Mister Man

Welcome! This is my personal sandbox for drafts and what have you. Listed below are some of my personal goals:

  • Submit an SCP to the wiki. Completed 2/20/13
  • Submit an SCP to the wiki that doesn't immediately bomb and actually stays positive.
  • Use a GOI. Completed 2/20/13
  • Use a GOI and have it be received positively.
  • Write an exploration SCP.
  • Write a believable chunk of dialogue between two characters.
  • Write a humanoid SCP.
  • Write a -J.
  • Write one of every object class.
  • Creep myself out with something I've written.
  • Write an anomalous broadcast/transmission/recording SCP.
  • Write a tale.
  • Earn my personal Agent File.
  • Come up with more goals.