mind wiping hat
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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contain in a standard glass case. Case is to not be open by any one without 2 Level 3 clearance Researchers authority. If any one wears SCP-XXXX, is to be put in isolation for no more than 6 hour. After subject is out of isolation, subject is to be question by a Level 3 senior Researcher and put into Foundation custody. If in the rare case that subject regain his/her memories subject is to be give Class A Anesthetic, and leave Site ██ to a new site.

Description: Roughly in new condition, SCP-XXXX it aviator hat in white, yellow, and black pattern with on the back reading "Pittsburgh". SCP-XXXX has two dial on the left side. The first dial is labeled with number running 1-60, and the second dial is labeled with "year, month, hour, minute, and seconds" around the dial. It now understood that the dials are use to measure of how much the subject memory will be erased, from the moment he/she wear SCP-XXXX to how ever much is set on the dials. SCP-XXXX will sent a shock wave of 20 - 70 mega watts of energy to the Brain in the Hippocampus. Subject will go react as if the were intoxicated and 3 hour after will experience paralysis. In most cases subject will feel malnourished and confused at least 3 hours, leaving the subject with Amnesia having the subject go through question. But there is a 0.02% chance that a subject will recover from Amnesia.

SCP-XXXX was recovered in Sacramento, California when a adolescent female, named [REDACTED] with male adolescent named [REDACTED] had being walking while speak unclearly, out in public. She was sent to the hospital, diagnose with amnesia when unable to remember any from the past 5 hours. The hat was later sold to a pawn shop where a Adult male had started yelling while wear SCP-XXX and although police had suspected he was intoxicated, no alcohol was present within the body. He woke up terrified, unable to remember anything from the pass 13 years, questioning where he was currently located. The SCP Foundation caught attention of the item. Questioning reveled that SCP-XXXX originally didn't equip dials on itself, more it was attach on. Attempts to remove have been unsuccessful. It unsure if it was place within SCP-XXXX, but only theory's can explain how it appear on the clothing.

Addendum-XXXX-2: Archival recording of Dr.██████ and D-4713.

Foreword: Subject D-4713 (who was use during first testing of SCP-XXXX) was interviewed after 2 hour in her cell for any side effect of SCP-XXXX.
<Being Log>
Dr.██████: Alright, now can you tell me your name.
D-4713: What? The one my mother gave me or the one you guys "gave" me.
Dr.██████: The one your "mother" gave you.
D-4713: My name is ██████ ████████
D-4713: But tell me. Why is it that you want to know my name?
Dr.██████: Remember when you wore that hat. The one we told you to wear.
D-4713: Yeah. I remember.
Dr.██████: Do you remember anything before that.
D-4713: Well I remember that was being brought to [Cough], sorry. I was being brought to my cell and… well, uh? wait what did happen after that.
Dr.██████: So you don't remember anything after that.
Dr.██████: Interesting.
D-4713: Excuse me. WHAT the hell is going on. Is their something wrong go on with me. seriously. What the [REDACTED] is going on.
Dr.██████: I'm not allowed to speak of what happen.
D-4713: Well there something going on! AND if you ain't tell me then, I'll find out myself!
Dr.██████: And exactly how do you thing your going to do that.
D-4713: Oh, you bet your swee…
Dr.██████: Okay! This Interview is over. Requesting that D-4713 to return to her cell. Now!
Dr.██████: I'm done with B.S.
<Ending Log>
Closing Statement: D-4713 was return to her cell. Dr.██████ requested that no further testing is to concluded with SCP-XXXX. Request was rejected by O5 Council . D-4713 later died due to accidental gun fire.

Incident-XXXX-2: Of the 0.02% of subject who recover from Amnesia, they seem to be more aggressive towards everyone. This a report of Incident-XXXX-2 of ██/██/199█

Foreword: D-7291 was being ex-courted to his cell, until he attack both security guards and went on a rampage.
<Begin Log>
Security Guard 1: STOP THERE! Put the weapon down NOW! We will use burta…(Gun Fire)
(Security Guard 1 falls to the ground)
Security Guard 2: MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN! D-Class is get away!
(Distant gun fire)
(2 Hour Later)
Radio Com: D-7291 has been located at Gate B! Repeat: D-7291 has been located at Gate B!
<Ending Log>
Closing Statement: D-7291 was killed via gun shots. 2 Security Guards and 11 D-Class were Kill.