCP-XXXX-1 specimens for research, willingly accept their permanent containment, and do not interfere with the work of personnel. Due to the region’s extreme terrain, it is possible that many of those called to the monastery do not survive the journey.

The monks of GOI-0184 maintain a vow of silence, leaving only a single person to represent and speak for the sect. Rendered the de-facto leader of GOI-0184, this individual (classified as POI-539) refers to himself as a "Bodhisattva", whose position requires that he refrain from certain aspects of the faith in order to facilitate the path to Nirvana for other monks (a practice not unheard of and which can be found in the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism). As a result, POI-539 has avoided infection by SCP-XXXX, though intends to seek a successor so that he might begin the process.