Item #: SCP-1532

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Both SCP-1532 and SCP-1532-A should be held in a room that measures 8 meters by 5 meters (8m x 5m), but can be held in any room so long as any personnel standing outside are over 7.5 meters away, ensuring that individuals are not influenced by either SCP-1532 or SCP-1532-A, so finding an appropriate holding cell for SCP-1532 and SCP-1532-A should not be an excessively difficult task in the event of possible transportation.

Ventilation in SCP-1532’s containment should be monitored regularly, in the event that SCP-1532 or SCP-1532-A’s flames spontaneously ignite. If either of their flames are to combust, the vents in the containment cell are to be cut off, to make sure no oxygen gets through, in an attempt to extinguish the flames without unnecessary risk. If that is to fail, Class-D personnel wielding water hoses will attempt to douse the flame from afar, being at least 2.5 or more meters away from both SCP-1532 and SCP-1532-A.

Description: SCP-1532 is a ███████ brand bonfire made of mild steel with a low-grade, black powder finish. The ███████ brand is generally considered an off-brand supplier of various outdoor/camping equipment, as well as other miscellaneous furnishings for indoor housings. SCP-1532 is missing a bonfire shield, as well as any conventional fire iron that is common for such backyard bonfires to have, and should also be noted that there is a fair bit of rust that has accumulated at the base of the bonfire, although no more rust has built up ever since containment.

Despite the bonfire’s brand being seen as cheap, it was recovered from an especially high end condo in ████████, Virginia. The previous owner of SCP-1532, Mr. D███, was contacted for questioning, but unfortunately has dementia, and currently lives in a home for mentally-disabled elderly folks. Nothing notable came from Mr. D███’s questioning.

Every test subject that has been involved with experiments concerning SCP-1532’s anomalous properties report the room being uncomfortably cold as they were only about 5 meters away from SCP-1532, but scans during each of the experiments estimate the room remaining at near room-temperature, suggesting some sort of psychological deception.

SCP-1532’s flame seems to remain extinguished so long as anyone is not within 2.5 meters of it, in which case it seems to ignite. It is also at 2.5 meters where Class-D test subjects started to deem the cold unbearable, and so they find themselves nearing the fire for warmth. Shortly after getting even closer to the fire, test subjects would mindlessly shout out about the low temperature, and are clearly seen to be shaking violently.

Once all of this has happened, test subjects would proceed to put their limbs in the fire in an attempt to fend off the “cold,” their yells of the rapidly dropping temperature getting even louder. Test subjects were forcefully taken away from SCP-1532. Once thrown from the fire, and leaving the 2.5 meter radius, the fire mysteriously extinguishes. It should also be noted that SCP-1532 has no wood or coals in it, meaning the fire is fueled by some sort of other anomalous source, and is unexplainable with current sciences. Further study into SCP-1532’s fuel source is highly encouraged.

The flames of SCP-1532 were measured while a test subject was standing near it, and had no abnormal qualities when it came to its temperature. Dr. ███████ proposed an experiment be held where a torch is lit using SCP-1532’s flame, and see if the torch’s flame behaves such as the bonfire’s. The torch’s flame seemed to inherit SCP-1532’s anomalous abilities, and when taken to another containment cell, test subjects had similar reactions to the torch. After the experiment, the torch (now deemed SCP-1532-A) was suggested to be destroyed by Dr. ███, but Dr. ███████ argued to allow SCP-1532-A remain as is, and now rests on a stand beside SCP-1532 in the same holding cell as it. See Addendum 1532-2 for more details.

Because of SCP-1532’s flame allowing lit objects to inherit its properties, Class-D subjects that experienced setting themselves on fire seem to emanate an extremely cold aura to other personnel standing near them, although they do not seem to be set alight in the event of any individuals nearing them. The peculiar freezing ambiance surrounding the burned personnel seems to slowly wear off, and after a span of two weeks to a month they no longer emit a chill to people around them. Personnel affected by receiving burns from SCP-1532 or SCP-1532-A do not need to be held in quarantine, but should be given frequent medical checkups, as the common cold seems to be a usual ailment associated after an incident. It is also because of this observation that SCP-1532-A may lose its unorthodox capabilities as time progresses, but no decline in its influence has been perceived thus far as of ██/█/████.