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SCP-XXXX is currently under scientific analysis at Site-██.
Current Object class and Special Containment Procedures are subject to changes until further notice.

Last update 162511052017
All included instructions and procedures are updated and approved.
Dra. ███ ██████, Site Director


SCP-XXXX at time of capture in Portugal

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid [temporary classification]

Special Containment Procedures:

!IMPORTANT! SCP-XXXX elements are not to cross any ocean or sea. Contact Site-01 for instructions on where to deploy acquired items.

Any element classified as part of SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Level-2 clearance access Biological Storage Unit facilities with controlled humidity under 5% and pressure of 1.5 atmospheres.
Direct contact of SCP-XXXX with water is to be avoided outside any testing environment and to be minimized at all cost in case of containment breach.

Human skin physical contact with SCP-XXXX is restricted to Class D personnel under supervised testing environment.
Handling of SCP-XXXX is restricted to Class C personnel using mechanical means and full-body mechanical protection suit.

Any animal life form that enters in physical contact with SCP-XXXX needs immediate medical assistance against burns and, in the case of an extended exposure, to be submitted to a rehydration procedure.

SCP-XXXX is composed of several identical elements which assume the form of a white cylinder block of an unknown substance. Dimensions may vary at a 1.481 constant ratio between radius and height and a constant density of 378,10 Kg/m3.
The smaller found elements presented at the time of capture 1,20 m x 0,81m (diameter x heigh) and 346,37 kg mass.

SCP-XXXX reveals being able to absorb an unlimited amount of water in liquid or solid form that gets in direct contact with its surface1, in gas form from the surrounding atmosphere2 and contained in any animal life form's body that has physical contact with its surface. This contact results on primary burns inflicted to the contact area. Burns evolve from first to the third degree depending on the contact duration3

SCP-XXXX dimensions, weight and mass have a proportional increment to the absorbed mass of water. The density is not affected.
SCP-XXXX reveals resistance to compression over 5 x1010 Pa for 0% of its body deformation (containment recipients are yet to be tested that can withstand pressures over that value).

The elements have been found laying in fields all over the planet. The first appearances took place in the bottom of a dry lake on the ████ part of Portugal and were found by a local huntsman who got injured after touching one of the elements.
The victim was subject to the burning required treatment and submitted to a short-term memory amnesticizing procedure.

Three (3) SCP-XXXX elements were detached for laboratory analysis and are referred to as SCP-XXXXa, SCP-XXXXb, and SCP-XXXXc.