Ocean Puddle
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SCP-X on the day of containment.

Item #: SCP-(will use ? until decided)
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the immobile nature of SCP-?, Containment Area-? has been developed around it. Area-? is bordered by 2 meter high chain-link electrical fencing no closer to SCP-? than 0.40km. In the event of trespassers entering Area-?, all persons must be detained for questioning and Class-A amnestics administered before being released outside the borders.

The Area- research facility, Site-Delta, has been built 6 meters north of SCP-? in order to study its properties on-site. Mobile housing units are provided for research and task force personnel outside of the facility walls in the case of a need for quick response. Extra mobile housing units will be provided to D-Class personnel when on the site for research purposes.

Under no circumstance must personnel attempt to enter, cover, or drop objects into SCP-? without a specific and written order from O5-██. In the event of entities successfully escaping SCP-?, Area-? must be destroyed by on-site warhead detonation and the remaining water covered by cement.

Description: SCP-? appears to be an ordinary puddle of water, measuring exactly 1.8m in length and .5m in width, located within the [DATA EXPUNGED] forest in ████████, United States. The surface of SCP-? has the appearance of murky rain water. However, underneath SCP-?'s initial surface is a massive body of salt water, hereby labeled SCP-?-A, with no determined bottom or width. SCP-?-A is sealed off at its surface by soil, giving it the appearance of an aquifer. Any attempts to dig down in to SCP-?-A from the surface have been unsuccessful, as the soil extends where logic would dictate the water to appear. The same phenomenon has been recorded to occur when digging upwards from within SCP-?-A itself. The puddle's area has shown no signs of decreasing in size over time, even during dry seasons. Attempts to increase the size of SCP-? have proved ineffective, as SCP-?-A does not appear under any new removed area of soil. Attempts to drain SCP-? would prove futile due to the amount of water it contains.

Samples of the liquid collected from SCP-?-A, as well as the puddle's surface, have determined that the liquid possess a similar molecular composition of seawater, but lacks enough oxygen to sustain the life forms of Earth. Despite similarities, SCP-?-A samples do not match with the samples from any other body of water on the planet. Samples taken of the soil at the roof of SCP-?-A, and around the puddle, contain the same average make up as soil in the ████████ region in which it is located, with no abnormalities.

As of ██, ██, 20██, [DATA EXPUNGED] biological entities have been discovered living within SCP-?-A. These entities are incredibly massive in size and vary in appearance. Currently, there has been no attempt of attack on personnel by these entities or any attempts to escape SCP-?. It is presumed that due to the sheer size of the entities, attempting to fit through SCP-? would prove impossible. For descriptions of discovered entities, see Document ?-I-D.

Document ?-I-D: Partial log of entities seen within SCP-?-A during exploration.

SCP-?-1: Described as a triangular-shaped creature with an oblong head. Two limbs extend from the sides of its lower torso, presumed to serve as its pectoral fins, which move in a vertical undulating motion to propel it through SCP-?-A. The only distinguishing facial features present are bulging, circular, black eyes on the head. Three (3) appendages are present at its rear, presumed to serve as caudal and anal fins. Noted to be at least 12m in height.

SCP-?-2: A long, tube-like creature resembling a worm or snake that moves through SCP-?-A by undulating the length of its body. Instead of a head, only a mouth is present, encompassing the same diameter as its body. Its jaws and torso are presumed to be approximately 2.4m in width, with no reported teeth, gills, or fins. Length remains undetermined.

SCP-?-3: Discovered on 7/25/20██ when five (5) tentacles emerged from the darkness, reaching toward the sunlight emitting from SCP-?. Appearance is described as being nearly identical to Vampyroteuthis infernalis (the "Vampire Squid"), with the exception of large, blinking black eyeballs scattered on the undersides. Body remained unseen below light level, leading researchers to believe the tentacles are over 100m in length.

SCP-?-4: Only witnessed as a dark figure moving in the deepest part of SCP-?-A that is visible by eye. Presumed to be the back of an animal as it rose and fell with slow wavelike motions. Due to lack of light, the only noticeable features were sharp, protruding vertebrae that were small compared to its overall body mass. Vertebrae are estimated at being roughly 9m in length.

Note from Area Head, Agent ███████:

Due to recent activity among some Site-?B staff leading to their immediate termination, I would like to make something very clear to everyone here. Do not, under any circumstances, [EXPLETIVE] around with the puddle. As of right now due to the inability to explore it, we don't know what kind of ecological and biological effects the puddle has on the entities inside it. Certainly, peeing in to the puddle, as some of you have, is incredibly damaging to the ecosystem, that, may I remind you, we know nothing about. It would be an unfortunate event if your urine upset SCP-?-3 and it decided to pull you right in to have a little one-on-one talk. Thank you. Get back to work.