Item: SCP - 3138 'Star Eater'
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Due to its size and preferred habitat it is currently impossible to contain SCP - 3138.
However, its current location is remote from planet Earth, so it won't be a threat to Humanity for now.

Personnel assigned to SCP - 3138 have to constantly determine its position though.
[current position: Black Eye Galaxy; around 17-24 Mly away]

SCP - 3138 is approximately 10.000 km in length and bears resemblance to Eurypharynx pelecanoides [pelican eel].
It moves in a very slow pace [around 30km/h] and is seemingly unimpaired by the high radiation and heat coming from the stars it consumes.

SCP - 3138 consumes a star every 3-5 years, which usually causes nearby planets to be flung in random directions.
If this organism would consume the star Earth belongs to the result would be devastating to humanity.

It is unknown if SCP - 3138 is the only of its species, or if there are other specimen yet to be discovered.