The Elephant Monk


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to be contained in a one (1) room cell equipped with a steel door with sound proof glass. The cell walls are to be of reinforced concrete. Internal furnishings are to be limited to a single bed. Subject is to be attended by at least one (1) guard and constant CCTV surveillance. Subject is to be discouraged from conversing with Foundation personnel outside of approved interviews.

SCP XXXX is currently detained in Site-28.

Description: SCP XXXX appears to be a heavily deformed male of European descent, of indistinguishable age, lacking all body hair. SCP XXXX possesses a heavily deformed skeletal system which resembles the deformities typical of Proteus syndrome. The subject’s face has been heavily altered by large, cancerous growths which are present on the entire surface of the body, hindering mobility. Samples indicate these cancers correspond to no known cancer variant, and have do not appear to effect the health of SCP XXXX.

SCP XXXX has shown no noticeable signs of aging in the X years following capture and has claimed to be over a century old. SCP XXXX claims to have been a monastic of the Romanian Orthodox Church and claims a lack of knowledge as to how it appeared in ███████. SCP XXXX has claimed to have held the position of Hegumen, including direct involvement in the founding of [REDACTED] violently suppressed in the aftermath of Romania’s defeat in the Second World War. Subject shows noted discomfort when pressed on this issue (see addendum).

SCP XXXX requires no food and drink other than a consecrated Eucharistic wafer and consecrated Communion wine once per week, as prepared by an ordained priest of the Eastern Orthodox faith. Consumption of the bread and the wine appears to halt the growth of the tumors and provide all nutritional requirements. Subject does not produce feces or urine.

SCP XXXX speaks fluent English, Russian and Greek but has professed Romanian to be its native tongue, despite a preference for English, which the subject speaks with a pronounced Midwestern accent. The subject refers to itself as “Boaz”. The subject has remained cooperative and non-violent for the duration of its capture and as such has been granted a number of small privileges, on the condition of further co-operation. SCP XXXX is permitted access to a number of religious texts and ownership of a number of Icons for devotional purposes. SCP XXXX is not to be allowed writing materials or any recording software unless cleared by O-3 personnel.

SCP XXXX has displayed a talent for brainwashing and psychological insight. Research has determined this is non-anomalous and has rather been acquired over a presumably long lifespan. SCP XXXX is charismatic and has been described as paternal and caring towards staff. To date, these skills have not been employed to achieve escape, but rather to convert the listener to the subject’s personal faith. Prior to the installation of soundproofing, SCP XXXX was successful in achieving the religious conversion of █ security staff and one researcher, who subsequently retired.

SCP XXXX has demonstrated physical strength significantly higher than standard, being able to bend steel bars and lift up to 180 kilograms. However, use of such strength decreases the refraction period between meals, and accelerates the growth of the tumors. Subject was also initially reported as having the ability to [REDACTED]. Such abilities have not been manifested since capture. Subject is highly resistant to physical damage. Incapacitation is possible via gunshots, as verified by SCP XXXX, although SCP XXXX possesses minor regenerative abilities. These abilities are dependent on regular consumption of consecrated bread and wine.

SCP XXXX has repeatedly requested the names of dead Foundation personnel and access to Foundation personnel for counselling and confession. These requests have been denied.

Details of Capture:

SCP XXXX was recovered following the outbreak of an extremely violent gang war during the summer of 19██, in ███████. Foundation staff were notified due to reported rumors among the transient population of the city that there was a holy man who was leading the homeless population in vigilante acts. Foundation agents were able to recover SCP XXXX peacefully and administered Class-B amnesiacs to itspersonal followers.

SCP XXXX had established a sect around itself and had been responsible for not only the deaths of many petty criminals but also the assassination of a city alderman. Documents recovered from SCP XXXX’s lair proved to be copies of [REDACTED] an extremely violent sect which was responsible for [REDACTED] two Prime Ministers. Subject had succeeded in brainwashing many of the homeless, ordaining them as monks loyal to itself. The sect broke apart naturally after the retrieval and no such further activity has been noted.


Interview between Dr Blank and SCP XXXX
Date: June █, 19██
Notes: this interview was conducted immediately following the recovery of SCP XXXX


Dr █████- Please identify yourself for the record.

SPC- I am Hegumen Boaz, of [REDACTED]

Dr █████- You understand why you are here. How did you acquire the documents recovered in your chapel?

SCP XXXX- I brought them with me. They were all we had left.

Dr █████ - From Romania?

SCP XXXX-- [Subject shifts uneasily] I do not remember. Things get fuzzy, son. [laughs] I am an old man, after all.

Dr █████ - Why did you not resist your retrieval?

SCP XXXX - I was meant to be found. If I was not, my brothers would have fought to prevent my capture.

Dr█████ - We had gathered you were capable of [REDACTED] and yet have not shown these abilities. Why is this?

SCP XXXX - They were not mine, only God’s to give. He stripped me of them, so that I may not harm your people.

Dr █████ - Your prior record, and apparent connection with the █████████ suggests you are comfortable with violence. Why the sudden change of heart?

SCP XXXX - [Laughs]Oh my dear brother, how little you understand! I performed my duty to draw you out, so that I may be guided here. My mission was not to lynch pushers or shoot politicians. My mission is to save you from yourselves. My mission is to help you atone for what you have done.

Dr █████- May I ask to what you are referring to?

SCP XXXX - Dear brother, God has whispered what your Foundation has done. Truly I say to you, I shall need lifetimes to help you repent. And you all shall repent.