Item #: SCP-3758

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3758 is to be kept within a 2m-2m-2m metal soundproof chamber at all times. 2 ceiling mounted cameras set to a live recording server must be watching SCP-3758 at all times. Every 24-hours three Class-D Personal are to check inside the chamber for any signs of damage or rusting, all subjects must wear full sound cancelling headphones and are advised to make as little eye contact with SCP-3758 as possible.

Description: SCP-3758 is a pair of Philips Fidelio NC1 headphones weighing 1kg and a length of 0.3m. SCP-3758, despite being a pair of sound cancelling headphones, has shown to be cappible of plugging into various devices, and transmitting sound as normal headphones would. SCP-3758 was first discovered on █/█/19██ in northern Canada by Simon Harvord after reporting the death of his wife, Scarlet Harvord, after wearing SCP-3758. The victim was bleeding profusely from the ears and small chunks of brain and bone matter were scattered around her head.

SCP-3758 takes affect whenever anything puts it on, from what has been gathered, it seems to have four phases before it kills its wearer, each lasting between 10-40 seconds (See Addendum A)

Phase 1: Subjects report hearing a silent humming noise emitting from the headphones, followed by a feeling of dread and/or anxiety.

Phase 2: Subjects begin to figit with their fingers, and show signs of fear and wanting to be let out. Subjects also report hearing muffled whispers from the headphones, supposedly saying "Don't listen" "Don't continue" "Take this off" "Don't let it get you"

Phase 3: Subjects begin entering a state of panic, frantically trying to remove SCP-3758 to no avail. Subjects also claim to hear an ever-rising ringing sound emitting from the headphones.

Phase 4: Subjects will begin to rip apart their own flesh in desperation to remove SCP-3758, some cases even trying to end their own life before it can. Phase continues until either the subjects kills themselves, or SCP-3758 causes severe internal damage to the brain via a high frequency sound causing the subject to enter a state of paralasis. No subjects have been reported to survive Phase 4.

Addendum A: SCP-3758 was placed on the head of D-9675, a Europian male of average mental and physical state. D-9675 reported hearing a low humming sound for approximately 26 seconds. Then claimed to hear whispering progessivly getting louder for the next 17 seconds. D-9675 also showed signs of paranioa, looking around cautiously and shivering. D-9675 claimed to hear a high pitched ringing coming from the headphones. Subject also began trying to remove SCP-3758, progressively with more and more force. Finally Subject began tearing at his face in a desperate attempt to remove 3758. Subject collapsed 14 seconds later, suffering a seizure and severe trauma to the cerebrum.