Miss. Anthrope

Pretty rough idea of a tree that makes friends and influences people, or at least a piece of it

Object Class: Safe

Special Containement Procedures:

1. Apple tree branch (dimensions), broken off at the base.
2. Made entirely of heavy yellow metal that superficially resembles gold.
3. Microscopic examination reveals cells composed of the unidentified metal (no identifiable organelles?).
4. The object triggers a universal desire in humans to plant, feed and protect it. This effect becomes stronger the longer a subject is exposed, advancing from maternal feelings to religious awe. Within (a time) of exposure, subject(s) begin to exhibit a devotion to the «needs» of the object to the exclusion of feeding themselves.
5. The branch has no roots, and won’t grow or react in any way to the attentions of subjects under its effects. The number of subjects it can effect at one time is limited in some way (effects are diluted, maybe?).

Test log of some kind. (people killing to fertilize the "tree"?)