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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All live instances of SCP-XXXX are to be stored at Site-45 within separate 1m3 standard steel lockers. All SCP-XXXX specimens are to be fed 3 pounds of primate grey matter every three (3) days and its locker cleaned once every week. Permission to assess SCP-XXXX is prohibited unless authorised and accompanied by one (1) Researcher of Level 2 3 Security Clearance and one (1) Security Officer. Handling and touching of SCP-XXXX through cleaning or repairing is to be performed by D-class personnel. Any other interactions with live SCP-XXXX instances must be authorised by a Level 2 3 Researcher. All personnel must have their clothing quarantined and examined after exposure to any two instances of SCP-XXXX.

There are currently 3██ instances of SCP-XXXX contained by the Foundation, acquired by wild instance capture, infected personnel clothing and breeding experimentation. All further instances of SCP-XXXX are to collected and destroyed by MTF Mu-50 ("Drycleaners") Approval of MTF Mu-50 is pending.

Description: Instances of SCP-XXXX, on appearance, resemble any piece of clothing, but only individuals that infect upper body garments such as shirts and jackets can survive to their full life span of two years. All SCP-XXXX instances appear to be composed of various synthetic fibres to the naked eye, but under microscopic analysis, the fibres are identified to be a collection of keratin, microvilli, muscles, gastric folds, mucus glands, sensory nerves and taste receptor cells.

SCP-XXXX will remain in its inactive state, worn or discarded, until the correct stimuli is detected. When the wearer of SCP-XXXX attempts to remove the specimen from themselves through turning SCP-XXXX inside-out, the muscles in the collar of SCP-XXXX will contract around the trachea and larynx of the wearer to inhibit air flow and crush the throat to impede or inhibit respiration. Once the victim faints or expires through lack of oxygen, SCP-XXXX will manipulate itself to cover the head of the victim and begin secretion of mucus and digestive enzymes inside the enclosed space. This trap serves as SCP-XXXX's stomach and small intestine, and appears to be the only 'organ' SCP-XXXX possesses. Feeding takes between twelve and fourteen hours to complete, during which SCP-XXXX will consume all organic material covering the victim's cranium and upper vertebrae through the use of highly concentrated stomach acids. After feeding is completed, SCP-XXXX will reattach itself to the victim's chest and return to its dormant state. Waste material materialises as a reddish-brown stain on the back of SCP-XXXX one to two hours after feeding, although analysis of SCP-XXXX has failed to determine the existence of a large intestine or rectum. SCP-XXXX instances have been shown to survive up to seven months without eating before terminating.

SCP-XXXX is highly resistant to all forms of harm that ordinary clothing is exposed to that may harm organic matter. The longest period SCP-XXXX has been submerged was 76 hours, and is theorised that it does not require oxygen to carry out its biological functions. its hide has been observed to withstand temperatures of 700 °F, higher than the average nylon or cotton shirt or human tissue. The thick keratin skeleton of SCP-XXXX ensure minimal tearing and puncturing of its structure, and will remain inert even in the case of severe structural damage. In the instance of structural damage, SCP-XXXX has exhibited heightened levels of cellular reconstruction, and can repair rips and tears between five hours and eight days, depending on the severity of structural damage. DNA testing performed on SCP-XXXX revealed a 64.8% match to the common starfish (Asterias rubens). Further studies have failed to determine a further link between the two organisms. It is unknown if SCP-XXXX can experience or display pain responses or vocalisation. All further experimentation on SCP-XXXX now requires authorisation by a Level 3 Researcher and physical contact and experimentation is to be kept to a minimum, due to its extreme hostility when threatened, as seen in Addendum XXXX-2.

The first instance of SCP-XXXX, a medium size t-shirt for men of tan colouration, with its attached label describing it as manufactured by the █████████ State Company, was discovered on ██/█/199█ after Foundation agents intercepted police reports of an unusual murder at the residence of Mr. █████ █████. Agents found the man with her cranium and upper vertebrae stripped of tissue. While collecting forensic evidence, the existence of SCP-XXXX-01 came into light after an agent failed to penetrate its thick hide. All non-Foundation personnel were administered Class A amnesiacs and SCP-XXXX-01 was successfully contained. A receipt for SCP-XXXX-01's purchase revealed that it had been in the victim's company for just under six months.

Investigation of the █████████ State Company, labelled as the manufacturer of SCP-XXXX-01, revealed traces of biological material later determined to belong to SCP-XXXX on the premises, but located no other instances of SCP-XXXX on-site. Observation of all products from the company for potential further instances of SCP-XXXX has been approved and is continuing as of █/█/20██.

Addendum XXXX-1: Security tapes from the night of 13/6/1991 were discovered by undercover Foundation personnel at the █████████ State Company. The tapes revealed a hooded figure breaking into the facility at 2:30 AM and depositing a dust-like substance unto the silk, nylon and cotton supplies on-site, before vanishing in a spark of bright light. Detailed analysis of the tapes discovered that the intruder was not human, possessing features similar to Smutsia gigantea (giant pangolin) and Ovis aries (sheep). A report to local authorities had already been issued, with staff unaware of the entity's true nature. The connection between this intrusion and SCP-XXXX had yet to be confirmed.

Addendum XXXX-2: On ██/██/199█, during an investigation into the level of sentience possessed by SCP-XXXX-01, the specimen entered a previously unseen state of aggression and attacked D-2499, resulting in the subject's death before SCP-XXXX could be recaptured. Attached is Transcript Log of Experiment XXXX-0██.

[D-2499 was issued a standard clothes iron and instructed to apply it to SCP-XXXX]

Personnel D-2499: So I just hold it against the shirt like this?

Dr. ██████: That's right, D-2499. Continue to press the iron against SCP-XXXX and notify us of any reaction.

Personnel D-2499: Seems like a waste of good time. And of a good shirt.

[D-2499 presses the iron against SCP-XXXX for ten minutes. No response is reported by D-2499 or Dr. ██████.]

Personnel D-2499: You know, if you wanted me to iron your clothes, you could have just asked.

Dr. ██████: Hmmm?

Personnel D-2499: I mean, this is a shirt, man. How can this really be worth all this security?
Dr. ██████: Many of the specimens collected by the Foundation are hardly what they seem, D-2499. Now, please continue.

[D-2499 continues to press the iron against SCP-XXXX for another ten minutes with no reaction. At this point, SCP-XXXX begins to suffer severe burning to the spot applied by the iron.]

Personnel D-2499: The thing's just burning now, Doc. This is a waste of time.

Dr. ██████: Please continue with the experim-

[SCP-XXXX suddenly emits a high-pitched vocalisation akin to screaming and flails in distress. D-2499 process to remove and drop the iron and cover their ears along with Dr. ██████.]

Personnel D-2499: What the fucking hell?!

[SCP-XXXX continues screaming and flailing. A large tear appears at the collar and continues down the front of SCP-XXXX to the base. SCP-XXXX then proceeds to open itself in a manner akin to a set of jaws and launch itself at D-2499.]

Personnel D-2499: Oh jesus, it's on m- (the rest of D-2499's sentence is cut off as SCP-XXXX proceeds to wrap itself around the subject's head.)

[Dr. ██████ immediately raises the alarm.]

Dr. ██████: Containment breach! Get security in here, now!

Personnel D-2499: (muffled shouting)

[SCP-XXXX continues to constrict D-2499's skull for an additional two minutes until Security Officers Blake and Payton arrive.]

Security Officer Blake: D-2499, remain still while we attempt removal of the… um… killer shirt.

[D-2499 spasms and falls to their knees as loud, cracking noises emanate from within SCP-XXXX. Security personnel attempt to remove SCP-XXXX from the subject, to no avail.]

Security Officer Payton: Someone bring a knife!

Security Officer Blake: What the hell is it doing?

Dr. ██████: Belay that! No harm is to be inflicted unto XXXX!

[A final, loud crunch fills the room as SCP-XXXX tightens into a small, bloodstained ball. D-2499 falls to the ground, deceased.]

Security Officer Payton: Shit!

Dr. ██████: O-Oh… Oh my… E-Evacuate the chamber, and seal it off until XXXX returns to its dormant state.

[Security Officers Blake and Payton leave the testing chamber and the room is sealed. Lock-down lasts for forty minutes before SCP-XXXX enters its dormant state and security officers remove it and the remains of D-2499.]

Following this incident, SCP-XXXX remained in its dormant state for twenty-one days, the longest period on record, with the injuries sustained during the experiment healed by the seventh day. Autopsy of D-2499 revealed that SCP-XXXX had crushed the subject's skull through a combination of strong muscular force and digestive acids. Security and Researchers around SCP-XXXX have been informed of the incident and its behaviour, and all current and future research is to be conducted with care. It is unknown as to how SCP-XXXX emitted the vocalisations, as previous biopsies failed to identify vocal cords or any other methods of creating sound.

Addendum XXXX-3: Two further instances of SCP-XXXX were recovered on █/██/200█ after police reports of a double murder at the █████████ residence with details similar to the discovery of the first SCP-XXXX instance. Foundation agents recovered the two specimens, declared SCP-XXXX-02 and 03, with minimum resistance from officers and Class A amnesiacs were administered. A third, deceased instance of SCP-XXXX was discovered in a cabinet in a sever state of decay. Autopsy of the specimen determined that it had expired of natural causes and been two years old at time of death.

Addendum XXXX-4: SCP-XXXX-01 expired of natural causes on ██/██/200█ after mating with the other two instances within their containment locker. Valuable data on SCP-XXXX's life span and reproductive cycle was gained from this event. SCP-XXXX's object class was increased to Euclid upon discovery of its reproductive means, with all clothing of personnel at Site-45 quarantined for analysis. Forty-six new instances were found among Foundation staffs' belongings in various stages of development and placed into containment.

Note from Dr. ██████: I can't believe my best shirt could have eaten me.