Item #: SCP-3153

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3153 is to be kept in a 6m-6m-3m steel chamber with four security cameras set in each corner, along with a light always being shone onto it. The light and camera feed will remain functioning in the event of a breach via two backup generators, in the event of a breach the cameras will resume being monitored and recorded to a secure server by level 4 personal or higher through another site on standby. It must be watched by at least 3 personal and any abnormal occurrences are to be reported immediately.

Description: SCP-3153 is a metallic hook weighing 2.7kg and 0.6m in length, also shows high signs of corrosion and damage, along with several unknown symbols engraved along the sides. SCP-3153 is not to be touched under any circumstance beyond testing. SCP-3153 was first discovered on █/█/19██ after reports of unusual deaths occurring around Australia, a recorded 17 deaths were reported before The Foundation tracked down and contained SCP-3153, current origins are unknown.

SCP-3153’s abnormal abilities take effect when it makes direct contact with the skin, seemingly transporting both itself and its holder to an "alternate" earth for approximately 180 seconds, before returning back to where it originally was. Any persons that had touched SCP-3153 will be faced with SCP-3153-B inside the alternate world, to which it will take the form of the subjects greatest fear, then appropriately killing them as it (see Document 3153-A)

Document 3153-A: D-9165 is a 47-year old Mexican female of average build and suffers extreme coulrophobia. Subject is equipped with a head-mounted camcorder fitted a transmition stream, and an audio headset to allow communication with Dr ██████.

D-9165 is standing infront of SCP-3153.

Dr ██████: Please make contact with SCP-3153

D-9165 makes contact with SCP-3153 and is transported to "alternate" earth along with 3153.

Dr ██████: Please describe your surroundings.

D-9165: The ground is sorta rough and spikey, and there are trees everywhere, they don't look all that odd, and the sky is a deep orange like color, and it looks like there's a few clouds.

Dr ██████: Does the ground have any sort of pathway?

D-9165: Umm, yeah, kinda, there's a line of ground that's darker then the rest at least.

Dr ██████: Please follow the path and report anything odd.

D-9165 begins to walk down the pathway, the trees appear to be turning darker and the sky beginning to turn red. D-9165 stops abruptly and freezes in place.

Dr ██████: Why have you stopped?

D-9165: I heard something, in the trees, like something jumping between them, is something following me?

Dr ██████: Enable your camera's light and continue forward.

D-9165 reluctantly continues forward, at a slower and more cautious pace. 60 seconds have passed. D-9165 turns around quickly, breathing heavily, seeming extremely panicked.

D-9165: I know I heard something that time, but it didn't sound like it came from the trees, it sounded like running, and it sounded realy close by, like right behind me.

D-9165 Quickly turns around again, and begins to sporadically look around.

D-9165: I heard a clown nose honk, it sounded like it came from everywhere, tell me! Is something else in here with me?!

Dr ██████: Please calm down and describe your surroundings and anything you can hear.

D-9165: Were the trees always that dark? I swear they were lighter earlier, and as I said there's some kind of clown nose honking, it's more silent now but it sounded really close befo-

D-9165's speech is cut by a loud honk before camera feed cut out, screams and what sounded like muscle ripping and bones snapping can be heard for the next 20 seconds before audio feed cut out.
60 seconds later SCP-3153 reappears inside containment along with the motionless body of D-9165, later tests showed all major organs had been replaced with balloons, except the brain and heart which were replaced by cake.

Document 3153-B: D-9215 is a 38-year old male of average build and suffering Urbach-Wieth Disease. Subject is equipped with a headmounted camcorder fitted with a transmition stream, an audio headset to allow communication with Dr ██████, and a 200 volt stungun.

D-9215 touches SCP-3153 before being told.

Dr ██████: Please wait for directions before you do anything