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Creepypasta SCPs
These are not serious SCP articles; they are simply my take on how creepypastas might be written if they were allowed on the wiki.

[[tab SCP-1800-J]
Item #: SCP-1800-J

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: There is no known way to contain SCP-1800-J. The audio of all sexual intercourse by personnel and D-Class must be recorded to track manifestations of SCP-1800-J.

Description: SCP-1800-J is an anomalous phone call. 1800 manifests during sexual intercourse. This only occurs if a female subject has a deceased father. When the object manifests, the other subject will get a phone call. It should be noted that this phone call will never be saved to a missed call folder if not picked up. The caller will ask "What are you doing with my daughter?". At this point, the caller will hang up. SCP-1800-J will display the caller ID of the dead relative; however, the actual owner of the phone number invariably possesses no knowledge of the call.