Don't just immanentize the eschaton, maximize it!


Choice and Consequence - The O5 have the final say in many matters. Victims of their choices have returned to haunt them, the truth unraveling with each level clearance collapsible. Will the Foundation sacrifice their own for the good of the world? Or have the O5 become too protected and corrupt in their place of power, never having to face an actual consequence for their actions?

Boogeymen - there are some things the Foundation fears more than others. Entities that have a similar interest in anomalies, treating the Foundation the way the Foundation treats civilians. Their methods are beyond shadowy and the ambiguity of their goals plays on a fear of the unknown. What is known is their capabilities and that is enough to prevent any further action against them, the Foundation learning the hard way what one Boogeyman is worth compared to humans. It makes more sense in my head…

An Extinction Long Overdue - Neanderthal remains what make you want to seek forgiveness via bringing about the end of humanity.

The Anticipation - What has old Nadox been up to all this time?

The Ebony Galleon - Poe's MS Found in a Bottle, skipified.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Gamma-19 (“The Censor”) was created to seek and erase/redact falsified information and oversee the amnestication of compromised individuals. Personnel are required to report any suspected instances of SCP-xxxx or SCP-xxxx influenced individuals to Overwatch Command. The intentional sharing of SCP-xxxx between colleagues will result in the invocation of TARTARUS Protocols.

Description: SCP-XXXX designates a phenomena involving the anomalous inclusion of falsified information within the Foundation, ranging from edits made to the digital database to the manifestation of false letters, memos, and other physical documents. This information often includes cognitohazardous agents capable of triggering false memories. Instances of SCP-xxxx can be recognized by personnel asking themselves the following questions:

  • Does this information call into question the goals of the Foundation?
  • Does this information trigger feelings of distrust for your colleagues and supervisors?
  • Does this information discourage the preservation of consensus reality?
  • Does this information include personal details regarding members of the O5 Council?
  • Does this information trigger memories that you did not previously recall having?