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D-2158 prior to initial testing of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-XXXX are to be kept in a secured storage locker at Site ██. SCP-XXXX may be released to medical and security personnel upon request. The personnel overseeing the testing process should be aware of any addictive behavior among research staff. Testing of SCP-XXXX's necrotic effect should be scheduled in groups, to avoid unnecessary tampering with the object.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an iron mallet of unknown make and origin, with a modern rubber grip. The object is between 100 and 200 years old, and bears signs of heavy use. It is 32 cm high and the head is 10 cm wide. It weighs 1.9 kg.

The grip is not an original part of the object. It was originally glued in place, but can currently be removed without damaging the object . A constant smell of rot from within the grip is to be expected, but it possesses no other anomalous properties by itself.

When used by a subject to fracture one of its own bones, SCP-XXXX activates a rapid regeneration of all physical injuries the subject suffers from. The effect seems to prioritize, as open wounds and broken bones will be healed long before any internal damage is fully dealt with. No experiment has yet gone on long enough to determine if bacterial or viral infections are eventually targeted. Injuries inflicted by SCP-XXXX itself are almost always fixed immediately. The regeneration causes a shortening of telomeres throughout the body, and repeated use shortens the lifespan of the subject considerably.

The duration of SCP-XXXX’s effect depends on the size and number of fractures, as well as their severity. Black eyes and bruising have been healed fully with only a few phalanges broken. A shattered femur, however, required all phalanges and carpals in the left hand, humerus, radius and ulna, as well as the left tibia. Mended bones fractured by SCP-XXXX have been found to contain traces of iron at the point of impact.

Anesthetics of any kind have proven to have a very detrimental effect on the regenerative properties of SCP-XXXX, greatly reducing its effectiveness and occasionally causing rapid infections in existing wounds when no regeneration takes place. D-Class personnel with damaged pain receptors experienced a reduced effectiveness of SCP-XXXX roughly proportional to the extent of the damage, but are rarely subject to infections.
SCP-XXXX is capable of healing an amputation, by reattachment if possible and regrowth if not. Regrowth have proven to be a very extensive process, requiring the repeated fracturing of available bones to effectively regrow a full limb.

A bone fracture on oneself using SCP-XXXX induces an intense feeling of euphoria in the wielder, caused by a rapid release of dopamine. Subjects will uniformly describe the feeling as coming from the point of impact. Subjects wielding SCP-XXXX have reported a similar feeling, though much lower in intensity, when striking other subjects and successfully causing a fracture, so long as the other subject has an existing injury.
The euphoric effect can cause addictive behavior to emerge in regular users. This effect is not believed to be anomalous in nature, but can still present problems for assigned staff. Researchers are advised to account for this through regular rotation of D-Class subjects, and Foundation personnel should apply for permission before using SCP-XXXX on themselves.

In case the rubber grip is removed and SCP-XXXX is used as intended, the subject instead feels the pain normally associated with the inflicted injury. In this case, SCP-XXXX causes the rapid release of bacteria into the surrounding tissue. Hydrolytic enzymes will quickly cause liquefactive necrosis to emerge in the affected area. The bacteria don’t resemble any known species and has been named SCP-XXXX-1.

SCP-XXXX-1 is suspected of being responsible for the alterations to SCP-XXXX’s regenerative properties, which effectively stops negatively affecting telomeres. The effect will not, however, heal areas affected by necrosis induced by SCP-XXXX. Tissue amputated as a result of necrosis caused by SCP-XXXX will not be regrown. SCP-XXXX-1 is also suspected as the cause of a small, but verifiable, loss of mass following the onset of necrosis, with a median of 40g. SCP-XXXX has similarly shown to gain a slight amount of mass, usually 50-70% of the mass lost by the subject struck. Where the remaining mass goes is yet undetermined.

When striking other subjects with SCP-XXXX without the rubber grip, the necrotic effect will occur on the subject struck at point of impact. Following this, the necrotic effect will not materialize if the user strikes itself within roughly five hours. If SCP-XXXX is used in this manner, the registered loss of mass approaches 60g. SCP-XXXX has been shown able to suspend the necrotic effect for up to five strikes if another subject has been struck an equal number of times within the time-frame. Injuries healed in this manner contain trace amounts of DNA of the subject struck, in addition to the iron residue.

SCP-XXXX was discovered on ██/██/07, during a routine interview of S█████ Baker, who had lost both his legs 15 years earlier, regarding the recent disappearance of his cousin, M████████ Thompson. During the interview, a police officer noticed that most of Mr. Baker's left leg had apparently returned and that Mr. Baker was trying to hide it under heavy blankets. The Foundation was not notified until about two weeks later, following which Mr. Baker was apprehended. At the time, Mr. Baker had regained his entire left leg and most of his right thigh. A thorough search of the house yielded SCP-XXXX with the rubber grip, at the time newly affixed. Searching the basement revealed a partially liquefied body in a closed-off part, tied to a wall next to an empty bottle of whiskey and a plate of decomposing crepes suzettes. The skeleton showed multiple fractures, especially across the limbs and ribcage. DNA analysis revealed the body to be that of Miss Thompson.

Mr. Baker admitted to having attached the grip, but was unable to explain how he managed to alter SCP-XXXX. He had apparently finished the modification following the death of Miss Thompson, but provided no other details. When pressured, he started repeating the phrase "I wanted to make it better.", and became unresponsive regardless of interrogation techniques used.
Following completed testing, Mr. Baker had his original amputations recreated and was treated with a Class-A Amnesiac. He was committed to the ██. █████ Mental Institution for the murder of Miss Thompson.