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SCP-2946 being interviewed by Foundation personnel following Incident 2946-1A. Signs of injury are still present.

Item #: SCP-3946

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3946 is currently contained within Chamber Gamma-7 at Site 13-B. Internal atmospheric pressure in the Primary Containment Area is to be maintained at a constant ███kPa, with an ambient temperature of no less than ██ degrees Celsius.
The interior blast doors on the ceiling of the Primary Containment Area are to be electromagnetically sealed, with the exterior blast doors being hermetically sealed to avoid exterior contaminants entering the Containment Area.
A sufficient number of Air Exchanger systems are to be maintained and operated in order to provide a sufficient air supply and ventilation to the Containment Area

As SCP-3946 has been determined to display no biohazardous properties harmful to humans, it is not mandatory for personnel operating within the containment area to observe any particular protective procedures of the sort, though they may opt to do so at their own discretion. However, as SCP-3946’s susceptibility to pathogens known to cause sickness in humans has not been conclusively determined, standard clean room procedures are required upon entry and exit to the containment area. Bi-weekly health examinations are mandatory for all staff, and any personnel displaying symptoms of illness are to be immediately removed from duty pending a clean bill of health from on-site medical staff. In the event of higher than usual levels of sickness among staff at Site 13-B, health examinations are to be conducted on a weekly basis.

Following observations of SCP-3946’s apparent psychic abilities, individuals with telepathic abilities/sensitivities are not permitted placed on staff within the Primary Containment Chamber. The walls of the chamber are to be lined with Grade 5 Telekill Alloy as a precaution against any of SCP-3946’s psychic broadcasts being projected beyond the containment area.

Direct physical contact with SCP-3946 without direct approval by the 05 Council is strictly forbidden following Doctor █████'s attempt to (DATA REDACTED), which resulted (DATA REDACTED).

To dampen SCP-3946’s desire to “go out and explore”, it is to be provided with educational materials on Earth, nature, and human society. At Doctor ███████████’s recommendation, selection and editing/censorship of these materials are to be conducted in a way that will satiate SCP-3946’s thirst for knowledge, but not in a way that it will wish to “see for itself”. Information regarding deep sea aquatic lifeforms is strictly forbidden following Incident 3946-1A.

Under no circumstances should SCP-3946 be permitted to learn about, or come into contact with any other SCPs, regardless of class.

Task Force Gamma-117 ("Big Boys") is to be kept on station in the event of containment breach, with Mobile Task Force Delta-41 ("Grey Grabbers") to be alerted in the event that backup is required. In the event of a repeat of Incident 2946-1A, Mobile Task Force Gamma-6 is to be alerted as soon as possible.

SCP-3946 is an immense humanoid entity, approximately 150m in height, which closely resembles the popular culture image of the “Grey Alien”.
A bio-mechanical “mask”, believed to function as both a breathing and visual aid, covers most of its face. There does not appear to be any sort of physical separation between the apparatus and the entity’s body, as though it *is* SCP-3946’s face. Detailed analysis of this “mask” is difficult, as it appears to be fully integrated into SCP-3946’s nervous system, and any detailed analyses (i.e., obtaining material samples, etc) causes great distress to SCP-3946, and can often provoke a hostile reaction if precautionary measures are not taken. Despite this, metallurgical analysis has revealed the mask to be combination of [REDACTED] alloys and biological materials of unknown origin.

SCP-3946 is sapient, highly intelligent, and capable of verbal communication through use of a translation device. Its untranslated vocalizations strongly resemble bass-baritone religious hymns/chanting, and appear to inspire feelings of reverence and dread in humans who hear them. Individuals professing strong religious beliefs appear more susceptible to this effect, with no one particular faith or denomination being more affected. Any individuals professing atheistic or agnostic beliefs who become affected by this phenomenon report being nearly overcome by a feeling of great “wonder at the miracles of the universe”.
This effect has not been observed in any audio-visual recordings of SCP-3946.

It is also believed that SCP-3946 is capable of some degree of psychic communication, as ██% of individuals affected by the “Vocal Phenomenon” appear to become enthralled by SCP-3946, expressing a strong desire to please SCP-3946 by any means necessary. Very little to no vocal communication is observed during the actions of these individuals.

SCP-2946 is an immense humanoid entity of unknown origin, having been measured at approximately 500m in height, appearing to grow at a rate of 1.5m per year. The entity closely resembles the popular culture image of the "Grey Alien" with a bio-mechanical, mask-like apparatus of unknown purpose covering its eyes, nose, and mouth.
SCP-2946 is sapient, highly intelligent, and capable of communicating both verbally and psychically. Psychic communication is forbidden without direct clearance from the O5 Council, as a direct psychic broadcast from SCP-2946 is so powerful that it is often fatal to human beings, and leaves approximately 1/3 of survivors in a persistent vegetative state.
SCP-2946's untranslated vocalizations resemble bass-baritone religious hymns/chanting, and are said to inspire feelings of both reverence and dread in humans who hear them. SCP-2946 appears to be soothed by personnel who sing/chant in a similar manner while working in the Containment Area. Verbal communication is possible through use of a translation device.
Despite its high level of intelligence, SCP-2946 is almost childlike in its temperament. It has nigh-insatiable curiosity and a desire to be "noticed" and "feel important". On repeated occasions, it has requested to be allowed to explore the world as a way be noticed by human beings. All such requests have been denied.
When questioned as to its origins, SCP-2946 claims to have come from "a large place" where it felt "small and unimportant", though it is either unwilling or unable to elaborate on what this "large place" is. It has claimed to have come to Earth believing that the "small world" would make it feel important.
Despite the fact that SCP-2946 has never displayed any hostile intent towards humanity, its childlike and impulsive nature, combined with its sheer size and the often-fatal results of its psychic communications with humanity, represent an unacceptable danger to the human race.

Following Incident 2946-1A, SCP-2946 now displays active hostility towards SCP-169, though extreme fear of the Leviathan appears to keep it from attempting another containment breach. Henceforth, SCP-2946 is strictly forbidden from reading any information regarding deep sea aquatic life, as it is believed that doing so would provoke a rage state and risk a second containment breach. Any personnel found in non-compliance with this procedure will face immediate termination.
Perhaps due to its severe injuries and apparent psychological trauma following its defeat at the hands of SCP-169, SCP-2946 refuses to communicate in regards to the Incident, ceasing all interactions with Foundation personnel for a period of no less than 24 hours. Persistent attempts to divulge any information have resulted in the deaths of the researcher(s) posing the questions.

INCIDENT 2946-1A: On (DATE REDACTED) SCP-2946 breached containment and escaped Site (REDACTED), disappearing into the mid-Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 3 hours later, the █████ █████████ Islands disappeared underneath the ocean, with sonar/seismic equipment appearing to indicate that SCP-169 was moving quickly to intercept SCP-2946, as if "defending territory". Higher than usual tides were reported across the Atlantic Ocean for just over a week after that, before returning to normal. One month later, SCP-2946 was re-located on a sparsely populated area of the Angolan coastline. SCP-2946 showed signs of severe injury and psychological trauma, and refused to speak with researchers in regards to what happened between it and SCP-169.