The Round Rock

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 30 square cm steel container with a level 3 keycard lock at all times. SCP-XXXX's container should never leave Site-28's research lab. In the event that SCP-XXXX somehow leaves containment, the object should be immediately re-contained with the use of any tool that will keep it out of contact with organic matter.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a perfectly round, sandy-white rock 10.16cm in diameter with a weight varying from approximately 1.2kg to a maximum of 2kg. The cause of this fluctuation in weight, as well as the intervals in which it occurs, has yet to be determined. In regards to granularity and crystalline structure, the item does not fit with any known terrestrial mineral classification. The object appears to be completely indestructible; Mohs hardness scale rating is above diamond as it was able to fracture or create deep scratches in all diamonds used for testing with no apparent damage. Knoop hardness testing has shown the surface to be over 7000HK and damaged the testing equipment used. Testing has shown laser cutters to be completely ineffective in damaging SCP-XXXX as well. Upon bare organic matter coming into even very light contact with SCP-XXXX, a replication process begins to occur which can last from 16 to 32 hours depending on the size of the object. The replication process begins with converting all internal matter of the object into the same unknown mineral which composes SCP-XXXX. The only known course of action which can halt the mineral conversion process is immediate amputation of the area which actually came into contact with SCP-XXXX. The conversion process appears to be almost completely painless; affected areas of the body simply go numb and lack any sensory feeling due to converted nerve endings. The organic mass undergoes complete conversion one to two hours following contact with SCP-XXXX. During this process, the affected subject appears to be in an extremely calm, muted psychological state. After complete conversion, what is effectively a statue composed of the same material as SCP-XXXX is left behind. After this point, the newly created form shrinks imperceptibly until it is an exact replica of SCP-XXXX (now designated as SCP-XXXX-1). Odd, high-pitched noises have been recorded during the first few hours of the shrinking procedure exclusive to animal and human forms; the cause and origin of these sounds is not yet confirmed, though they appear to be consistent with that of [REDACTED]. The shrinking process takes anywhere from 15-30 hours to achieve complete size replication and is irreversible (see Addendum-SCP-XXXX-1 for details).

Acquisition Report: SCP-XXXX was originally discovered within [DATA EXPUNGED] Fossil Site, located in ███████, ████████ on June 11th, 20██. The object was extracted from a tar pit, directly next to two unusually well-preserved skeletons of ancient humans. The original palaeontologist who retrieved SCP-XXXX was spared from its effects as all contact points were shielded with clothing. However, two others working in close proximity reportedly went missing between original extraction and containment by the Foundation. Complete searches of the area have turned up only one replica rock most likely attributed to one of the missing workers, which has since been removed from the premises. There are currently no leads in the disappearance of the other palaeontologist and it is unknown if his disappearance is related to SCP-XXXX in any way. However, it should be noted that many witnesses within the area claim to have seen a creature bearing resemblance to one of SCP-XXXX's mineral statues formed before size replication. The creature was claimed to have been "moving about the dig site before quickly vanishing from sight as if out of thin air". Considering how unlikely such an occurrence is as well as the little evidence supporting this claim, it is not currently regarded as truth at this point in time.

Addendum-SCP-XXXX-1: All attempts to reverse the regressing size of test subjects when in the size replication state have failed. While produced rocks are completely the same in regards to both appearance and destructibility, it has been determined with extensive testing on both organic and non-organic material that all created "clones" lack the signature conversion ability present within the original. It is not known why this is. It should also be noted that the weight of all replicas so far produced has been consistent at 1.8kg as opposed to the varying weight of SCP-XXXX. Currently, they are being stowed away in Storage Facility ██ just in case any are needed for further study down the line.

-Dr. ██████